WATCH: HBO Releases Teaser Art & Full Trailer for 'The Leftovers'


WATCH: Full Trailer for HBO's 'The Leftovers'


After two rather cryptic teaser clips, HBO has finally released the full two-plus minute trailer for its new Rapture drama 'The Leftovers,' in addition to a new teaser poster. The video paints a much clearer picture of where things are headed, beginning with the incredibly eerie disappearance of a baby from the back seat of his mom's car. The trailer, set to the song 'Retrograde' by James Blake, can be viewed below.

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Produced by 'Lost's Damon Lindelof, 'The Leftovers' imagines what the world would be like after the biblical Rapture (or at least a Rapture-like event) suddenly "beams up" the righteous to a world beyond our own. Approximately 140 million people disappear, leaving those left behind with the task of picking up the pieces, and preparing for what unforeseen events might continue to shape humanity's future.

WATCH: Full Trailer for HBO's 'The Leftovers'

Some key takeaways from the trailer include the emergence of a mysterious group of people dressed all in white, who most seem to presume have bad intentions for the remaining human population. This being a biblical story, one would presume they might be angels (or oddly dressed demons), but nothing is for sure yet. We are also told that those who witnessed the Rapture are either going mad, or have already gone mad.

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Warning: The following trailer contains (brief flashes of) nudity and sex, and several f-bombs. Viewer discretion is advised as to whether it is safe to watch in your particular workplace.

‘The Leftovers’ premieres Sunday, June 29 at 10/9c.

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Looking quite good, although it's a pretty used concept of course. But HBO often mangeges to make good shows anyway, with their very detailed and worked through approach.

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