Ryan Seacrest Meets With "Today Show" Producers

Ryan Seacrest in constantly unveiling new projects as producer, philanthropist, DJ and of course host. As one of the Hollywood’s biggest success stories, Seacrest is rumored to be looking into making a bigger advancement in his journalism career. It seems that NBC is once again in talks with the American Idol host as a possible replacement for Matt Lauer on “The Today Show.”

The rumors first circulated in April when news arose that Lauer’s contract was up in 2012. Though he is the face of “The Today Show,” it’s highly speculated that Lauer is looking to move on in his career as well. Without Lauer “The Today Show” will need to balance out its testosterone to estrogen, so what better way than with America’s sweetheart, Ryan Seacrest?

Seacrest has been mum on the subject, only hinting that he’s always up for new ventures. However, a source recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Seacrest was in meetings with “The Today Show’s” Executive Producer Jim Bell. The news is no shock considering that Seacrest’s current gig with E! News is up in early 2012 as well.

The additional job would be no surprise for loyal Seacrest fans, as he is constantly working. In fact he told “Entertainment Tonight” that he’d ask Santa for an extra hour of the day for Christmas, just so he can have more time to work. Success does not come easy!

If “The Today Show” was smart, they would nab Seacrest if given the chance. The show is already a milestone for musicians with features such as “The Summer Concert Series.” Aside from musicians and popular actors, there’s few segments that draw in the younger crowd. Seacrest is appealing not only to their current demographics, but fans of pop culture.. Especially teens and young adults. He’s a familiar face that everyone loves and he has the wholesome image “The Today Show” depicts.

- Today (US)

Written by: mawarner
Dec 7th, 2011, 10:33 pm

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