MyNetworkTV Acquires Syndication Rights to 'The Walking Dead'


MyNetworkTV Acquires Syndication Rights to 'The Walking Dead'


For over three years now, audiences have flocked to AMC every Sunday night to take in the latest developments in humanity's struggle to fight off walkers, not lose hope, and keep the species alive. In addition to cable airings, fans also had the option to binge watch the show on DVD, Blu-Ray, or Netflix Streaming. One place 'The Walking Dead' has never found a home (up to this point) is network TV.

Well, that's all about to change this fall, as MyNetworkTV has acquired the off-network syndication rights to all three previous seasons of 'The Walking Dead.' This gives MyNetworkTV initial access to 38 episodes in total, with the channel expected to get access to seasons four and beyond at a later date.

One question many of you are probably asking right now is "What the heck is MyNetworkTV?" MyNetworkTV is a chain of broadcast affiliate stations owned by 21st Century FOX. Unlike every other broadcast TV channel, MNT doesn't bother with original programming, instead going out of its way to scoop up the rerun rights to popular shows.

MyNetworkTV Acquires Syndication Rights to 'The Walking Dead'

Shows the channel currently broadcasts include 'Law & Order: SVU,' 'Bones,' 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent,' 'House,' and 'Monk.' MNT was also the exclusive home of WWE SmackDown from 2008-2010, which represents one of its only attempts at original content.

While no details have been released on the financial aspects of the deal, it's obvious that MyNetworkTV must have paid lots and lots of money for the rerun rights to 'The Walking Dead.' 'TWD' is the highest rated scripted series among adults 18-49 on not only cable, but on all of television. Zombies outdraw 'The Big Bang Theory.' Zombies outdraw 'Modern Family.' Zombies outdraw 'The Voice.

Starting in the fall, MyNetworkTV will air two back-to-back episodes of 'The Walking Dead' on a yet to be specified weeknight. Due to the serialized nature of the show, episodes are expected to be aired in chronological order. Lovers of blood and gore should steer clear though, as MNT has confirmed that all episodes will be edited down from TV-MA to TV-14.

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Mar 19th, 2014, 5:25 pm

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Message Posted On Mar 20th, 2014, 7:18 am
Jesus, just kill any network related crap and go direct download. That description just disgusted me. What audience is programming being dumbed down for?
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