Lifetime Orders Catholic Convent Reality Series


Lifetime Orders Catholic Convent Reality Series


In an unprecedented move that will in no way inspire reactionary protests, Lifetime has just given the greenlight to a new reality series project set inside a Catholic convent.

From the producers of TLC's 'Breaking Amish,' 'The Sisterhood' follows five women on a journey to decide whether to leave their modern lives behind and become nuns. According to The Hollywood Reporter, camera crews will be granted access to the inner workings of the convent, and be freely allowed to document the experiences of the aforementioned group of prospective sisters.

The more controversial elements set to be explored by 'The Sisterhood' primarily concern whether today's young women could ever be fully devoted enough to their religious beliefs that they would be willing to forsake their family, friends, love lives, and material possessions.

The series will take place over six hour-long episodes, as the five subjects go through an accelerated program of tests meant to assess their devotion to the church and to their faith. The specific convent that will be featured has yet to be revealed, although arrangements are currently being finalized.

This concept certainly has a lot of potential to be interesting, and religious themed programming of all kinds has been on the rise ever since the knockout success of History miniseries 'The Bible' in 2012. The producers and staff will have to walk a fine line though, if they don't want to risk alienating the very faithful audience that they're likely looking to attract.

- The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns

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Apr 23rd, 2014, 6:57 pm

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Message Posted On Apr 24th, 2014, 10:04 am
"religious themed programming of all kinds has been on the rise" In troubled times religion and mysticism interest increases. Everything from Christianity to Astrology becomes a guiding light for confused lost souls. These are troubled times with high unemployment, massive income inequality, rumors of war and threats of disease. The majority of people are too scared to think for themselves thus seek direction. Conversely we may be seeing the end of a Liberal cycle and a move to a more conservative one. All societies oscillate between extremes.
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