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Parker Young Cast Opposite ‘Enlisted’ Co-Star Geoff Stults in ‘Cuz-Bros’


Parker Young Cast Opposite ‘Enlisted’ Co-Star Geoff Stults in ‘Cuz-Bros’


Art is imitating art. Parker Young will star opposite his ‘Enlisted’ co-star Geoff Stults in the upcoming comedy pilot, ‘Cuz-Bros,’ from ‘Happy Endings’ David Caspe and Erik Sommers, Deadline exclusively reports.

In March, we reported that Stults booked the leading role of Nick, a suave ladies man living in Los Angeles. As a successful local TV sportscaster, his life is turned upside down when his mess of a cousin needs a place to live.

Enter Young, who will play said cousin named Barry. He is described as sweet, clueless and naive, which leads him to saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, even though he means well. This sounds quite a bit like Young’s current character, Randy, on FOX’s Army comedy.

Like Stults, Young’s role will be in second position to his current gig. This means if ‘Enlisted’ earns a renewal, then ‘Cuz-Bros’ will recast both parts. However, seeing as FOX recently pulled the newer comedy after a low-rated midseason run on Fridays, I’d say ‘Cuz-Bros’ won’t be recasting. Reportedly, ‘Enlisted’ is not expected to come back.

'Cuz-Bros' has also cast Debra Jo Rupp (‘That ‘70s Show) and Andrea Anders (‘Joey’). Rupp is set to play Merle, Nick’s no-nonsense, widowed mother, while Anders will portray Stacey, a smart and tough lead news anchor where Nick works.

Stults and Young’s other ‘Enlisted’ co-star Angelique Cabral has also been cast as the lead in ‘Two to Go,’ which is in second position to her role as Sgt. Jill Perez.

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Written by: akoerner
Apr 10th, 2014, 5:18 pm

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Message Posted On Apr 11th, 2014, 7:46 am
Oh, this show just got more interesting. I was already intrigued in this awhile back, when I heard David Caspe was involved (because I love Happy Endings). So now to hear 2 of the boys from Enlisted will be in it, playing family members yet again no less, even better. I still rather see Enlisted get renewed, but atleast if it doesn't, this will make for a nice consolation prize.
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