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Night Visions

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The episode 'Patterns' is very similar to what 80's Twilight Zone episode Hard msd85• The Cold Equations
• Something in the Walls
• Need to Know
• The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon
What blaxploitation legend appeared in 'Switch' Medium msd85• Richard Roundtree
• Fred Williamson
• Pam Grier
• Isaac Hayes
What normally comedic actor plays things deadly serious in 'After Life' Medium msd85• Ed O'Neill
• Kevin Kline
• Michael Rappaport
• Randy Quaid
'Renovation' director Brian Dennehy also appeared on-screen in what other episode Medium msd85• Rest Stop
• After Life
• Quiet Please
• Neighborhood Watch
On what other anthology series did Lou Diamond Phillips also appear Medium msd85• Tales From The Darkside
• Tales From The Crypt
• Masters of Horror
• Perversions of Science
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2000
• 2001
• 2002
• 2003
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• ABC
How many episodes were in the series Medium msd85• 23
• 24
• 25
• 26
How many seasons did Night Visions run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4
Where did Malone hide the drug money in "Voices" Medium msd85• A Bus
• A Car
• His House
• A Junkyard
What does deaf courtroom sketch artist Sandra hear after getting experimental surgery in "Voices" Medium msd85• The thoughts of a crooked judge
• The thoughts of a framed criminal
• The thoughts of a serial killer
• The thoughts of a crooked cop
What horror genre veteran portrays Martin's disbelieving psychiatrist in "Patterns" Medium msd85• Sherman Howard
• Brad Dourif
• Miguel Ferrer
• Michael Rooker
Who does Martin think he has a "contract" with in "Patterns" Medium msd85• The Devil
• God
• Death
• Humanity
What did the Sci-Fi Channel title it's "compilation movie" of previously unaired Night Visions episodes Easy msd85• Shadow Realm
• Night Vision
• Shadow Zone
• Dark Realm
Who did Sydney kill as a child in "Switch" Medium msd85• Her brother
• Her sister
• Her friend
• Her parents
What country are the "illegal immigrants" from in "Cargo" Medium msd85• Hungary
• Poland
• Russia
• Czech Republic
What star of the "Scream" series appears in "Cargo" Easy msd85• Neve Campbell
• Jamie Kennedy
• Skeet Ulrich
• David Arquette
What are the people of "Harmony" afraid will come if the rules aren't followed Medium msd85• The Beast
• The Monster
• The Grim Reaper
• Aliens
What offense is punishable by death in "Harmony" Medium msd85• Watching A Movie
• Watching TV
• Using The Internet
• Listening To Music
How far in the future does Susan learn the world will end in "The Maze" Medium msd85• 5 Years
• 3 Years
• 2 Years
• 10 Years
How does Susan learn the world will end in "The Maze" Medium msd85• A Super Virus
• A Meteor Strike
• An Ice Age
• The Rapture
How does Harlow end up in "Darkness" Medium msd85• Blind
• Deaf
• Mute
• Dead
What is the name of Harlow Winton's uncle that he inherits the mansion from in "Darkness" Medium msd85• Harold
• William
• Charles
• Lucius
What is the new slasher film being promoted on TV at the end of "Hate Puppet" called Medium msd85• The Highway Killer
• Edge Of The Axe
• Breakdown Lane
• Car Trouble
What does Andy Harris find out he is at the end of "Hate Puppet" Medium msd85• A character in a movie
• A character in a book
• Insane
• Dead
Who did Kate kill in "Still Life" Medium msd85• Her husband
• Her father
• Her friend
• Her son
Where is Kate really at during the events of "Still Life" Medium msd85• In A Hospital
• In An Asylum
• In Hell
• In Prison
Which "Poltergeist" star directed "Doghouse" Medium msd85• Craig T. Nelson
• Oliver Robins
• JoBeth Williams
• Zelda Rubinstein
Which Baldwin brother stars in "Doghouse" Easy msd85• Alec
• Stephen
• Daniel
• William
How did Julia's family die in "My So-Called Life and Death" Medium msd85• A Fire
• A Car Crash
• A Murder-Suicide
• Poisioning
Who caused the death of Julia's family in "My So-Called Life and Death" Medium msd85• Her father
• Her mother
• Herself
• Her little brother
What legendarily creepy actor guest stars in "Bitter Harvest" Easy msd85• Christopher Walken
