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Season 3

62 :03x01 - Tidal Wave

A wheelchair bound woman is forced to turn to telepathy to save her from an approaching tidal wave.
Guest Stars: Jean Allison as Margaret North | William Schallert as Dick Webb | Dennis Patrick as Emmett North | Bill Quinn (1) as Captain Morgan | Cliff Hall as Commander Powers
Director: John Newland

63 :03x02 - Anniversary of a Murder

An adulterous couple is haunted by the ghost of a cyclist they accidentally ran over and killed.
Guest Stars: Amzie Strickland as Miss Welles | Harry Townes as Gerald Simms | Alexander Lockwood as guest star | Randy Stuart as Frances Hiller
Director: John Newland

64 :03x03 - The Death Waltz

A cavalry officer is killed before he can attend a dance on the post with the commanding officer's vixen daughter. She attends the dance with another officer but it seems as though the dead man is determined to take her for a spin on the dance floor--alive or dead.
Guest Stars: Joe Cronin as Lt. Buchanan | Elizabeth Montgomery (1) as Lillie Clarke | Ed Prentiss as Colonel Clarke | K.T. Stevens as Bernice Clarke | Robert Sampson (1) as Lt. Fairchild
Director: John Newland

65 :03x04 - The Return

During the Korean War, a wounded soldier attempts to re-join his unit but may need the help of pyschic forces.
Guest Stars: Jack Mullaney as Captain Youngblood | Chris Winters as Lt. Heinmetz | Dick Davalos as Fred Cossage | Rex Holman as Private Atley | Charles H. Gray as Sgt. Kirsch
Director: John Newland

66 :03x05 - If You See Sally

Sally Ellis leaves home after an argument with her father who blames her for the accidental death of her brother. After a period of time the father relents and asks Sally to return home. She decides to hitchhike back--in a blinding rainstorm over treacherous roads.
Guest Stars: Anne Whitfield as Sally Ellis | Mary Lou Taylor as Ma Ellis | George Mitchell as Pa Ellis | Harry Jackson (1) as Ray Markey | Bernard Kates as Bus driver | Rusty Lane as Casey | Pat McCaffrie as Truck driver
Director: John Newland

67 :03x06 - Moment of Hate

A woman believes she has the power to cause death merely by wishing it.
Guest Stars: James Millhollin as Dr. Roman | John Kellogg as Dr. Llewellyn | Linda Lawson as Joyce Chapman | Joanne Linville as Karen Wadsworth
Director: John Newland

68 :03x07 - To Know the End

An English girl, on vacation in France with her American friend, has a vision of a soldier's death.
Guest Stars: Jean Fenwick as Nurse | James Forrest as Sergeant | Elen Willard as Emily | Sally Fraser as Ann | Anthony Eustrel as Doctor | Noel Drayton as Officer | Alexander Davion as Harry MacDougall
Director: John Newland
Writer: Larry Marcus

69 :03x08 - The Trap

A man suddenly begins to babble on and on about people he doesn't even know.
Guest Stars: Joan Dupuis as Elevator girl | Bert Remsen as Priest | Alex Gerry as Dr. Barnes | Francis DeSales as Sam Harkness | Ruth Storey as Florence DiNovio | Jeanne Bates as Edna Gibbs | Mike Kellin as Dominic DiNovio/Fredrick Gibbs
Director: John Newland
Writer: Larry Marcus

70 :03x09 - The Voice

A reporter investigating a series of arsons is driven by a voice encouraging additional fires.
Guest Stars: Carl Benton Reid as Brian Christopher | Robert Lansing as Jared Corning | David Lewis (3) as Grimes | Luana Anders as Joan Goss | Paul Genge as Tom Goss
Director: John Newland

71 :03x10 - The Promise

A bomb disposal expert in post-World War II London is driven to dismantle one final bomb.
Guest Stars: Kort Falkenberg as German soldier | Leslie Denison as Doctor | Ben Wright as George Davis | William Shatner as Carl Bremmer | Deirdre Owens as Lois Bremmer | Queenie Leonard as Nurse O'Brien | Guy Kingsford as Newsman
Director: John Newland

72 :03x11 - Tonight at 12:17

A pregnant woman starts getting haunted by premonitions of a plane crash.
Guest Stars: Barbara Bell Wright as Nurse | David de Haven as Frank | Peggy Ann Garner as Laura Perkins | Jack Lester as Doctor | Gene Lyons as Sam Blake | John Lasell as John Perkins
Director: John Newland
Writer: Larry Marcus

73 :03x12 - Where Are They?

