Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Passenger List

An airplane worker by the name of Jeremy Bell learns of a plane crash on his watch. Through a string of events, he begins to worry that his daughter may have been on the plane when it crashed. It is an unlikely worry, but to be on the safe side he investigates the crash site. While investigating, he meets an attractive young woman whose entire family was killed in the crash. The two become good friends as they talk. However, strange feelings of deja vu begin to regularly occur in Bell as he learns of the crash. He begins to regularly feel as though something about this mess of a crash is familiar...
Starring Roles: Aidan Quinn as Jeremy Bell | Kelly Rutherford as Marilyn Lanier | Paul Guilfoyle (1) as John | Troy Evans as Coroner |
Co-Guest Stars: Blu Mankuma as Dooley | Emily Holmes as Amanda Bell | Julie Patzwald as Hallie | Patricia Drake as Flight Attendant | Robert Luft as Paramedic #1 | Ty Olsson as Paramedic #2 | Robin Douglas as Paramedic #3 | Viv Leacock as Paramedic #4 | Carol Alexander as Woman Reporter | Aamer Haleem as Reporter #1 | Dion Luther as Reporter #2 | Kristina Matisic as Reporter #3
Director: Yves Simoneau

2 :01x02 - The Bokor

A voodoo curse takes root as a group of young medical school students go probing around the dark reaches of the school. In their searches, they discover some old brands of medicine that were meant to stay a secret. As they begin tampering with their findings, evil voodoo magic swarms throughout the school.
Starring Roles: Samantha Mathis as Diane | Ben Bass as Paul | Kim Hawthorne as Cheryl | Jason London as Richard |
Co-Guest Stars: Denis Simpson as Bokor
Director: Keith Gordon

3 :01x03 - Dead Air

An obnoxious radio disk jockey taking a late-night shift receives a creepy call from someone. This caller predicts some kind of story. Annoyed at the prank, the jockey hangs up, but soon, the jockey finds the story becoming reality and he must fight for his life within the tale.
Starring Roles: Lou Diamond Phillips as Tom Fallor |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Rogers as Pete | Marlowe Kaufmann as Nadine | Malcolm Scott as Pizza Guy | Meghan Black as Laura | Ryan Taylor as Boy
Director: Jefery Levy

4 :01x04 - Renovation

A family moves into an old, abandoned house that has not been used since a terrible murder/suicide crime. The father of the old family went insane and, for inexplicable reasons, killed himself and his family. The odd thing is, the father had, until then, been a respected member of the community. It shocked the entire town. Now the new family arrives, eager to settle into the new home. The inhabitants of the town are worried at first, but eventually accept it. After all, the odds of anything happening again had to be virtually nil. Right?
Starring Roles: Gil Bellows as Keith | Kirsten Robek as Arriane |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Cuthbert as Dad From Past | Katharine Tobin as Mom From Past | Merrilyn Gann as Realtor
Director: Brian Dennehy

5 :01x05 - A View Through the Window

An old army veteran finds a plentiful farm that has simply appeared in a barren desert. The farm has a seemingly impenetrable force field around it, and while the military general can see in, the residents of the farm cannot see out. The army general, going through a hard time after a divorce and death of his son, soon learns that there are periods where the force field goes down for a time, and he decides to jump through. The people there seem nice enough....
Starring Roles: Bill Pullman as Ben Darnell | Carl Lumbly as Danny Holman |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael David Simms as General Briggs | Sean Campbell (1) as Sergeant Gilson | Todd Talbot as Private Rasky | Carin Moffat as Elise Darnell | Emily Holmes as Belinda | Don Wallace (3) as Prairie Grandpa | Karen Elizabeth Austin as Prairie Grandma | Calum Worthy as Prairie Boy | Hanna Ballard as Prairie Girl | Ryan Hale as Ben's Son
Director: Bill Pullman
Story: Robert Leman (3) | Teleplay: Steven Aspis

