'HIMYM's Series Finale Brought Closure, Confusion and a Critical Question


'HIMYM's Series Finale Brought Closure, Confusion, and a Critical Question


[WARNING: If you still haven't seen 'How I Met Your Mother's series finale and have yet to be spoiled via Twitter (if so, what's your secret?), then I suggest you stop reading right now. Legendary spoilers ahead!]

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few months, you're well aware that 'How I Met Your Mother' ended its CBS reign last night after nine seasons of love, laughter, and loss. But was it everything we'd hoped it would be? For many, the answer is...not so much.

The entire premise of the show was based on Ted Mosby's tale of how he met the mother of his children. But then she winds up dying from an unknown illness, leaving Ted available, once again, to pursue Robin. In fact, the main reason he even told the love story was to show his kids how much Robin means to him and to get their blessing.

This realization left several of us all with a somewhat bitter taste of betrayal in our mouths — unsure of how exactly to feel. So...the past nine years have pretty much been for nothing? Not exactly the romantic ending we'd signed on for. Granted, there are some fans out there who are over the moon about this Ted-Robin reunion that's been (in their opinion) long overdo.

'HIMYM's Series Finale Brought Closure, Confusion, and a Critical QuestionSo yes, the show has indeed come full circle, proving once and for all that the person Ted ultimately belonged with was right in front of him all along. But while some would call that the perfect closure they'd been looking for, others probably found it downright confusing. Or, at least, a strange mix of the two. (How am I supposed to feel now about yellow umbrellas?)

On the plus side, the series did end up answering several important questions we needed to know: The Mother's name (Tracy McConnell), Barney and Robin's eventual divorce, The Mother's tragic fate, etc. But even then, a few things were still left up in the air: What was the point of Bob Saget's voiceover? Who did Lily and Marshall give the apartment to? And what about that damn PINEAPPLE?!?!

There was, however, one aspect of this episode that left me rather intrigued. As we all know, Barney became a father to an unnamed woman (he just refers to her by the number 31). And while it's not the first time one of Barney's conquests has been de-humanized and objectified, perhaps there's more to this storyline than meets the eye. Maybe the name was left out for a much bigger reason.

Which leaves fans with one very critical question to ask themselves: Was the baby mama's name omission just lazy storytelling on the writers' part...or a genius plan to connect this series to its spin-off? Come fall, will Barney's daughter be the one listening to her mother's tale of 'How I Met Your Dad'?

If that wouldn't be considered a legendary plot twist, then I don't know what would.

- How I Met Your Mother

Written by: Kelly_Schremph
Apr 1st, 2014, 8:14 am

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After the ending, the title should have been "How I Met your Step-Mother".

I think not-naming Barney's baby mama is true to his character (not lazy storytelling), and it adds to his falling in love with his daugther. He becomes a loving father in spite of his flaws. Linking Barney to HIMYD with this twist would give away an ending, or limit some of the story lines: she likely would have to be a single mom (only 1 kid?), or it would go against character (ie, Barney would have to have more kids with her and/or actually marry her - or we would have to see him often to see his character evolve). It might add speculation, and it'd be nice to have NPH guest star on ocassion (in the periphery, not meeting her), but IMO it might be too on the nose (and difficult to cover up). 

Then again, HIMYM kind of cheated on the ending, giving us what we wanted (at least in the early seasons): Ted & Robin together. A pre-determined conclusion might just be what HIMYD might do.



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