It's raining rocks in Chico, California and a stranger claims he can make it continue.
Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Charles Elton | Phillip Pine as Harry Call | Joan Tompkins as Jenny Call | Robert Williams (1) as Marshal Tomlinson | Harlan Warde as Commander Phillips | Jason Johnson as Colonel Willis | Herbert Patterson as Garner | Alan Dexter as Towers | Roy N. Sickner as Frank | Addison Richards as Cabinet Secretary | John Alvin as Bradley | Charles Keane as Carter
Director: John Newland

74 :03x13 - Legacy of Love

A woman boards a bus headed for a seaside resort town but it arrives in another town.
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Norman Bromley | Norma Crane as Marianne Darelle | Louise Lorimer as Mrs. Darelle | Barbara Eiler as Mrs. Bromley | Olan Soule as Conductor | Alfred Hopson as Taxi driver | Jon Lormer as Resident | Ollie O'Toole as Baggage handler | Charles Calvert as Ticket seller | Joe McGuinn as Station master
Director: John Newland

75 :03x14 - Rendezvous

Even though her husband has been MIA for over two years, a woman hesitates to remarry because she's certain he's still alive.
Guest Stars: Warren J. Kemmerling as Mike Walton | H.M. Wynant as William Cooper | Georgann Johnson as Kate Maxwell | Donald Murphy as Fred Somers | K.L. Smith as Plainclothesman | Fred Coby as Policeman
Director: John Newland

76 :03x15 - The Executioner

A Union officer decides to make an example out of a lost Confederate soldier who stumbled into a Union camp.
Guest Stars: Crahan Denton as Colonel Martin | Tom Middleton as Sgt. Evans | Jeremy Slate as Captain Adams | Buzz Martin as Jess Bradley | Will J. White as Corporal | Don Ross as Picket
Director: John Newland

77 :03x16 - The Last Round

A boxer decides to continue his career in London during the Blitz in 1940.
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Yank Dawson | Felix Deebank as Chipper White | J. Stewart Taylor as Alfie Jones | Ronald Long as Sanderson | Wally Cassell as Collins | Gordon Richards as Doctor
Director: John Newland

78 :03x17 - Dead Man's Tale

A former newsman, now living in poverty, finds he writes his best stories when he's asleep.
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Phillip Werris | Jean Engstrom as Jan Werris | Walter Reed as Robert Barton | Charles Seel as Store owner | Charles Tannen as Hotel manager | Lucy Prentis as Mrs. Barton
Director: John Newland

79 :03x18 - The Sacred Mushroom

Documentary episode about the use of mushrooms in religious rituals.
Guest Stars: Andrija Puharich as Herself
Director: John Newland

80 :03x19 - The Gift

A phony psychic has a shocking real vision of her son committing a murder.
Guest Stars: Mary Sinclair as Maude Gillespie | Scott Marlowe as Mario | Betty Garde as Lola
Director: John Newland

81 :03x20 - Persons Unknown

A political refugee doctor takes asylum in a convent which is thought to be haunted.
Guest Stars: Robert Carricart as Captain Alvarez | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Gomez | Jay Novello as Carlos Gonzalez | Argentina Brunetti as Maria Gonzalez | Rodolfo Acosta as Colonel | Danny Bravo as Jorge | Martin Garralaga as Medical examiner | David Renard as Soldier | David J. Stewart as Dr. Atl
Director: John Newland
Writer: Larry Marcus

82 :03x21 - Night of Decision

The Continental Army is camped at Valley Forge for winter quarters in freezing temperatures and George Washington is deciding whether or not to throw in the towel and surrender to the British.
Guest Stars: Richard Tyler as Lighthorse Harry Lee | Robert Douglas as George Washington | Ken Drake as Major Warren | Dehl Berti as Gypsy | Richard Hale as Otumcus | Donald Buka as Marquis de Lafayette | Steve Franken as Soldier
Director: John Newland

83 :03x22 - The Stranger

A stranger rescues a family from an earthquake but he's later discovered to have died in prison some time before.
Guest Stars: Bill Nagy as Jerome S. Cole | Peter Dyneley as Hadley | Graham Stark as Peter | Patrick McAlinney as Warden | Ken Wayne as Guard | Larry Cross as Guard | Harold Kasket as Teacher | Mark Baker (1) as Barber
Director: John Newland
Writer: Larry Marcus

84 :03x23 - Justice

Strange things are happening in regards to a man named Wyndham Roberts. He's attending church and he's also in the local police station confessing to a murder.
Guest Stars: Pauline Jameson as Mrs. Roberts | Ewan Roberts as Pugh | Barbara Mullen as Mrs. Jones | Meredith Edwards (1) as Wyndham Roberts | Martin Benson (1) as Reverend Evans | Clifford Evans as Constable Jones
Director: John Newland

85 :03x24 - The Face

A man's recurring nightmare takes its toll on his health and romantic relationship.
Guest Stars: John Murray Scott as Sergeant | Robert Cawdron as Hogan | Victor Platt as Isaiah | Gareth Tandy as Stephen Bolt-age 12 | Sean Kelly (1) as Stephen Bolt | Penelope Horner as Rosemary Hogan | Paula Byrne as Mrs. Bolt | Robin Summer as Stephen Bolt-age 6 | Leon Cortez as Harper | Erik Chitty as Tattoo artist | Michael Peake as Spanish Bosun | Derek Sydney as Spanish Officer | John Brown (2) as Mark Bolt | Andrew Faulds as Norris | Robert Delgado as Second Officer
Director: John Newland

