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Season 21

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3828 :21x02 - Matthew McConaughey, Eva Longoria, Bon Jovi

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Guest Stars: Matthew McConaughey as Himself | Eva Longoria as Herself

3829 :21x04 - What's the Buzz? Salma Hayek, Forest Whitaker and John Legend

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Guest Stars: Salma Hayek as Herself | Forest Whitaker as Himself | John Legend as Himself

3831 :21x06 - Janet Jackson

How did she really drop 60 pounds? Plus, Janet talks about the SuperBowl scandal for the first—and last time. And, the love of her life! Talk about this show.
Guest Stars: Janet Jackson as Herself

3832 :21x07 - Oprah & Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 2

Two best friends on the ride of their lives--11 days and 3,600 miles from California to New York. Are you ready for a road trip? Share your road trip experiences with other travelers or start planning a big adventure of your own!

3833 :21x08 - The Day Your World Falls Apart: Elizabeth Edwards

They looked picture perfect—hand-in-hand every night on the news. Now, what you haven't heard about the day their world fell apart. Elizabeth Edwards and her husband, Senator John Edwards, on their heartbreaking loss and how she handled her breast cancer. Join this discussion.
Guest Stars: John Edwards (1) as Himself

3834 :21x09 - What Pedophiles Don't Want You To Know

The undercover sting that literally catches men with their pants down. Why Oprah is a big fan of this Dateline investigative reporter. Then, married 10 years, one man looked like the perfect father—until the FBI called. A crucial warning for all parents. Share your thoughts and join this discussion.

3835 :21x10 - Annette Bening, Morgan Freeman

Three-time Oscar® nominee Annette Bening discusses her favorite role, and her secrets to being a movie star mom…and Warren Beatty's wife. Plus, he has never set foot on Oprah's stage. Morgan Freeman is finally here, and he says how he heats things up in the kitchen! Talk about this show.
Guest Stars: Annette Bening as Herself | Morgan Freeman as Himself

3836 :21x11 - Wives Confess They Are Gay

Women who all share the same secret. A look inside the hidden lives of gay wives. Plus, an unexpected confession.

3837 :21x12 - Oprah & Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 3

Every Tuesday millions are hooked…now, the Big Adventure continues. First, a sneaky surprise. Then, how do you spell fun in Wichita? And, the dudes who lassoed their hearts are here—straight from the wild west.

3838 :21x13 - Back From The Brink Of Suicide

What made a devoted wife and mother jump off a bridge? Why did a 16-year-old lay down in front of a speeding freight train? How could a high-school student put a gun to his head? They tried to kill themselves…and lived. Now, what they desperately want you to know.

3839 :21x14 - Great Women On Getting Older

Susan Sarandon, Diahann Carroll, Geena Davis, Diane Sawyer and Sela Ward are coming forward to reveal the brutal truth. It's already happening to them…now hear what they want you to know before it happens to you. What is it? Find out before it's too late!
Guest Stars: Sela Ward as Herself | Diane Sawyer as Herself | Susan Sarandon as Herself | Diahann Carroll as Herself | Geena Davis as Herself

3840 :21x15 - Truth In America -- The Darfur Crisis

Oprah wants to hear from you! What is the truth? Are we getting the whole story—and do you really want to hear it? An eye-opening hour.

3841 :21x16 - Dr. Oz Answers Your Most Embarrassing Questions

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Lisa Masterson answer some of your most embarrassing health questions.
Guest Stars: Mehmet Oz as Himself

3842 :21x17 - Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 4

Weddings are crashed and the newlyweds are here! Then, somewhere on the grounds of Graceland, a secret room exists that no Elvis fan has ever seen before…until now. Plus, in 30 years, Oprah & Gayle have never had a fight like this! Join the discussion.

3843 :21x18 - Lisa Ling Takes A Rare Trip Inside North Korea

Cameras capture the raw, graphic life of a young woman in trouble. She has a great husband, wonderful job, but deep down it is a front. The dramatic intervention…did she quit? Then, how can a mother be afraid to touch her own children? Share your story and find support.
Guest Stars: Lisa Ling as Herself

3844 :21x19 - Truth In America

An Oprah show special…what is the truth? 9/11, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, media reports…are we getting the whole story? Do you really want to hear it? A controversial hour. Share your thoughts and join in the discussion.

