The Doghouse - Recap

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The episode opens with Barry and an angry bookie in a dark, rainy back alley. Apparently, Barry owes this bookie a debt that he can't pay, and hasn't been paying for a while now. The bookie, angry, has cornered Barry and is beating up on him- so much so that Barry is in danger of being killed. However, fortunately for him, a woman drives by the alley as Barry attempts to make a break for it. He escapes in the surprised woman's car, and they drive off to her house.

Once there, Barry explains his predicament. The woman- who introduces herself as Amanda- agrees to let him hide out in her house for a few days. Amanda's house is nice, but not really unique in any way- that is, except for two massive Labradors she keeps as pets. These dogs are fiercely loyal to Amanda, and she returns their loyalty with unconditional love. The dogs are friendly enough to Barry, and all goes well for the first day or so. Amanda goes off to work, and Barry tries to iron out his debt over the phone with his friend- apparently he was doing a favor to his friend, covering for him and lending him money, and now the bookie is after him.

However, all goes wrong on the second night. Barry is sleeping on the couch when he hears the sound of the bookie, who somewhere traced Barry to the house, breaking in. However, the bookie threat is soon eliminated when the two giant dogs, sleeping near Barry, attack the intruder viciously, killing him. Shocked, Barry turns to Amanda, but she actually praises the dogs.

Barry realizes something is amiss when she buries the body of the bookie, with no intentions of telling the police. After returning inside, he is shaken enough to leave, though it's still the middle of the night.

When he attempts to get down the stairs, one of the dogs appears in front of him, and the surprise is enough to make him trip and falls down the stairs, where is is rendered unconscious.

When Barry wakes up, he finds himself confirmed to a bed, with a cast on his ankle, though it's still the middle of the night. Amanda seems concerned about him, and tells him to stay put. On the other hand, she is also acting a bit... odd. One of the dogs sits outside of his room, giving off the horrible feeling of "guard", and the room itself seems to be some sort of shrine dedicated to the Labradors.

Now Barry knows, he has to get out. The dogs do not show any open sign of hostility, but actively block his progress as he limps down the stairs, ankle cast and all. When he attempts to call his friend, one dog rips out the phone wiring. When he attempts to leave, the dogs calmly sit in front of the two doors, blocking his exit. In a desperate attempt to get out, Barry attempts to mix a sleeping drug into the dog's food bowl. The dogs see through the trick... and now they're angry.

The dogs back Barry up against the wall, barking furiously, when Amanda shows up, yelling "Bad dog!", and scolding angrily. Barry is relieved... until Amanda tells him she is talking not to the dogs, but to him.

Barry is chained in the basement, with shackles on his neck, arms, and legs. Amanda, with her two dogs by her side, tells him he can come out when he's learned his lesson and is ready to be a good boy.