CBS Pushes 'Taxi-22' Pilot to Next Season


CBS Pushes 'Taxi-22' Pilot to Next Season


Just when it seemed like 'Taxi-22's long drive to the small screen was nearing an end, CBS has decided to push the single-camera comedy pilot to the 2014-2015 broadcast season.

Based on the acclaimed French-Canadian series of the same name, 'Taxi-22' is about a misanthropic, politically incorrect cab driver working out of New York City (cue late night jokes about there being no other types of NYC cab driver). As you might imagine, the original version was not set in New York, but rather in Montreal, the most populated city in the primarily French-speaking province of Quebec.

Developing an American adaptation of 'Taxi-22' was a passion project of late 'Sopranos' star James Gandolfini, who originally tried to get the show produced at his former home of HBO. They eventually passed on the idea, leading 'Taxi-22' to find a new home at CBS. While Gandolfini himself was not attached to star, he was set to executive produce (and likely play some type of onscreen role) the series, prior to his sudden death in 2013.

'Taxi-22' now becomes the third comedy pilot to end up on the shelf until next season, following NBC's adaption of the 'The Money Pit' and ensemble sitcom 'Fifth Wheel.' As with 'Money Pit,' casting issues seem to the primary thing holding 'Taxi-22' back. Another factor preventing 'Taxi-22' from getting to its destination is CBS' relative contentment with its current lineup. With the Eye choosing to renew almost every single existing show it airs for next season, there just isn't much room for new stuff.

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Written by: msd85
Mar 18th, 2014, 6:05 pm

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