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Night Court: Author, Author

A distraught Bull disappears after his children's book is deemed too violent for children, while Dan is chased by a schizophrenic nymphomaniac.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x3
Production Number: 185933
Airdate: Thursday October 16th, 1986

Director: Jeff Melman
Writer: Dennis Koenig

Guest Stars
Jay GerberJay Gerber
As Sydney Shoup
Peggy PopePeggy Pope
As Mother
Fran DrescherFran Drescher
As Miriam Brody
Joe AlaskeyJoe Alaskey
As Thomas Dobbs
Main Cast
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson
As Harold T. Stone
John LarroquetteJohn Larroquette
As Dan Fielding
Richard MollRichard Moll
As Bull Shannon
Charles RobinsonCharles Robinson
As Mac Robinson
Markie PostMarkie Post
As Christine Sullivan
Marsha WarfieldMarsha Warfield
As Rosalind "Roz" Russell
Episode Quotes
Bull: Somehow the idea of writing for tiny, little, undeveloped minds seems right for me.
Roz: I don't think we need to embellish on that.

Mac: Peeping tom charge.
Harry: And the lady is...?
Dan: The peepee.

Miriam: (seductively) You know, I've been undressing you with my eyes.
Dan: Lucky for me I've got clean shorts on.

Dan: (while Harry is writing in case file) Your Honor, circumstances of a very extremely urgent, personal nature have arisen and regrettably forced me to ask for a recess.
Harry: (without looking up) Sex or money, Dan?
Dan: Oh, I'm hurt! Oh, I'm offended that you would jump to such an assumption! Has it ever occurred to you that I might be in the midst of a dire personal tragedy? (Harry looks up at Dan) Sex!
Harry: Dan, give your appliances the afternoon off.

Shoup: It was the most vile, offensive, nauseatingly horrid collection of thought I have ever seen put to paper!
Bull: Did I win?
Harry: Excuse me, guys, what's going on?
Bull: Sir, Mr. Shoup critiqued my children's book.
Shoup: (to Harry) It was ghastly. Nightmarish. Apocalyptic!
Harry: Did he win?

Shoup: (to Bull) You are a disgrace. You're a menace. You're a monster!
Dan: Did he win?

(after Bull drives his hands and head through the corridor wall)
Harry: What goes through that man's head?
Mac: Apparently not concrete or steel.

Mac: (hanging up the phone) Bull's not at the amusement park. They miss him, though. He's the most popular ride they've got.

Bull: Whenever I need somebody to talk to really bad I come down here and rap with the statues.
Harry: They ever answer you?
Bull: I'm tormented, Harry, not crazy.

Cultural References
Harry: Well, you gotta admit he's got a certain kind of flare. It's kinda like Mother Goose meets The Terminator.

The Terminator, from 1984, was a film about a futuristic cyborg killer sent back in time to murder a woman.

Episode References
Bull: Eight of us were selected to go through the initiation, and all we had to do to join was...(voice cracks) shave our heads before we showed up for the junior prom. So I did. And when I walked into the gym to meet my date...
Harry: You were the only one who'd shaved his head.

This is the first time any mention of Bull's history of his shaven head is mentioned.

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