Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

In this spinoff of Once Upon a Time, a young girl, Alice (Sophie Lowe), insists that she traveled to Wonderland and had a series of amazing adventures, falling in love with a genie. Her father Edwin forces her to recant and has her committed to a psychiatric hospital. However, the White Rabbit (John Lithgow) and the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) arrive to rescue her and assure her that everything she is experienced is real.

Now Alice and her friends travel Wonderland, attempting to reunite Alice with her love, Cyrus (Peter Gadiot), who has been abducted by Jafar (Naveeen Andrews), the evil sorcerer who plans to use the genie's power to control Wonderland and change his past to his liking. Allied with Jafar is the Red Queen (Emma Rigby), who has her own plans to use the genie's power.

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Prev: 1x11 -- Heart of the Matter (Mar/20/2014)

Jafar discovers that his plan won't work unless the Knave regains his heart. Alice and Cyrus set out to get the heart first, a quest that takes them to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in the past Cora, the Queen of Hearts, offers to teach Anastasia how to achieve her true potential.

Sophie LoweSophie Lowe
As Alice
Sophie LoweSophie Lowe
As Alice
Michael SochaMichael Socha
As Knave of Hearts
Michael SochaMichael Socha
As Knave of Hearts
Peter GadiotPeter Gadiot
As Cyrus
Peter GadiotPeter Gadiot
As Cyrus
Emma RigbyEmma Rigby
As Red Queen
Emma RigbyEmma Rigby
As Red Queen
Naveen AndrewsNaveen Andrews
As Jafar
John LithgowJohn Lithgow
voiced The White Rabbit


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recap: Jafar and Amara cast the spell to change the laws of magic while Alice kneels by Cyrus. Once the spell ends, Amara goes to Cyrus and Jafar explains that the two of them are the most powerful sorcerers in the world. He prepares to kill Amara, but the old prisoner comes in and reminds his son that true power is mercy. Jafar says that he refused to give him his love and says that he is now longer bound by the laws of magic. He then compels his father to love him, and the old prisoner embraces him. Jafar basks in his love for a moment and then says there is one more thing he desires. When the old prisoner asks what he wants, Jafar says that he wants him to know what it feels to be killed by someone he loves. Jafar then casts a spell, drowning his father, and turns back to the others... only to discover that they're gone... read more.

recap: The Knave stands in his cell as Jafar taunts him about the Red Queen's death. The sorcerer has put the Queen in a crystal coffin and left it in front of the Knave's cell. When the old prisoner tells his son to stop, Jafar says that he's offering the Knave hope if he does a favor for him. The Knave refuses and the Jafar says that he can remember what happened when he lost someone he lost. The sorcerer says that there's a way to bring the Queen back, and the old prisoner warns the Knave not to listen. Jafar figures that the Knave will listen and do his bidding given the proper motivation... read more.

1x10: Dirty Little Secrets recap: Many Years Ago in Agrabah.. read more.

1x9: Nothing to Fear recap: As the bottle tumbles down the river, the Knave tries to brace himself... and then the bottle comes to a halt on shore. Lizard, naked except for a sheet, picks it up and the Knave appears out of it. She hugs him and wonders how he got into the bottle, and the Knave says that it's complicated. He goes off to find Alice and Cyrus, but when Lizard tells him to wait, he's pulled back. The Knave realizes that he has the three wishstones and involuntarily recites the Genie's pledge of service. He realizes that he's a genie... and Lizard is his new mistress... read more.

recap: The Past.. read more.

Creator: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Zack Estrin
Executive Producer: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Steve Pearlman
Supervising Producer: Joe Lazarov
Producer: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda, Brian Wankum
Co-Producer: Katie Wech
Consulting Producer: Jan Nash

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Recurring Guests

Brian George (1) as Old Prisoner (16 eps)
Ben Cotton as Tweedle #2 (13 eps)
Matty Finochio as Tweedle #1 (11 eps)
Iggy Pop as The Caterpillar (9 eps)
Peta Sergeant as Jabberwocky (9 eps)
Shaun Smyth as Alice's Father (7 eps)
Heather Doerksen as Sarah (6 eps)
Raza Jaffrey as Taj (5 eps)
Hugo Steele as Orang (5 eps)
Zuleikha Robinson as Amara (5 eps)

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