ABC Renews Three More Dramas, And Three More Comedies

Happy Endings cast

In the last round of renewals for ABC over the weekend, the alphabet network has picked up two veteran dramas, a freshman drama, and three freshman comedies for the new fall season.

First up, Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice has been renewed for a sixth season, seemingly by the skin of it's teeth. The rumors were that declining ratings might lead to a cancellation, or at least a reduced episode order of maybe thirteen-fifteen. While the first one obviously wasn't true, the second bit may yet come to pass, as ABC hasn't announced how many episodes PP has been picked up for.

Another show that was in no way a sure bet to return is the Dana Delany starring medical drama Body Of Proof, as while the ratings aren't bad, the show doesn't attract a great amount of the key younger demos that networks love so much. Nevertheless, it will return for a third season. Unlike "Practice", Body Of Proof is confirmed to be receiving a reduced thirteen episode order.

The limited run mid-season political thriller Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, has also been picked up for a second season, of what I can only assume will be more than the seven episodes that comprised season one. That said, the serial nature of the show would definitely lend itself to a cable length season, so I'd expect no more than thirteen-sixteen episodes when it's all said and done.

On the comedy front, critically and commercially successful new sitcom Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23, has been picked up for a second season. As part of this decision, this season will end on May 23rd, after episode seven, and the remaining six episodes produced for this season will air as part of season two in the fall. It seems that the only people this show isn't popular with is the PTC. Oh boo hoo. My heart breaks for them.

In other good news, the critical darling cult comedy Happy Endings has been renewed for a full 22 episode third season, despite middling ratings. Good on ABC for giving a good show a chance to keep building its viewership, instead of doing the easy thing and just dropping the axe now. Several friends of mine are were thrilled when they found out HE was coming back. Maybe I should give it a watch. I did like Eliza Coupe on Scrubs after all.

And finally, the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing has received the official go-ahead for season two. I of course mentioned this possibility in my last ABC article, and was promptly informed that the show has a much larger fanbase than I thought. Good on Tim Allen for making that happen. I always dug Home Improvement.



Message Posted On May 29th, 2013, 5:17 pm
How you could you cancel Body of Proof. It's a great show :(

Message Posted On May 15th, 2012, 9:14 am
Body of Proof is a great show! Not sure how you do your ratings but all my friends watch it......