6 :01x06 - Quiet Please

Here we have Gerald, a man who just wants to get away from the city for a while, with its noise and traffic and especially the frightening news of a serial killer. However, he is to be denied his wish. In a camping ground, a creepy stranger named Ben stalks Gerald, bothering and annoying him, even when Gerald explicitly asks him to quit. Eventually Gerald actually moves his tent deep into the woods, but even then Ben follows him like a creepy shadow. Is Ben the serial killer from the city? And if not, just who is?
Starring Roles: Cary Elwes as Gerald | Brian Dennehy as Camper Ben |
Co-Guest Stars: Gus Lynch as Ranger
Director: Joe Dante

7 :01x07 - Now He's Coming Up the Stairs

Meet Michael Sears, your average psychiatrist... except for the fact that he has the gift (or curse) of temporarily taking on his patients' illnesses or disorders. It leaves them cured- and Sears is hailed as brilliant- but he then has to deal with his patients' problems until the effect wears off, which takes a significant amount of time- and it is increasing lately. While on vacation, in an attempt to get away, Sears stumbles across a boy who is his worst case yet...
Starring Roles: Luke Perry as Dr. Michael Sears |
Co-Guest Stars: Allison Hossack as Carol Thorpe | Nancy Sivak as Margory Bellinger | Mark Schooley as Eli Bellinger | Shauna Kain as Melissa Bellinger | Donna Yamamoto as Dr. Taverin | Sam MacMillan as Bellman | Hrothgar Mathews as Dr. Palmquist | Bryce Hodgson as Mark | Rita Bozi as Maid
Director: Nick Gomez
Writer: Steven Aspis

8 :01x08 - Used Car

Charlotte, sick and tired of her old car, is delighted when her husband buys her a beautiful new car as a present. This feeling quickly evaporates when it becomes clear that this isn't an ordinary car. After several ghostly experiences, Charlotte becomes convinced that her new car is haunted by some kind of spirit named Lucy. Worse, the spirit seems to act hostile towards Charlotte. Very hostile. What does Lucy want, and what connection does Charlotte have that makes the spirit so angry?
Starring Roles: Sherilyn Fenn as Charlotte | Hart Bochner as Jack |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenn Bird as Lucy Sykes | Jacqueline Samuda as Melissa | Steve Makaj as Gordon Sykes
Writer: Ted Humphrey

9 :01x09 - Rest Stop

A group of travelers pick up a mysterious hitchhiker who goes by the name of Andy. After joking around and driving for a few minutes, they arrive at a rest stop. The stop is slightly creepy, with some shifty-looking people taking up space in the store. Nevertheless, Andy insists on stopping for a few minutes. When the travelers head out, they discover their cell phones aren't working and Andy is nowhere in sight. Soon after, they begin disappearing, one by one.
Starring Roles: Jerry O'Connell as Andy | Amy Jo Johnson as Sarah |
Co-Guest Stars: David Kopp as Chuck | Katharine Isabelle as Vicki | Mark Hildreth as Tim | Catherine Barroll as Woman Shopper | Jo Ann MacDonald as Crafty #1 | Joshua Hamlin as Crafty #2 | Emmalee Fiddy as Crafty #3
Director: Yves Simoneau
Songs: Rob Zombie -- Return of the Phantom Stranger

10 :01x10 - After Life

During a funeral for Michael Doyle, he suddenly pops out of his coffin, miraculously still alive. The doctors are at a loss to explain his incredible recovery or sudden re-emergence, but his wife and daughter and simply glad he's back. This joy is tainted by uneasiness, however, as Michael seems to feel as though being allowed to live is a punishment, and he wants to move on. Michael is sure the reason he was sent back was to accomplish something, but what? Finally, he hits upon the idea that it's his duty, as a good father, to take his daughter with him, beyond life... by killing her.
Starring Roles: Randy Quaid as Michael Doyle | Susan Gibney as Natalie Doyle |
Co-Guest Stars: Meghan Black as Kaitlin Doyle | Terence Kelly as Pastor James | Alison Matthews as Dr. Martina Tyler | Eric Schneider as Mr. Rupert | Andy Thompson as Frank
Director: Jefery Levy

11 :01x11 - If a Tree Falls...

