Season 2

22 :02x01 - Love is a Pain in the Ass

Mike decides it's time to break up with Liz, but Mike is thrown off when he beats him to it. But when the break-up sex is over the top, Mike changes his mind and tries to keep the relationship going. Meanwhile, Euan meets a woman who is more wild in bed than he is.
Guest Stars: Sarah Lancaster as Kendall | Danny Wooten as Guy
Director: Shelley Jensen

23 :02x02 - Cockfight

Euan and Status Quo meet a woman at a bar and fight each other for her attention. When they learn she has a twin, they compete to see who can sleep with both. Meanwhile, Mike bets on cockfights with Chau in order to make money for Liz's birthday present.
Guest Stars: Julie Costello as Christina | Chanie Costello as Dana
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Tim Kelleher

24 :02x03 - Unflushable (a.k.a. M. Night Shyamalan's Unflushable)

Mike wows the guys when he leaves the bar with the new apartment building tenant, Carmen Electra. However, Mike's new diet causes him to clog her toilet and enlists Euan and Chau to help clear it up.
Guest Stars: Carmen Electra as Herself
Director: Shelley Jensen

25 :02x04 - P.P. Doc II: The Examination Continues (a.k.a. PPD2)

Mike and Euan's urologist moves into their apartment building. They worry that the doctor will hurt their game, but soon find he attracts women.
Guest Stars: Abigan McFarlane as Janice | Eugene Levy as Dr. Barry Wasserman | Jeanne Chinn as Wendy | NiCole Robinson as Elaine | Larissa Meek as Heidi | Callie de Fabry as Shannon | Michelle Borth as Carly

26 :02x05 - The Deflower Half Hour

Lindsay, Euan's date, announces to everyone that she wants to lose her virginity to Euan when she turns 18 at midnight. Upon hearing this, the gang have flashbacks to their first times.
Guest Stars: Nora Zehetner as Lindsay | Matt Price as Cole | Andrew McFarlane (1) as Young Status | Dan Martin as Dr. Mumford | Sarah-Jane Potts as Julie | Alex Black as Young Euan | Kara Houston as Kathy | Joe Sabatino as Policeman | Reagan Gomez-Preston as Sherry | Brittany Ishibashi as Allison

27 :02x06 - The Guys' Guys

Mike's high school friends come to visit, and their dorkiness makes Euan feel overly popular. Meanwhile, Status Quo and Liz have a date.
Guest Stars: Nick Von Esmarch as Slab | Ben Tolpin as Weedge Hedge | Jason Winer as Benji
Writer: Dawn Urbont

28 :02x07 - Little House On The Bowery

Mike and Euan switch accents to test whether it's the accent that lands women or if it's Euan. Meanwhile, Chau dates a crazy homeless woman.
Guest Stars: Vicki Davis as Marcy the Homeless Woman | Melinda Sward as Woman
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Tim Kelleher