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Rachel Anne
Rachel Anne is a television, movie and reading enthusiast living in Ontario. She has a degree in Communications under her belt, and uses these skills to talk to her dogs. Some of Rachel's favourite shows include 'The Walking Dead,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Rookie Blue.' Rachel is "adorably Canadian, eh?" and on top of writing interview and special feature articles, spends much of her time at TVRage being a data entry wizard.
News From The Author

Tina Fey: Jack and Liz will still be friends in 20 years

“30 Rock” will be coming to a close next Thursday, and Tina Fey has taken some time to reflect on the seven-year relationship that developed within the series between Liz Lemon and Jack..

Could Taissa Farmiga return for season 3 of "American Horror Story"?

“American Horror Story: Asylum” wrapped up its chilling second season last night, and co-creator Ryan Murphy already has plans for what season three will bring – and who it will bring. The..

"Raising Hope" stages a "My Name Is Earl" reunion

“My Name is Earl” is one of those series I was convinced I would hate when it came out. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it from the commercials, but it didn’t seem to me like smart..

"Downton Abbey": Guess who is getting a new suitor? [season 4 spoilers]

If the title didn’t tip you off, here is another warning: If you choose to read further you should do so at your own risk, as the following article contains MAJOR spoilers from season 3 of..

Lance Armstrong turns down "Dancing with the Stars"

The media just cannot get enough of Lance Armstrong lately – and “Dancing with the Stars” wants a piece of the action. In a surprisingly smart move, Lance Armstrong turned down an offer from..

Is "Zombieland" being developed as a TV series?

The ole’ rumour mill has being acting up lately, and the big question it is asking is: Is “Zombieland” being developed as a television series? First I heard that CBS was going to pick it up,..

History releases opening sequence clip for "Vikings"

History has revealed the opening sequence clip for their first original scripted series, “Vikings”, which is set to premiere on March 3rd. Following the unexpected success of “Hatfields &..

Chris Hardwick talks "Mandroid", "Talking Dead" and being a nerd

Chris Hardwick is one of those guys who you can just feel the passion exploding out of. A self-proclaimed nerd, Hardwick is the host of the hugely popular AMC’s “The Talking Dead”, has his own..

Watch one of the most emotional "Idol" auditions ever

While I haven’t watched “American Idol” since season 2 when Clay Aiken was screwed out of the win by Ruben Studdard (even though both have lackluster music careers now), once in a while I..

"Switched at Birth" cast and creator talk about the all-ASL episode

On March 4th, “Switched at Birth” will air a very special episode of the show that had some cast members feeling apprehensive. “Switched at Birth” often features ASL (American Sign Language)..
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