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Night Court: The Wheels of Justice (1)

Harry is legally compelled to rule against a homeless woman in a case, then her teenage son is shot while trying to rob a store. Harry concludes that his job is pointless and quits.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x9
Production Number: 185714
Airdate: Thursday December 05th, 1985

Guest Stars
Annie OAnnie O'Donnell
As June Wheeler
Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
As Bob Wheeler
Charles BouvierCharles Bouvier
As Frizzell
Keri HoulihanKeri Houlihan
As Colleen Wheeler
William UtayWilliam Utay
As Phil Sanders
Laura JacobyLaura Jacoby
As Cindy
Susan RuttanSusan Ruttan
As Mrs. Blake
Main Cast
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson
As Harold T. Stone
John LarroquetteJohn Larroquette
As Dan Fielding
Richard MollRichard Moll
As Bull Shannon
Charles RobinsonCharles Robinson
As Mac Robinson
Florence HalopFlorence Halop
As Florence Kleiner
Markie PostMarkie Post
As Christine Sullivan
Episode Notes
After this episode aired in December 1985 some lawmakers from West Virginia blasted NBC for the stereotypical portrayal of West Virginians, courtesy of the Wheeler family. While NBC executives replied that it was a "comedy show, not a documentary" and stated no one other than the politicians had complained about the Wheeler family, by the time the characters appeared later in the season, in the two-part season finale "Hurricane" they no longer claimed to be from West Virginia, but rather Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

In an unintentionally comical post-script, A. James Manchin, a West Virginia state treasurer who was ostensibly trying to defend West Virginians from being stereotyped as illiterate, made the following faux pas in his quote to the news media when discussing this episode: "It was the three D's. It was deplorable, degrading, dumb and despicable."

Episode Quotes
Joey: Why didn't he just nail that jerk?
Harry: Joey, can I let you in on a couple of things, off the record? Number one, I love nailing jerks more than anyone else I know. I wrote the book on jerk-nailing. And number two, the last kid who talked to me the way you're talking to me ended up as part of an off ramp in Newark.

Mrs. Blake: I've never even seen a real judge before.
Flo: Ah, don't worry about it. Underneath the robe there's a Bullwinkle t-shirt.

Phil: Wait a minute! How come I got ten bucks and you got fifty?
Dan: Because I arranged it, I did the paperwork, I made the phone calls. I drove you down there.
Phil: But it was my blood!

Bob Wheeler: Just take us right to the gas chamber. We don't care.
Flo: If only they were all like you.

Cultural References
Flo: (watching TV) Gee, you'd think somebody would just rip that thing off Cosell's head and get it over with.

A reference to legendary sports announcer Howard Cosell and his toupee. Boxing champion Muhammad Ali famously played with Cosell's toupee in a Wide World of Sports interview in 1970, and in 1977 boxer Scott LeDoux, after losing a bout, did take Cosell's toupee off.

Flo: (laughing while watching TV) Ha, ha, ha! That Ted Koppel's a card!

Ted Koppel (born 1940) was the original host of ABC's Nightline from the program's inception during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980 until he stepped down in 2005.

Flo: (while watching TV) You wanna buy a vowel? Are you that retarded?

Flo is watching Wheel of Fortune.

Dan: Anyway, the real McCoys here, they decided to relocate to Florida.

The Real McCoys was a series that aired from 1957 through 1963, mostly on ABC. The McCoys were from Smokey Corners, West Virginia.

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