One Day at a Time (1975)

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
188 09x01 02/Oct/1983 Shakedown
189 09x02 16/Oct/1983 Take My Ex
192 09x05 06/Nov/1983 Worried Heart
193 09x06 04/Dec/1983 Baby Love (1)
194 09x07 04/Dec/1983 Baby Love (2)
195 09x08 18/Dec/1983 Travel Agent
196 09x09 25/Dec/1983 Not a Creature Was Staying
197 09x10 01/Jan/1984 Sam's Apartment
198 09x11 08/Jan/1984 Dear Max
199 09x12 15/Jan/1984 Never Hire a Relative
200 09x13 12/Feb/1984 Fifty
201 09x14 07/Mar/1984 Woman of the House
202 09x15 14/Mar/1984 Parting Company
203 09x16 21/Mar/1984 Ave Romano
204 09x17 04/Apr/1984 Bringing in the Clowns
205 09x18 25/Apr/1984 Up in Smoke
206 09x19 02/May/1984 Meaning of Life
207 09x20 14/May/1984 The Nearness of You
208 09x21 21/May/1984 Off We Go
209 09x22 28/May/1984 Another Man's Shoes

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S09 - #1 22/Feb/2005 One Day at a Time Reunion

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