UPDATE: 'The Mindy Project's Anders Holm Joins 'How I Met Your Dad'


'The Mindy Project's Anders Holm Joins 'How I Met Your Dad'


As 'How I Met Your Mother' prepares to take its final bow at the end of the month, the series' spin-off successor 'How I Met Your Dad' continues to go full steam ahead with rounding out its cast — which now includes learning the identity of the almost-dad.

TVLine has exclusively learned that Anders Holm will be joining the CBS offshoot in the recurring role of Gavin — the (soon-to-be-ex) husband of Greta Gerwig’s soulmate-searching Sally (aka, the Ted Mosby of the group). In other words, he could've been the know, if things had worked out.

For now, no specific details regarding the actor's character have been released, though given the fact that the show's protagonist is thinking about opting out of their marriage together, he'll undoubtedly have a few (hopefully hilarious) quirks.

'HIMYD' is described as a “kindred spirit” of its 'HIMYM' predecessor, only this time telling the love story from a female perspective. In this case, that refers to Sally, a “female Peter Pan” who is thinking of calling it quits with her hubby of a year upon realizing that they have absolutely nothing in common. (And she's only just realizing this now?)

Before this, Holm nabbed a pretty memorable part on 'The Mindy Project,' where he played Mindy's former fiancé before the two of them split. (Apparently marriage just can't seem to stick with this guy, huh?) His other TV credits include a pivotal role on 'Workaholics' as well as brief stints on 'Arrested Development' and 'Modern Family,' to name a few.

Meanwhile, 'Smash's Krysta Rodriguez and relative newcomer Drew Tarver have also been cast in key 'How I Met Your Dad' roles.


UPDATE: 'The Mindy Project's Anders Holm Joins 'How I Met Your Dad'

In addition to the casting news above, the network has also just announced two more names that have been added to the 'HIMYD' lineup.

Nick D'Agosto ('Masters of Sex') has been cast in the series regular role of Frank, the head of IT for Juliet's (Rodriguez) fashion blog. Meanwhile, Andrew Santino ('Mixology') will come on in a guest-star capacity to play the role of Sally’s older brother Danny. For a complete run-down of character descriptions, click here.

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Mar 14th, 2014, 5:45 pm

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Is this some sort of running gag on this website? Where you pick an actor, like Anders Holm in this case and say he's from a show that he's guest starred in a few episodes, like Mindy Project in this case rather than saying a show he STARRED in, like Workaholics. You guys did this with Donal Logue and a few others lol

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