86 :03x25 - The Room Upstairs

Because of mental illness that is prevalent in her family, a woman has always been wary of having children. Then one night she hears the sobs of a weeping child.
Guest Stars: Lois Maxwell as Esther Hollis | Jane Hylton as Joan Morrison | Carl Bernard (1) as Doctor | David Knight as Will Hollis | Anthony Oliver as Hudson | Gilda Emmanueli as Child
Director: John Newland

87 :03x26 - Signal Received

Three sailors from the H.M.S. Hood have premonitions: two see death, the third sees living to an old age. Then word is passed that the German battleship Bismarck has been sighted.
Guest Stars: Richard Gale as Robin Hughes | Mark Eden as Johnny Watson | Anthony Palmer as George Breed | Viola Keats as Mrs. Breen | Patrick McLoughlin as Official | Jennifer Daniel as Sheilah | Charles Lamb as Breen | Susan Richards as Heather | Patrick Jordan as Petty Officer | Anne Ridler as 1st girl | Bernard Greene as Civilian | Mark Burns as Soldier | Sally Laying as 2nd girl | John Downing as Pilot officer
Director: John Newland
Writer: Derry Quinn

88 :03x27 - The Confession

A lawyer, having put an innocent man on death row for the murder of a woman he knows to be alive, is haunted by his machinations.
Guest Stars: Douglas Ives as Potter | Gerald James as Wilson | Julian Orchard as Tailor | Brenda Dunrich as Charwoman | Jack Newmark as Locksmith | Carmel McSharry as Martha | Donald Pleasence as Harvey Laurance | Adrienne Corri as Sarah | Raymond Rollett as K. C. | Eileen Way as Mrs. Evans | Robert Raglan as Policeman
Director: John Newland

89 :03x28 - The Avengers

During World War II, a German general plans a special party for some French peasants--right before he plans to ship them to labor camps.
Guest Stars: Andre Morell as General Hauptmann | Stanley Van Beers as Priest | Carl Jaffe as Doctor | Richard Leech as Orderly | Steve Plytas as Gardener | Robert Crewdson as Musician | Jan Conrad as Musician | Carl Duering as Musician | Lisa Gastoni as Marianne | Charles Russell (2) as Musician
Director: John Newland

90 :03x29 - The Prisoner

The survivor of a World War II concentration camp receives a visit from a German officer who is dead.
Guest Stars: Annette Carell as Frieda Hessler | Anton Diffring as Wilhelm Hessler | Sandor Eles as Samuel | Gerard Heinz (1) as Doctor | Catherine Feller as Ruth Goldman | Faith Brook as Nurse Lentz
Director: John Newland

91 :03x30 - Blood Flower

A political theorist sniffs a rare flower and is turned into a fiery revolutionary.
Guest Stars: Larry Gates as Gavin Carroll | Eugene Iglesias as Simon Alcazar | Penny Santon as Senora Madera | Marya Stevens as Senorita Cavallera | David Garcia as Alfredo
Director: John Newland

92 :03x31 - The Sorcerer

An army officer is found not guilty of a murder that he insists he committed.
Guest Stars: Christopher Lee as Wilhelm Reitlinger | Gabriella Licudi as Elsa Bruck | Martin Benson (1) as Klaus Karnack | Frederick Jaeger as Johann | Joseph F├╝rst as Judge | George Pravda as Psychiatrist | Peter Swanwick as Landlord
Director: John Newland
Writer: Derry Quinn

93 :03x32 - The Villa

A girl under hypnosis has a vision which causes her to become hysterical.
Guest Stars: Michael Crawford as Tony Hudson | David Horne (1) as Richard Hudson | Elizabeth Sellars as Mary Low | Geoffrey Toone as Jim Low | Robert Rietty as Bertollini | Kenneth Cope as Lionel | Gertan Klauber as Porter | Marla Landi as Stella
Director: John Newland

94 :03x33 - Midnight

An aspiring writer meets a femme fatale each night at precisely midnight. She soon leads him into a life of crime.
Guest Stars: Herbert Patterson as Ralph Terrance | Gloria Saunders as Lilith

95 :03x34 - The Tiger

A stringent governess disciplines her charge by destroying her toys. Then the child starts cultivating an imaginary tiger.
Guest Stars: Pamela Brown as Miss Plum | Patsy Smart as Ethel | Elspeth March as Mrs. Murphy | Edward Underdown as Hayes | Pauline Challoner as Pamela
Director: John Newland

96 :03x35 - Nightmare

Much to the dismay of his fiancee, artist Paul Roland keeps painting the image of a woman from his nightmares.
Guest Stars: Jean Cadell as Claire | Peter Wyngarde as Paul Roland | Ferdy Mayne as Geoffrey Heathcote | Mary Peach as Jill Barrington | Ambrosine Phillpotts as Lady Diana
Director: John Newland

97 :03x36 - Eyewitness

After going into a trance a newspaperman writes a story about a volcano eruption--the day before it occurs.
Guest Stars: Rose Alba as Nora | Anton Rodgers as Mark | John Phillips as Frank | Robert Ayres as Richards | Robin Hughes as Jake | John Meillon as Henry Soames | J.G. Devlin as Leo | Howard Knight as Danny
Director: John Newland
Writer: Derry Quinn
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 1959
Ended: July 04, 1961
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