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Nick Frost to Topline FOX Comedy Pilot 'Sober Companion'


Nick Frost to Topline FOX Comedy Pilot, Try Not to Drink in America


In a role that sounds very similar to one he recently played on the big screen, British actor Nick Frost will be trying to avoid drinking yet again in his new starring role on a FOX comedy pilot.

The actor will not be the titular character in the sitcom ‘Sober Companion,’ but instead the man who is sorely in need of one. Frost will play Robert, the charming, driven, and intelligent lawyer. Unfortunately, Robert is also an addict and self-destructive, so much so that he is drunk enough to do a face plant during court.

Thus, Robert is assigned a sober companion for 90 days and must avoid the drink and anything else troublesome lest he lose his job and freedom.

Written and executive produced by David S. Rosenthal and Jennie Snyder, the single-camera comedy also stars Justin Long as the trusty and motivating companion, as well as Pete Davidson and Ally Maki.

Frost most recently was seen in theaters in the final chapter of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s so-called Cornetto Trilogy, ‘The World’s End.’ Frost was in the first two films as well, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz,’ but ironically enough, in the third movie he played a sober man sworn off beer who gives in to alcohol amid an alien invasion (as one is wont to do).

This marks the first U.S. TV gig for the actor, though it’s yet to be determined whether he will be forced to adopt an American accent (probably yes).

- Nick Frost
- Sober Companion

Written by: AnthonyWrites
Mar 25th, 2014, 3:58 pm

Images courtesy of Rex Features

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