When a group of college kids are killed in a car accident and miraculously manage to return, they theorize that since no one saw them die, they can't be dead (A la "If a tree falls with no one to hear it, does it make a sound?") Deciding this must be the reason, they decide to bury their former bodies so no one will ever find them and theoretically, they will not die. However, one student, the religious Devin Murray, can't accept that this miracle should be allowed to occur. He decides to free the three bodies from the car so they will be found, and then they will be able to move on as it should be. Will Devin be able to achieve his task? Will his friends allow it? What could go wrong?
Starring Roles: Natasha Lyonne as Bethany | Art Kitching as Seth | Jonathan Jackson as Devin Murrany |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Nicholson as Pick-up Truck Driver | Erica Carroll as Student | Edward Evanko as Father Mulvaney | Frederick Pleasure II as Fisherman | Keith Provost as Officer Hutchkiss
Director: Po-Chih Leong
Writer: Steven Aspis

12 :01x12 - The Occupant

Janet's life is disrupted when she begins to notice that, upon returning for her late-night shift, objects in the house are not always as she left them. Uneasy, she gets the idea that it is possible that someone might be actually using the house while she is at work. Determined to find out, she skips work one night and stakes out in a closet... and someone breaks in.
Starring Roles: Bridget Fonda as Janet |
Co-Guest Stars: Dion Luther as Eugene | Anthony Harrison as Officer Thatcher | Chris Kelly (2) as Officer Hearns | Jessica Sloan as Waitress | Russell Roberts as Jeweller | Johannah Newmarch as Flight Attendant
Director: Joe Dante

13 :01x13 - Reunion

Lt. Dale Stillman, a war hero, is out to meet his old army buddies at a reunion. Stillman was declared a hero after he was captured and tortured, yet refused to give away his comrade's location. Ready to meet his good friends and fellow army veterans, Stillman travels to the reunion campground... but something doesn't seem right. Slowly it begins to dawn on him that his war days were not as he remembers them, and the real truth reveals itself.
Starring Roles: Jay Mohr as Lt. Dale Stillman | Chuma Hunter-Gault as Jimmy | Ron Canada as Wally | M. Emmet Walsh as Gus |
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Pearl as Sam | Kavan Smith as Dante | Jane Sowerby as Clair | Zoran as Yusef | Bryan Leslie as Mayor

14 :01x14 - Neighborhood Watch

A former criminal, at one time convicted of child molestation crimes, moves into a formerly peaceful neighborhood, shattering the idyllic living. Terrified for their children, the parents are forced to take drastic measures. They live in fear. When the police refuse to help, the fathers of the block decide to take matters in their own hands... but are they stopping to get all the facts?
Starring Roles: David Paymer as Jim Osgoode | Valerie Mahaffey as Sally Osgoode | Brittany Tiplady as Janey Osgoode |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Kent as Ed Neville | David Millbern as Alan Martindelli | Suzin Schiff as Maureen Martindelli | Ray Galletti as Steve Thorne | Lurene Music as Olivia Thorne | Britt McKillip as Kyra Martindelli | Lauren Diewold as Ashley | Malcolm Stewart as Officer Murphy | Don Thompson as Detective
Director: Bryan Spicer

15 :01x15 - Bitter Harvest

When farm boy Shane accidentally triggers a chain of events that causes old man Jennings to lose both his arms, Jennings blackmails Shane into working on his farm. Jennings, whom people say was descended from a witch, seems to hint that he isn't through with Shane yet. Whenever Shane comes to work on Jennings' farm, they are alone. Jennings has plenty of time to work on revenge, and he's spending the time well...
Starring Roles: Jack Palance as Jake Jennings | Brendan Fletcher as Shane Watkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Houghton as Cal | Jane Perry (1) as Joanie | Chris Lovick as Bucky | Ryan McDonald as Jared
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Julie Siege

16 :01x16 - My So-Called Life and Death

When Julia goes on vacation with her obnoxious family, she spends as much time as possible outdoors, away from the house. While wandering around, she begins a crush on a handyman working at a local store. Unfortunately, she can't contact him. It's like he's not even there. Julia begins to think that he's a ghost... but are things exactly as they seem?
Starring Roles: Marla Sokoloff as Julia |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Bacic as Handyman | William Pavey as Brian | Wanda Cannon as Mother | Kurt Max Runte as Father
Story: R. Chetwynd-Hayes | Teleplay: Naren Shankar

