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    More exciting news came out of The CW's presentation at the Television Critics Association conference this week: we received a few choice details regarding the upcoming spin-off of the hit..
Posted on: Jul 30th, 2013, 10:07 am
    After yesterday’s somewhat somber news that Cote de Pablo just didn’t want to do ‘NCIS’ anymore, here’s some more uplifting and romantic news for McGee (Sean Murray) fans...
Posted on: Jul 30th, 2013, 9:22 am
  At the ripe old age of fifteen, Haley Pullos has a respectable amount of acting credits to her name. Vast departures from the sweet and polite girl I got the chance to interview via email, they..
Posted on: Jul 30th, 2013, 6:51 am
  HBO may consider a proposed comedy series starring Annette Bening. The series, called ‘The Third Coast,’ would be centered around Bening as a “larger-than-life casting director” living in..
Posted on: Jul 29th, 2013, 8:22 pm
According to E! Entertainment, Lindsay Lohan will guest host on ‘Chelsea Lately’ next week, filling in for Chelsea Handler. Lohan will do all the normal ‘Chelsea Lately’ host duties, such as..
Posted on: Jul 29th, 2013, 4:59 pm
    'Orange is the New Black' is currently exceeding everyone's expectations on Netflix, earning critical acclaim and a legion of fans. The show was recently renewed for a second season and the..
Posted on: Jul 29th, 2013, 4:56 pm
    During last year’s season finale of ‘The Mentalist,’ Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) created a list of seven Red John suspects - and one IS the evil man who killed Jane’s wife and..
Posted on: Jul 29th, 2013, 3:34 pm
    Have you been thirsting for more vampires on The CW? Then, you’ll love this news. Today, The CW announced Season 5 of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ its spin-off ‘The Originals’ and..
Posted on: Jul 29th, 2013, 3:06 pm