ABC’s Alien Drama Pilot Now Titled ‘The Whispers’


ABC’s Alien Drama Pilot Now Titled ‘The Whispers’


ABC has found a new name for its upcoming alien drama pilot. Originally titled ‘The Visitors,’ the alphabet network just updated the title to ‘The Whispers.’

I first learned of the news thanks to the social media network we all know as Twitter. Barry Sloane, known for his role as Aiden Mathis on ‘Revenge,’ and he also stars in the pilot, tweeted the following just moments ago, “#NameChange #TheWhispers,” with a link to the updated show title and synopsis.

Starring Sloane, Lily Rabe (‘American Horror Story’), Milo Ventimiglia (‘Heroes’), Derek Webster (‘Revolution’), Brianna Brown (‘Devious Maids’) and Catalina Denis (‘The Assets’), the drama revolves around an unseen alien force preying on the weaknesses of humans. Not only have extraterrestrials invaded Earth, but they’re using children to overtake the world.

If that isn’t ominous enough, all over Washington D.C., several children have made friends with an “imaginary friend” named Drill, who entices the kids to play dangerous games with very real consequences. It sure doesn’t sound as nice or fun as E.T.

Enter Rabe’s FBI agent Claire Bennigan, who begins investigating a 6-year-old responsible for almost killing her mother thanks to one of Drill’s games. While Claire deals with this unusual case, the defense department sends Wes Lawrence (Sloane) to the Sahara Desert, where he comes in contact with an alien spaceship and other inexplicable situations.

The drama is said to be “a suspenseful race against an unseen enemy.”

Ventimiglia will play John Doe aka Drew, who is covered in unique tattoos and diagrams and even speaks in a strange language. Brown plays Wes’ wife, Lena, who goes above and beyond to save their daughter from this covert alien operation.

‘Under the Dome’s Soo Hugh will pen the script, while Mark Romanek will helm the pilot.

- The Whispers
- Barry Sloane
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- Milo Ventimiglia

Written by: akoerner
Apr 3rd, 2014, 12:18 pm

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Message Posted On May 2nd, 2014, 12:28 am
The show looks interesting. I just watched a preview of it while taking a survey and I'd definitely be hooked on a show like this. The previous comments posted are people pretending they're experts on whatever is presented to them. Disregard their negativity and pessimism. This show is going to be very good.


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Message Posted On Apr 5th, 2014, 11:30 am

Too bad this isn't going to be a cable show. Like the previous commenter mentioned, less meddling with the vision, and less worry about cancellation after 3 episodes like happens on broadcast networks.


Message Posted On Apr 4th, 2014, 12:54 am
This will probably fail creatively. And ratings will suffer as well. Not everybody can pull off Sleepy Hollow - mix up all seemingly incompatible ingredients, but stay believable due to internal consistency. ABC lately fail not just in ratings department, but in creative as well. Case in point Barry Sloane's current show Revenge - completely lost it's way because of network meddling.

Message Posted On Apr 3rd, 2014, 12:20 pm
"Ventimiglia will play John Doe aka Drew, who is covered in unique tattoos and diagrams and even speaks in a strange language." Will he be color blind and eventually help his brother escape prison?
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