17 :01x17 - The Doghouse

Barry is harassed and beaten up by a bookie for a debt he can't pay. He escapes from him with the help of a seemingly nice and friendly woman named Amanda. As we all know, it is not wise to judge by looks. This is a lesson that Barry learns very quickly. Barry meets Amanda's two dogs, fiercely loyal to her. The only problem is, Amanda seems a little ... too attached to the dogs. When they kill the bookie who harasses him, Barry knows something is wrong and he needs to leave. Amanda and her dogs don't appreciate that train of thought.
Starring Roles: Stephen Baldwin as Barry | Jane Adams (2) as Amanda |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Croft as Christopher | Lucan as Max | Tazes as Vlad
Director: JoBeth Williams

18 :01x18 - Still Life

An innocent woman with a comfortable happy life, a wonderful family, and great friends. This idyllic living is broken by the sudden appearance of three strangers, two men in blue and white, and a woman in green, who seem bent on breaking this lifestyle. One after another these creepy stalkers harass her, seemingly to kidnap or take her somewhere. The police attempt to help out, but each of the strangers disappear without a trace. Not wanting this nightmare to infect her family, she insists that life continue on as normal. However, when her husband and daughter are out of the house, the strangers all return. Who are these strangers, and what do they want?
Starring Roles: Mare Winningham as Kate Morris | Peter Wingfield as David Morris |
Co-Guest Stars: Taras Kostyuk as Man In Blue | Brian Jensen as Man In White | Anaya Farrell as Lady In Green | Deryl Hayes as Officer Barnes | Kirsten Prout as Wendy | Michelle Hart as Jenny

19 :01x19 - Hate Puppet

A man, usually well-liked by everyone, suddenly finds himself the target of terrible rage and anger at anyone he comes into contact with. While searching for the answer, he comes across a new book, entitled "Hate Puppet" that seems to describe all of his latest endeavors with flawless detail...
Starring Roles: Chad Lowe as Andy Harris | William Atherton as William Price |
Co-Guest Stars: Helene Joy as Linda | Torquil Campbell as Greg Harris | Monica Hamburg as Waitress | Michael Kopsa as Bob Jenkins | Kim Kondrashoff as Foreman | Kwesi Ameyaw as Uniform Cop | Norma Wick as Interviewer | Ty Olsson as Bartender | Vitaly Kravchenko as Bearded Man

20 :01x20 - Darkness

A young man inherits a house from his late rich uncle, who was gruesomely murdered in his mansion. The youth is delighted... until he finds out that his uncle's murderers were killer shadows that haunt the house who attack when the lights are off.
Starring Roles: Michael Rapaport as Harlow Winton | Ken Pogue as Henry Matson |
Co-Guest Stars: Marilyn Norry as Mrs. Barnett | Lindsay Clague as Maid | Arthur Corber as Exterminator | Anthony Ulc as Electrician | David MacKay as Mailroom Clerk | Francis Boyle (1) as Workman #2
Director: Ian Toynton

21 :01x21 - The Maze

When Susan Thornhill turns down a date from a boy named Wes on college campus, she hides in a local hedge maze after class to avoid facing him. However, when she finally walks out of the maze, she discovers that much has changed. The environment is still similar, but there are hardly any people, and the few that she runs into are completely insane. Where is she? Or better yet, when is she?
Starring Roles: Thora Birch as Susan Thornhill | Amanda Plummer as Music Professor | Luke Edwards as Wes |
Co-Guest Stars: Chiara Zanni as Gail
Director: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Steven Aspis

22 :01x22 - Harmony

Tired from traveling, Eli West decides to stop off in a small town called Harmony. It's a nice little town, with friendly residents and a good community. There is just one odd thing about it- music, all types of music, is completely prohibited. When Eli asks for reasons, he is told that a mysterious and deadly "Beast" lives on the outskirts of town and it is attracted by music. Laughing at the legend, Eli attempts to prove the townspeople wrong... however, is he dismissing the legend too hastily?
Starring Roles: Timothy Olyphant as Eli West | Tracy Middendorf as Lucinda | Shirley Knight as Mrs. Finch |
Co-Guest Stars: Chilton Crane as Mrs. Hartford | Michael Hogan (1) as Larry | James Kirk (1) as Tim | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff | Justin Chatwin as Pete
Director: Paul Shapiro

