One Car Too Far


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I totaly agree with Mr. Bartolo. A JeeP TJ is not a car and should not be reffered to as a car. However, JeeP, TJ, WRANGLER, or off road 4x4 machine are acceptable.
What I am posting for is to find out how your TJ is equiped. I could be mistaken, but the mirrors indicate that it is a year model pre RUBICON, so I am courrious what the builders threw at this TJ aside from a snorkel, winch, tires and wheels.

Eric Whiting
East Texas
red 06 TJ owner

Review posted on Tuesday, August 21st 2012 at 10:11 pm


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For the love of God..Please stop calling a Jeep TJ a car!
I have been an off road enthusiast for over 45 years and built a number of these Jeeps for off road use.
There are thousands of us looking and awaiting the show to identify this program for which it should be OFF ROAD test ground for Jeep or 4x4 enthusiasts such as myself. Our Club..Mid Georgia Off Road and affiliates eagerly anticipate a good show that new and old participants will be able to relate to and feel you are doing YOURSELF a dis service by NOT giving Jeep the title they deserve so well.
We await the show to venture on with eager anticipation that Jeeps will be designated as a 4x4, Jeep, off road unit..ANYTHING BUT A CAR..Please!
Thank you for your time and good luck with this venture.
Daniel F. Bartolo
Former Pres. Georgia 4X4...

Review posted on Monday, August 20th 2012 at 11:13 pm