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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 08x01 07/Feb/2000 Lifestory: Muhammad Ali
02 08x02 06/Apr/2000 Special Edition: The Big Help
03 08x03 09/Oct/2000 Juvenile Crime
04 08x04 23/Oct/2000 Kids Pick the President

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
05 09x01 05/Feb/2001 Dogs for the Disabled
06 09x02 25/Mar/2001 Special Edition: A World of Difference
07 09x03 27/May/2001 Finger Scan Cafeteria

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
08 10x01 27/Jan/2002 Therapy Dogs
09 10x02 17/Feb/2002 Cyber Cops

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 15x01 22/Apr/2007 Private Worlds: Kids and Autism
04 15x04 21/Oct/2007 The Untouchable Kids of India
05 15x05 09/Dec/2007 A Global Warning From the Kids of the World

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
06 16x01 13/Apr/2008 Election Issues '08
07 16x02 06/Jul/2008 Coming Home: When Parents Return from War
08 16x03 16/Nov/2008 The View from My Chair
09 16x04 28/Dec/2008 Boys and Girls: In a Class Of Their Own?
10 16x05 18/Jan/2009 Some Things I Want My Parents To Know...But May Not Tell Them
11 16x06 08/Feb/2009 We Shall No Be Moved
12 16x07 06/Sep/2009 $TRE$$ED OUT! The Economic Crisis and You
13 16x08 27/Sep/2009 I'm Allergic to My World

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 18x01 26/Jun/2011 Secrets of the Intentional Outsider

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 19x01 01/Sep/2011 What Happened?: The Story of September 11, 2001
02 19x02 18/Sep/2011 The Gift of Life
03 19x03 23/Oct/2011 Minor Adjustments: Kids and Cosmetic Surgery
04 19x04 13/Nov/2011 Dangerous Crossroads: Human Animal vs. Wild Animal
05 19x05 04/Dec/2011 What's For Dinner? Hungry Kids in America
06 19x06 26/Feb/2012 My Big Fat Failure
07 19x07 18/Mar/2012 If a School Is Broken, Can Kids Fix It?
08 19x08 15/Apr/2012 Going for the Games, Glory and Gold-Will These Kids Make It?
09 19x09 27/May/2012 Who Am I? Asian Pacific American, and Proud!
10 19x10 12/Aug/2012 Animals? Show Me the Money!
11 19x11 26/Aug/2012 Slavery in Ghana
12 19x12 17/Sep/2012 Kids Pick the President: The Issues
13 19x13 15/Oct/2012 Kids Pick the President: The Candidates
14 19x14 26/Nov/2012 Forgotten but not Gone: Kids, HIV and AIDS
16 19x16 28/Jan/2013 Out of Sight: How Blind Kids See the World
18 19x18 01/Apr/2013 Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present, and Future
19 19x19 13/May/2013 If Only I Were an Only Child
20 19x20 15/Jul/2013 Everyday Heroes
21 19x21 13/Aug/2013 Family Secrets: Kids Caught in Domestic Violence
22 19x22 27/Aug/2013 Twinsanity
23 19x23 24/Sep/2013 Anxiety Makes Me Nervous
24 19x24 22/Oct/2013 Liar, Liar: Pants on Fire!
25 19x25 10/Dec/2013 Going for Cold Gold
26 19x26 30/Dec/2013 Webstars II: More Kids Who are Online Hits

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 20x00 Unaired Children of War: Syrian Refugee Kids
27 20x01 11/Feb/2014 Black, White, and Brown V. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?
28 20x02 11/Mar/2014 Fleeing Syria: Children of War
29 20x03 15/Apr/2014 Sidelined: How Safe are Kids Sports?
31 20x05 17/Jun/2014 Twelve for the Road-The Ultimate Unusual & Unending Road Trip
32 20x06 01/Jul/2014 Animal Rights.or Wrongs? Testing on Animals for Human Purposes
33 20x07 05/Aug/2014 Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?
34 20x08 07/Oct/2014 Coming Out
35 20x09 02/Dec/2014 The Border Kids
36 20x10 16/Dec/2014 Old School/New School
37 20x11 13/Jan/2015 What is Title IX and Why Do You Care?
38 20x12 13/Apr/2015 So Close and Yet So Far Away: The Kids of Cuba
39 20x13 16/Jun/2015 The Electronic Leash / Safety vs. Privacy
40 20x14 04/Aug/2015 School Crime and Too Much Punishment
41 20x15 23/Aug/2015 Before I Go: Living with Dying

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Network: nick@nite ( USA)
Type: News
Genres: Celebrities, Children, Comedy, Current Events, Educational, Animation General
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January, 1992
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