Night Gallery

Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x08 23/Dec/1970 The Nature of the Enemy 4
1x11 06/Jan/1971 Make Me Laugh 5
1x13 13/Jan/1971 Pamela's Voice 4
1x16 20/Jan/1971 The Last Laurel 3
2x63 Unaired Die Now, Pay Later 3
2x64 Unaired Room for One Less 1
2x02 15/Sep/1971 Miss Lovecraft Sent Me 2
2x03 15/Sep/1971 The Hand of Borgus Weems 5
2x04 15/Sep/1971 Phantom of What Opera? 1
2x05 22/Sep/1971 Death in the Family 4
2x06 22/Sep/1971 The Merciful 2
2x07 22/Sep/1971 Class of '99 4
2x08 22/Sep/1971 Satisfaction Guaranteed 2
2x10 29/Sep/1971 Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay 5
2x11 29/Sep/1971 With Apologies to Mr. Hyde 1
2x12 29/Sep/1971 The Flip-Side of Satan 5
2x13 06/Oct/1971 A Fear of Spiders 4
2x14 06/Oct/1971 Junior 1
2x15 06/Oct/1971 Marmalade Wine 3
2x16 06/Oct/1971 The Academy 3
2x17 20/Oct/1971 The Phantom Farmhouse 6
2x18 20/Oct/1971 Silent Snow, Secret Snow 4
2x19 27/Oct/1971 A Question of Fear 5
2x20 27/Oct/1971 The Devil Is Not Mocked 3
2x21 03/Nov/1971 Midnight Never Ends 6
2x24 10/Nov/1971 A Matter of Semantics 1
2x25 10/Nov/1971 Big Surprise 2
2x26 10/Nov/1971 Professor Peabody's Last Lecture 4
2x28 17/Nov/1971 A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank 1
2x29 17/Nov/1971 Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator 5
2x30 17/Nov/1971 Hell's Bells 3
2x32 24/Nov/1971 Keep in Touch - We'll Think of Something 4
2x33 01/Dec/1971 Pickman's Model 8
2x35 01/Dec/1971 An Act of Chivalry 1
2x36 08/Dec/1971 Cool Air 4
2x37 08/Dec/1971 Camera Obscura 5
2x38 08/Dec/1971 Quoth the Raven 1
2x39 15/Dec/1971 The Messiah on Mott Street 5
2x40 15/Dec/1971 The Painted Mirror 4
2x41 29/Dec/1971 The Different Ones 4
2x42 29/Dec/1971 Tell David... 6
2x43 29/Dec/1971 Logoda's Heads 5
2x47 12/Jan/1972 Lindemann's Catch 5
2x49 12/Jan/1972 A Feast of Blood 4
2x50 19/Jan/1972 The Miracle at Camafeo 5
2x51 19/Jan/1972 The Ghost of Sorworth Place 5
2x52 26/Jan/1972 The Waiting Room 5
2x55 09/Feb/1972 Stop Killing Me 3
2x56 09/Feb/1972 Dead Weight 3
2x57 16/Feb/1972 I'll Never Leave You - Ever 5
2x58 16/Feb/1972 There Aren't Anymore MacBanes 6
2x59 23/Feb/1972 The Sins of the Fathers 4
2x61 01/Mar/1972 The Caterpillar 6
2x62 01/Mar/1972 Little Girl Lost 5
3x01 24/Sep/1972 The Return of the Sorcerer 6
3x03 22/Oct/1972 Rare Objects 5
3x04 29/Oct/1972 Spectre in Tap-Shoes 5
3x05 12/Nov/1972 You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan 4
3x06 12/Nov/1972 Smile, Please 1
3x08 10/Dec/1972 Fright Night 5
3x10 24/Dec/1972 She'll Be Company for You 5
3x11 07/Jan/1973 The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes 4
3x12 14/Jan/1973 Something in the Woodwork 5
3x13 04/Mar/1973 Death on a Barge 5

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 16, 1970
Ended: May 27, 1973
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