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Night Court: Hurricane (1)

Hurricane Mel is bearing down on New York as four pregnant women are brought into court to face an obscenity charge.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x21
Production Number: 185731
Airdate: Thursday May 01st, 1986

Director: Jeff Melman
Writer: Reinhold Weege

Guest Stars
Alix EliasAlix Elias
As Mary
Annie OAnnie O'Donnell
As June Wheeler
Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
As Bob Wheeler
Carlos LacamaraCarlos Lacamara
As Paco Chacone
Dick ButkusDick Butkus
As Stanley
James WiddoesJames Widdoes
As Chad Ulin
John DullaghanJohn Dullaghan
As Man in Courtroom
John Scott CloughJohn Scott Clough
As Officer Tommy Connors
Marcia Del MarMarcia Del Mar
As Elena Chacone
Mike FinneranMike Finneran
As Art Fensterman
Pam GrierPam Grier
As Benet Collins
Rebecca YorkRebecca York
As Babs Townsend
Main Cast
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson
As Harold T. Stone
John LarroquetteJohn Larroquette
As Dan Fielding
Richard MollRichard Moll
As Bull Shannon
Charles RobinsonCharles Robinson
As Mac Robinson
Florence HalopFlorence Halop
As Florence Kleiner
Markie PostMarkie Post
As Christine Sullivan
Episode Notes
Throughout the series, Harry made his disdain of pop singer Barry Manilow known in no uncertain terms. After Christine defended Manilow's music in this episode, Manilow sent flowers and a thank-you note to Markie Post.

Bob & June Wheeler claimed to be from West Virginia when they first appeared in the series, in the two-part episode "The Wheels of Justice" (see Episode Note there). Because that episode caused some West Virginian politicians to protest what they thought was a stereotypical misrepresentation of their state, in this episode the Wheelers claim to come from Yugoslavia instead.

Chad: I'm Chad Ulin, of the Rhode Island Ulins.
Harry: Oh, yeah. Love your state.

An inside joke. Harry Anderson was born in Rhode Island.

Episode Quotes
Announcer on Radio: To repeat, authorities now believe that New York City will be spared the full force and effect of Hurricane Mel.
(Harry grins)
Flo: The truth, Your Honor. You rooting for humanity, or the storm?

Harry: (seeing people in courtroom wearing life jackets) You may be seated, women and children first.
Art: I found those life jackets down in the basement. I figured they might come in handy just in case it starts to flood.
Harry: Art? We're on the 18th floor.
Art: And?
Harry: You preventative nut, you. Get out of here. Go see if you can find a life raft.
Art: (saluting) Yes, sir! (leaves)
Harry: (to Mac) And you wonder why animals eat their young.

Christine: I heard they just canceled all the flights out of Kennedy.
Harry: Mel shut down the airport?
Mac: Guess they have to wait until the velvet fog lifts, eh, sir?
Harry: (laughing) The velvet fog! That's very funny, Mac. That is very funny!
Mac: Oh, just a little suck-up humor, sir.

Bob Wheeler: It's always a pleasure to be hauled up before you. And, as usual, the accommodations were lovely.
June Wheeler: And why you don't charge for that strip search, I'll never know.

Harry: If we....(Harry stops, noticing that Chad is filming him from the witness box) Chad?
Chad: Oh, don't mind me, Your Honor. I'm keeping a visual record of the entire prenatal experience. You ready? Action!
Harry: You ever take a shower in prison, Chad?
Chad: (lowering camera) And, that's a wrap.

Stanley: See? The doctor took one of those ultrasound pictures, right through her gut!
Christine: Oh, look at that!
Dan: Yeah, some protoplasm and a spleen.

Episode Goofs
During Harry's exchange with Tommy at the bench Harry has a pen in his hand, then a pencil when the camera angle changes, then back to a pen.

Cultural References
(during Christine and Harry's argument about Barry Manilow)
Christine: Well, Mel Tormé must not have thought he was too bad if he cut an album with him.
Harry: That is a desperately sick lie!
Christine: That is the truth.
(Harry walks over to Mac)
Harry: Mac, say it ain't so.
Mac: It's so.
Harry: (sobbing and burying head against Mac's shoulder) Oh, no!

Although it was not a complete album, Mel Tormé did cut one song ("Big City Blues") with Barry Manilow on Manilow's 2:00 A.M. Paradise Cafe album in 1984.

Harry: Mel shut down the airport?
Mac: Guess they have to wait until the velvet fog lifts, eh, sir?

Mel Tormé was affectionately known as "the Velvet Fog" for his smooth singing style, although at one point in his career he admitted to hating the nickname and forbade his publicist from using it.

Harry: Noël Coward is back and we've got him.

Sir Noël Coward (1899-1973) was a British actor, singer, songwriter and playwright, known and loved for his wit. He once said of himself, "I would say that I have a talent to amuse."

Babs: I haven't felt that deeply moved since I saw the lobster scene in Annie Hall.

One of Woody Allen's best-known and most critically-acclaimed films features a scene in which Alvy (played by Allen) and Annie (Diane Keaton) have to deal with a lobster that escaped from them in their kitchen.

Harry: Miss Sullivan, would you mind taking the Chacones over to....
Christine: (with southern accent) Ma and Pa Berlitz? Yes, sir.

"Ma and Pa Berlitz" is a play on Ma and Pa Kettle, the hillbilly characters in a series of films from 1947 through 1957.

"Berlitz" is a reference to the Berlitz Language Schools, founded in 1878.

Harry: I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies!
Mac: Well, frankly, sir, I don't give a damn.

Two classic lines from Gone With the Wind.

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