• Willem Dafoe
• Jack Palance
• Christopher Lee
What horrific injury does Shane cause Mr. Jennings to suffer in "Bitter Harvest" Easy msd85• He loses both legs
• He loses both arms
• He becomes paralyzed
• He loses his feet
What does Jim do to the suspected criminal in the end of "Neighborhood Watch" Medium msd85• He shoots him
• He stabs him
• He beats him to death
• He strangles him
What type of criminal is Jim Osgood told just moved into the area in "Neighborhood Watch" Easy msd85• A Murderer
• A Serial Rapist
• An Armed Robber
• A Child Molester
For what war was Lt. Stillman given a medal for his service in "Reunion" Medium msd85• The Vietnam War
• The Korean War
• Operation Desert Storm
• Operation Iraqi Freedom
What secret is Lt. Stillman hiding, even from himself, in "Reunion" Medium msd85• He killed his men
• He sold his men out to the enemy
• He was never in war
• He killed himself due to PTSD
Who is ultimately the only survivor of "If A Tree Falls" Medium msd85• Devin
• Bethany
• Seth
• None of the above
What secret do the three leads desperately try to keep in "If A Tree Falls" Medium msd85• They drowned
• They killed someone
• They died in a fire
• They died in a car accident
What was the real source of the heavenly vision Michael received while "dead" in "After Life" Medium msd85• A vision from God
• A vision from The Devil
• A stained glass window in the funeral parlor
• A painting at his funeral
What does Michael think he has come back to life to do in "After Life" Medium msd85• Take his wife to heaven with him
• Take his daughter to heaven with him
• Be the messiah
• Tell others what he saw
What Ginger Snaps actor plays a supporting role in "Rest Stop" Medium msd85• Katharine Isabelle
• Emily Perkins
• Kris Lemche
• Mimi Rogers
What Sliders alum guest stars in "Rest Stop" Easy msd85• Charlie O'Connell
• Sabrina Lloyd
• Kari Wuhrer
• Jerry O'Connell
Why did Jack kill his mistress in "Used Car" Medium msd85• She was pregnant
• She told his wife about the affair
• She wanted his wife dead
• She wanted him to marry her
What song by The Supremes keeps playing on the radio in "Used Car" Medium msd85• You Can't Hurry Love
• Someday We'll Be Together
• Stop! In The Name Of Love
• You Keep Me Hangin' On
What is Dr. Sears final fate at the end of "Now He's Coming Up The Stairs" Medium msd85• He's trapped in his own mind
• He dies saving the boy
• He kills the boy in a psychotic rage
• He commits suicide in a panic
What Beverly Hills 90210 alum stars in "Now He's Coming Up The Stairs" Easy msd85• Jason Priestley
• Brian Austin Green
• Shannen Doherty
• Luke Perry
"Quiet Please" star Cary Elwes went on to feature prominently in what 2000's horror franchise Easy msd85• The Grudge
• Hostel
• Saw
• Final Destination
"Quiet Please" star Brian Dennehy also directed what previous episode Medium msd85• Dead Air
• Renovation
• The Passenger List
• Bokor
What secret are the seemingly benign prairie family hiding in "A View Through The Window" Medium msd85• They eat people
• They're all dead
• They're vampires
• They're in hell
What member of the "A View Through The Window" cast also directs the episode Easy msd85• Carl Lumbly
• Emily Holmes
• Michael David Simms
• Bill Pullman
Who killed Keith's mother in "Renovation" Medium msd85• His brother
• His wife
• His father
• His grandfather
Who is really the killer at the end of "Dead Air" Medium msd85• Tom
• The Pizza Guy
• Laura
• Nadine
Who is really the "Bokor" in the ending of the episode of the same title Medium msd85• Diane
• Richard
• Paul
• Cheryl
What is a "Bokor" in the episode of the same name Easy msd85• A Monster
• A Vampire
• A Demon
• A Voodoo Priest
What does the TSA investigator discover about the plane crash at the end of "The Passenger List" Medium msd85• That his daughter died in the crash
• That his wife died in the crash
• That he died in the crash
• That there never was a crash
What rock and roll frontman hosted Night Visions Easy msd85• Roger Daltrey
• Henry Rollins
• Ozzy Osbourne
• Alice Cooper
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 2001
Ended: September 06, 2001
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