Is "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" the Next Flop for Fox?

“I Hate My Teenage Daughter,” also knows as “Teenage Daughter” is Fox’s latest attempt at a popular sitcom. Placing the show after “The X Factor” was a genius marketing move, but the problem with “Teenage Daughter” is writers need to back the ideal time slot up with content worth tuning in for.

Last week the pilot aired, introducing us to Annie and Nikki, high school outcasts trying to raise popular daughters. Both are working with their estranged husbands to give their daughters the most normal lives as possible. In the pilot we saw how immature and clueless these parents are when they couldn’t punish their daughters for a terrible prank at school. This week we were the awkward, and bored, viewers taking part in “family night.”

Of course both moms, dads and daughters joined forces in an old-fashioned and unpleasant evening complete with games, pizza and rumors of new girlfriends. Throughout the 30 minutes there was enough exaggerated screaming, pokes at teenagers being stupid and husbands being lazy and sleezy that your head could explode. The humor is dull and annoying more than actually funny. Considering Jamie Pressly has “My Name is Earl” under her belt, you’d expect a show that makes you laugh out loud at least a couple times, not just roll your eyes at jokes.

Here’s some suggestions for writers to attempt to make this show funny:

1. Stop referring to Matt’s infidelity. We get that he’s in a band and he hooks up with a lot of girls. Instead of telling us, show us. Make us laugh at unfortunate situations he finds himself in with his groupies.

2. Give Nikki a bit of personality. So far she looks like a self-loathing drunk, and not in a fun way like you intend. The less whining she’d do, the more her character could be tolerable.

3. We get that the idea is how parents “hate their teenage daughters,” but let’s be honest, Mackenzie and Sophie are nothing like real teens. In fact, they are carbon copies of teen stereotypes. Valley girls went out in the early 90s.

Let’s see if this show lasts after The X Factor isn’t their drawing in viewers. However, if shows like Running Wilde can’t make it on Fox, it’s not likely.

- I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Written by: mawarner
Dec 7th, 2011, 10:12 pm

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