Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair Join Amazon Pilot 'Really'

Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair Join Amazon Pilot 'Really'

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios has cast their new single-camera comedy pilot entitled ‘Really.’

The pilot is written, directed by and starring Jay Chandrasekhar. The actor/director is a member of the Broken Lizard Comedy troupe and best known for ‘Super Troopers,’ ‘Beerfest,’ and ‘The Dukes of Hazzard.’

The all-star cast includes the talented Sarah Chalke ('Scrubs,' playing opposite Chandrasekhar) and the memorable Selma Blair ('Anger Management'). However, the casting roll call doesn’t stop with those ladies, as Lukas Jones, Travis Schuldt, Lindsay Sloane, Hayes Macarthur and Collete Wolfe are all slated to make appearances.

As for the plot, the series focuses on “a social and opinionated group of thirtysomething friends in Chicago.” The series specifically concentrates on the disorganized but happily married couple, Jed (Chandrasekhar) and Lori (Chalke).

Jed, a neurologist, and Lori, a laywer/mom, have a vast group of coupled-up friends, which include pairs Fred (Jones) and his wife Joanna (Blair), Mike (Schuldt) and his wife Margaret (Sloane), along with Hayes (Macarthur) and his significant other Alison (Wolfe).

Now, as if it wasn’t hard enough to keep track of who is coupled up with who, the plot also gets more convoluted. All hell breaks loose when Jed catches Joanna and Mike having a sexual affair. This scandal forever changes the dynamic of the tight-knit friend circle.

Last, we have my theory on the origin of the show's name 'Really'. I think it's either, "Reeeeally, Joanna and Mike, why did you have to make it so complicated?" or "What really happened between the two?" 

The series is executive produced by Chandrasekhar, along with Tarses of Fanfare Prods and Craig Chang and Harrison Kordestani of Main Street Films. Production is slated to begin shortly in New Orleans.

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Apr 21st, 2014, 7:51 pm

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