Shocker: [SPOILER] Says Farewell to ‘The Originals'

Warning: if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of ‘The Originals,’ entitled “Farewell to Storyville,” then stop reading this minute. One huge spoiler follows.

[SPOILER] Bids Farewell to ‘The Originals,’ May Return as Guest Star

OK, so I’ll just say it straight -- Claire Holt aka Rebekah Mikaelson has exited ‘The Originals.’ Yes, you read that right. The actress will no longer be a series regular on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off.

As tonight’s episode depicted, Rebekah’s brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), let his sister drive off into the “sunset” and away from New Orleans. This counts as Holt's final episode, for now.

Reportedly, show producers and Warner Bros. TV decided "Rebekah's storyline advanced in such a way that she was no longer needed as a regular on the series," sources revealed to TheWrap. An insider also unveiled that producers hope to bring Holt back as a guest star later this season or for Season 2. However, no official agreements have been finalized.

Per BuzzFeed, sources close to production revealed that Rebekah’s farewell was entirely up to Holt, however, the series wants to see her return for future guest appearances. Apparently, it was also Holt’s intention to never play Rebekah this long.

Shocker: [SPOILER] Says Farewell to ‘The Originals'During the third season of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Holt made her debut as the evil, misunderstood and beloved (by some aka me) Rebekah. Not only was she a badass on ‘TVD,’ but she also maintained her rockstarness on ‘The Originals’ as the female lead, sister to Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and love interest to Marcel (Charles M. Davis).

Here’s where I add my unhappiness about Holt’s exit. She is a brilliant actress, and she pulled off the role of Rebekah seamlessly. I will truly miss her as a regular and can only hope she’ll pop up more often than not.

And I will end with this: if Holt isn’t done with Rebekah completely, this means she can head back to ‘Vampire Diaries,’ right?

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Mar 11th, 2014, 6:57 pm

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Message Posted On Mar 18th, 2014, 2:10 pm

Frankly, she was the LEAST tedious of the three.  Klaus has 1 note which he bleats like a dying sheep.  Elijah needs to grow beyond his speech pattern... PLEASE, STOP TALKING "HIGHBROW" MONOTONE because it's MONOTONOTONOTONOTONOUS!  If it's just going to be these two duds, I give the show half a season!  Ssssnnnoooorrrre.....


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Message Posted On Mar 13th, 2014, 7:57 am

they should have titled it saying goodbye to the original bitch or something like that


Message Posted On Mar 12th, 2014, 7:30 am
Shit! Title made it seem cancelled. Which would have opened a slot for something not stupid.

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Since: 13/Nov/13
Message Posted On Mar 12th, 2014, 4:40 am

Very sad seeing her go, New Orleans lost one of the hottest vamps ever, at least we still have the sexy mama werewolf :)

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