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And Then There Were Two...Celebrity Apprentice Final Two Revealed Tonight

Two firings in one episode and a cliffhanger of an ending made last week’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” one of the most exciting of the season.  What started off innocently enough as a regular episode soon took a turn to a race to get to the final two contestants for the finale in two weeks.

The remaining five contestants were tasked with creating a four page ad for the new CHI Touch Digital Touch Screen Hair Dryer.  With only two team members left, Team Forte chose Lisa Lampanelli as the project manager to lead her and fellow teammate Clay Aiken to victory.  Teresa Giudice volunteered to head up Team Unanimous with teammates Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day as her right hand men.  Each team was given an opportunity to meet with executives from the company in order to get a feel for what type of ad they should create.  Both teams seemed to use this to their advantage with Team Forte taking note that the ad shouldn’t be “vulgar” or too sexual and Team Unanimous deciding to use Aubrey as a model since CHI exec Farouk Shami seemed taken with her in a creepy old man kind of way.

After a cut throat negation in which Lisa did, as Donald Trump later puts it, “play [Teresa] for a fool,” both teams got to work on their concepts. Lisa and Clay went the route of using down to earth type models that had more going on than meets the eye.  Aubrey immediately took charge and pretty much told project manager Teresa the concept they would be using which was taking a more futuristic approach. In the end, the executives appreciated Lisa’s smoother presentation style and the more descriptive advertisement over Aubrey’s, exotic photographs and Teresa’s choppy delivery in pitching their ads.

In the boardroom, Donald expressed some concern over Teresa’s quickness to defer to Aubrey despite being the project manager.  Amongst all the remaining contestants, it really had become clear that Teresa was a bit out of her league.  In a pretty cut and dry decision, Teresa was sent packing, leaving the teams equally matched at two and two.John Rich interrogates Aubrey O'Day during her interview.

Just as the final four began to celebrate, they received a call to return to the boardroom.  The foursome was then informed that they would be participating in interviews by last season’s final two, country boy John Rich and runner up Marlee Matlin, both of whom seemed ready to tear the remaining contestants apart. 

A smug Aubrey was taken down a notch or two by John as he failed to fall for her “I’m the only one who knows anything” sales pitch.  Clay was challenged by both with questions about his lack of initiative since he had only been project manager twice.  Arsenio was called out by Marlee during his interview for his name calling during his conflict with Aubrey. Lisa, in turn, was criticized for being too emotional in the boardroom and during various tasks.

In the end, thankfully, Donald agreed with Marlee Matlin and didn’t think Lisa’s emotional outbursts were appropriate for a celebrity apprentice winner and (hallelujah!) sent her home.  Surprisingly, she left in a dignified way and thanked Mr. Trump for the opportunity.  The bloodbath wasn’t over in the boardroom, however, as Donald had declared that two contestants would be fired.  Just as we were about to find out who the next firing victim was going to be (please, please let it be Aubrey), we were treated to scenes from the next week’s episode, leaving us all to wonder which two contestants would be in the finale.

Tonight we find out who the final two contestants standing will be and watch as the former contestants return to participate in one of the last tasks before the finale next week. There is certain to be drama and, if Lisa Lampanelli has anything to do with it, there will be a lot of shouting.  Will it be an all boy finale with Clay and Arsenio or will old rivals Aubrey and Arsenio duke it out in the end… Or will it be an all red head face off with Clay and Aubrey fighting it out to the finish? No matter which way it goes, one thing is for certain:  I bet returning contestant Debbie Gibson finds a way to sing during the task.

Celebrity Apprentice airs tonight at 9/8c on NBC.


Image via:  NBC.com


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