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Well, after a grueling battle of men versus women, the women triumphed as five women were in the running for the $1 Million. However, there can only be one Survivor. As the numbers were eliminated down to 3, the last remaining of the group for the Final 3 were: Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim. After 39 days on the island, it was clear that the terrain weighed heavy on them. However, you can say that the best player won this round despite us hating her all season. The jury voted and so did America.

*Spoiler Alert*

The episode had some great moments. When Alicia tried to say that she was just like Kim and was trying to compare herself to her, it was classic. This wasn't taken greatly and Alicia was voted off, thus taking 5th place. Then it was down to Christina who took the 4th spot. With Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim left, it would have made sense that Sabrina would have won Survivor because of the fact that she didn't really lie, cheat or steal. However, after the 39 days on the island and with backstabbing and betrayal, the winner was Kim Spradlin!

This is not a big shocker that Kim would have won Survivor, but it was Kat who convinced the jury to not vote in anger, but to vote for the person who played the best game. Kim proved that she was the Sole Survivor when she won the last two Immunity Challenges and showed that she was not going to go out without fighting. The votes were counted and it was Kim's name who they decided to pick for the title. Do you think that the right person won this time? Who would have you chosen to be the Survivor?

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Chelsea, I suppose.  But I believe she sealed her own fate in her speech to the jury when she took co-blame for some of the really hateful things Kim had done to everyone.  This was a crappy season to the max.  There was no Ozzy-like hero that you wanted to see win.  Everyone was a jerk and I was hard-pressed to find ANYONE I thought deserved to win.

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