Season 3

29 :03x01 - The Return of the Sorcerer

A man learns about his brother's post-death recuperative powers.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Noel (Noel Evans) |
Guest Stars: Vincent Price as John Carnby | Tisha Sterling as Fern (as Patricia Sterling)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

30 :03x02 - The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

A photographer takes on an aloof model as his latest client.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Munsch | James Farentino as David Faulkner | Joanna Pettet as The Model | Kip Niven as Harry Krell
Director: John Badham

31 :03x03 - Rare Objects

A mobster on the run finds the cost of survival to be more than he expected, when an eccentric doctor offers him long life and physical comfort.
Guest Stars: Mickey Rooney as Augie Kolodney | Raymond Massey as Dr. Glendon |
Co-Guest Stars: Fay Spain as Molly Mitchell | David Fresco as Blockman | Regis Cordic as Doctor (as Regis J. Cordic) | Victor Sen Yung as Butler (Joseph) | Ralph Adano as Tony
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Rod Serling

32 :03x04 - Spectre in Tap-Shoes

A woman hears the continuing tap dancing of her recently deceased twin sister who committed suicide.
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Connelly as Sam Davis |
Guest Stars: Sandra Dee as Millicent / Marion Hardy | Dane Clark as William Jason |
Co-Guest Stars: Russell Thorson as Dr. Coolidge | Michael Laird as Michael | Michael Richardson as Andy (Mailman) | Stuart Nisbet as Policeman
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Story: Jack Laird | Teleplay: Gene R. Kearney

33 :03x05 - You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan

A scientist with a reputation for failure insists that he has created a serum that can cheat death.
Guest Stars: Ozzie Nelson as Henry Millikan | Harriet Hilliard as Helena Millikan (as Harriet Nelson) | Roger Davis (1) as George Beaumont |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Lerner as Burgess | Don Keefer as Coolidge | Margaret Muse as Steinhem | Lew Brown as Stacy | Stuart Nisbet as Kimbrough
Director: John Badham

33 :03x06 - Smile, Please

Two people try to photograph a vampire, only to find the coffin empty.
Guest Stars: Cesare Danova as Man | Lindsay Wagner as Girl
Director: Jack Laird
Writer: Jack Laird

34 :03x07 - The Other Way Out

A murderer is told by his victim's family how he can escape his predicament: death at the teeth of a pack of wild dogs.
Guest Stars: Ross Martin (1) as Bradley Meredith | Burl Ives as Old Man Doubleday |
Co-Guest Stars: Peggy Feury as Estelle | Jack Collins (1) as Potter | Elizabeth Thompson (2) as Miss Flannagan | Paul Micale as Waiter | Adam Weed as Sonny
Director: Gene R. Kearney
Story: Kurt Van Elting | Teleplay: Gene R. Kearney

35 :03x08 - Fright Night

A couple inherits a farmhouse that has a most ungodly trunk "that will be called for".
Guest Stars: Stuart Whitman as Tom Ogilvy | Barbara Anderson as Leona Ogilvy |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellen Corby as Miss Patience | Alan Napier as Cousin Zachariah | Larry Watson (1) as Longhair | Michael Laird as 1st Goblin | Glenna Sergent as 2nd Goblin
Director: Jeff Corey

36 :03x09 - Finnegan's Flight

A prison inmate conducts hypnosis on a fellow inmate.
Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Pete Tuttle | Burgess Meredith as Charlie Finnegan | Barry Sullivan as Dr. Simish |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Tobey as Warden | Dort Clark (1) as Prisoner | John Gilgreen as Infirmary Guard | Roger E. Mosley as 2nd Prisoner (as Roger Mosley) | Raymond Mayo as 1st Prisoner | Michael Masters as Guard

37 :03x10 - She'll Be Company for You

A not-so-grieving widower is saddled with a strangely menacing cat.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Henry Auden | Lorraine Gary as Barbara Morgan | Kathryn Hays as June |
Co-Guest Stars: Bern Hoffman as Reverend
Story: Andrea Newman | Teleplay: David Rayfiel

38 :03x11 - The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes

The newly crowned heavyweight boxing champion has a match with an unlikely contender.
Special Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Roderick Blanco |
Guest Stars: Gary Lockwood as Jim Figg | Joan Van Ark as Sandra Blanco |
Co-Guest Stars: Ralph Manza as Max | Charles Davis (1) as Hayes | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Big Dan Anger (as Ji-Tu Cumbuka) | James Bacon as 2nd Reporter | Frankie Van as Referee
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

39 :03x12 - Something in the Woodwork

A bitter, divorced alcoholic deliberately buys a home with a ghost in the attic, and plans to convince it to help her get revenge on her ex-husband.
Special Guest Stars: Leif Erickson as Charlie Wheatland |
Guest Stars: Geraldine Page as Molly Wheatland |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Jenkins as Joe Wilson | John McMurtry as Jamie Dillman | Barbara Rhoades as Julie
Story: R. Chetwynd-Hayes | Teleplay: Rod Serling

40 :03x13 - Death on a Barge

A man in a fishing community meets a woman, Hyacinth, who claims to be trapped on a barge by her father. Man and woman grow attracted to each other, and Hyacinth says that they will be united as soon as the water is drained from the canal.
Guest Stars: Lesley Ann Warren as Hyacinth | Lou Antonio as Jake | Brooke Bundy as Phyllis | Robert Pratt (1) as Ron |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Boles as Father | Artie Spain as Coastguardsman | Dorothy Konrad as Customer #33 | De De Young as Customer #32
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Story: Everil Worrell | Teleplay: Halsted Welles

41 :03x14 - Whisper

A young woman discovers an ability to communicate with the dead.
Guest Stars: Sally Field as Irene | Dean Stockwell as Charlie

42 :03x15 - The Doll of Death

A plantation owner uses voodoo to keep a romantic rival from his fiancee.
Guest Stars: Murray Matheson as Dr. Strang | Barry Atwater as Alex Brandon | Alejandro Rey as Raphael | Susan Strasberg as Sheila Trent
Director: John Badham
Story: Vivian Meik | Teleplay: Jack Guss (1)

43 :03x16 - How to Cure the Common Vampire

Vampire hunters discuss how to go for the kill.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Man with Mallet | Johnny Brown as Other Man

43 :03x17 - Hatred unto Death

A journalist and his recently captured gorilla quickly develop a mutual hatred.
Guest Stars: George Barrows as N'Gi, the Gorilla | Fernando Lamas as Dr. Ramirez | Steve Forrest as Grant Wilson | Dina Merrill as Ruth Wilson
Story: Milton Geiger | Teleplay: Halsted Welles
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 16, 1970
Ended: May 27, 1973
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