23 :01x23 - Cargo

A small-time crew mate, Mark Stevens, discovers a group of immigrants in the cargo hold, who beg for his help. It appears that there is a murderer within the hold and he is slaughtering the immigrants one by one in brutal fashion. Defying his captain and the creepy cargo head, Stevens promises to help them out of the hold, not understanding who the actual murderer is.
Starring Roles: Jamie Kennedy as Mark Stevens | Joanna Pacula as Head Immigrant | Philip Baker Hall as Captain Dennis Brascom |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Cuthbert as Taferner | Micah Gardener as Nikolai | Asja Pavlovic as Miriam | Vladimir Moskovshenko as Lookout
Director: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Harry Dunn

24 :01x24 - Switch

Sydney, a woman with a severe multiple personality disorder stemming from a traumatic childhood experience, seeks the psychologist Dr. Lewis. Together, Lewis and Sydney attempt to purge Sydney's "alternate" personalities so she can live a normal life. Lewis provides encouragement while Sydney wanders the dark hallways of her mind, confronting and eliminating her other personalities. Progress is made, but it is not without problems. Sydney finds that purging her personalities is not easy, and often has severe relapses. One night when she leaves, a group of heckling teenagers provokes a violent, aggressive personality out of hiding, and she attacks the teens. Sydney continues working harder than ever... but is there something that her mind is not revealing to her?
Starring Roles: Natasha Gregson Wagner as Sydney | Pam Grier as Dr. Lewis |
Co-Guest Stars: James Hutson (1) as Tim | Cameron Gilley as Charles | Allie Mickelson as Sharon | Shylo Sharity as Little Girl | Brent Glenen as Teenager #1 | Kyle Labine as Teenager #2 | Justin Stillwell as Teenager #3
Director: Jefery Levy

25 :01x25 - Patterns

After assaulting an innocent pedestrian, Martin is brought into a mental clinic for analysis. Dr. Dan Critchley, the doctor assigned to Martin, listens to his explanation about how his "patterns"- such as wearing certain clothes in a certain order- keep the world as it should be, running smoothly. Dr. Critchley dismisses the claims, and drugs Martin in an attempt to break his habit. It succeeds, but then, very odd things begin happening around the world...
Starring Roles: Malcolm McDowell as Martin | Miguel Ferrer as Dr. Dan Critchley |
Co-Guest Stars: Anna Hagan as Ann | John Dadey as Officer Danforth | Matthew Munn as Young Martin | Giacomo Baessato as Billy | Terry Howson as Charlie | John B. Lowe as Mr. Brand
Director: Keith Gordon

26 :01x26 - Voices

Sandra, deaf from birth, attempts to restore her hearing by agreeing to submit to a new type of surgery whose goal it is to repair damaged hearing. The surgery seemingly fails and Sandra walks away feeling the same as before. However, at her job in a justice court, she realizes she's not the same as always- she has the ability to hear people's thoughts. In court, she realizes that one of the officers is actually the guilty party, having framed the defendant and stolen the missing money in question at the hearing. Unfortunately, no one believes her. Sandra, determined to prove the officer (Bruce Malone) guilty, uses her knowledge from listening in to sneak into Malone's cash stash. When Malone returns, Sandra is pressed to make it out alive. She also manages to pierce even deeper into Malone's mind, where she finds some unexpected news.
Starring Roles: Terrylene as Sandra McClinnon | Lombardo Boyar as Perez | John Finn as Bruce Malone |
Co-Guest Stars: Gillian Barber as Dr. Bonnie Talbott | Lorena Gale as D.A. Clarkson | Cory Dagg as Public Defender | Jerry Walliser as Bailiff | Sam Boniface as Young Bruce Malone | Cameron Bright as Tim | Don House as Cop | John Moore as Judge
Director: Ian Toynton
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 2001
Ended: September 06, 2001
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