3845 :21x20 - Bono's Red Campaign

It's a world-wide, life-changing event that is starting right here. Big stars, big surprises…are you “red”-y? The world will change and you can be a part of it. Talk about this show.
Guest Stars: Bono as Himself

3846 :21x21 - Jennifer Aniston's New Passion

The rumors, and the first time she's talking about her new love. Then, the daughter of legendary director Ron Howard! Hollywood's going to the girls.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Aniston as Herself | Bryce Dallas Howard as Herself | Carol Leifer as Herself

3847 :21x22 - Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 5

They are in the home stretch now! But, not so fast...they have a run in with the law. And, sheer terror in the last two minutes! Then, one unsuspecting woman gets the souvenir of a lifetime. Don't miss this show…it all ends here!

3848 :21x23 - Barack Obama On the Tough Questions

Senator Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle! The stories you haven't heard! Plus, the tough questions we all want answers to. And, is he or isn’t he running for President?
Guest Stars: Barack Obama as Himself

3849 :21x24 - The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children

Cameras capture the raw, graphic life of a young woman in trouble. She has a great husband, wonderful job, but deep down it is a front. The dramatic intervention…did she quit? Then, how can a mother be afraid to touch her own children?

3850 :21x25 - Childhood Interupted

Over 1 million children, right here in America living a life that is way beyond their years. What is costing kids their childhood? Why so many families are depending on the kids to be the parents. What you need to know.

3851 :21x26 - Moms Around The World

From South Africa to north Alaska, moms you have to meet. Plus, what country was named one the best places in the world to raise a family?

3852 :21x27 - Suddenly Skinny

They thought weight loss surgery was the answer. Instead, they went from fat—to thin—to rock bottom. The risky side of weight loss surgery you don't know.

3853 :21x28 - Madonna & The Dixie Chicks Speak Out

For the first time on television, Madonna speaks out on how she found her adopted baby, what his biological father told her…what really happened. Plus, the Dixie Chicks talk back.
Guest Stars: Madonna as Herself | The Dixie Chicks as Themselves

3854 :21x29 - NBA Legend Magic Johnson On AIDS in America

Basketball legend Magic Johnson 15 years after the announcement…what he wants to say now. Then, they are the new voices of AIDS in America.
Guest Stars: Magic Johnson as Himself

3855 :21x30 - Oprah's Town Hall with Bill O'Reilly

Our show on The Truth In America struck a nerve. A conversation too big for one hour as Oprah’s town hall continues with more opinions from viewers just like you. And, best-selling author Bill O'Reilly is here.
Guest Stars: Bill O'Reilly as Himself

3856 :21x31 - Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever!

Oprah has never done this before! Don't miss her favorite giveaway…ever! Then, a love story that will bring you to tears.

3857 :21x32 - Denzel Washington

Even two Oscars® and over 30 films could not prepare Denzel Washington for this! We got him good! Denzel Washington like you have never seen him.

3858 :21x33 - The Best Pizza In America

She conquered the cake and now Gayle King is on a quest for the best pizza in America! Then, Nate is back with seven secrets to make your house a home that are fast, easy and perfectly priced! And, after 21 years, Oprah reveals her painful secret. Can she be helped?

3859 :21x34 - The Dr. Oz Diet

Don’t spend another winter fat—Dr. Oz has a new weight loss plan for you! You can shrink your waist and drop a dress size in only 10 days! See how this mom lost 25 pounds and became healthier. Plus, four foods that will crush cravings. And, the one number you need to know.
Guest Stars: Mehmet Oz as Himself

3860 :21x35 - Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby

At 15 years old, she was the all-American girl. Now, she is in prison for what she did to her baby. Jessica Coleman talks about the pregnancy she hid from her mother, the day she delivered her son, and why she did what she did. It is a show no parent or teenager should miss.
Guest Stars: Jessica Coleman (1) as Herself

3861 :21x36 - Kirstie Alley's Bikini Reveal

A television event one year in the making…Kirstie Alley keeps her promise and reveals it all in a bikini! Plus, Bernadette's wildest dream came true. Now, the inspiring update.
Guest Stars: Kirstie Alley as Herself

3862 :21x37 - Dreams Come True With Emilio Estevez & Lindsay Lohan

It’s dream day! A guest backstage has no idea about the surprise our staff stopped at nothing to pull off. Then, Emilio Estevez’s dream finally comes true! Plus, a supermodel who made history by dreaming big. And, Lindsay Lohan's first visit!
Guest Stars: Emilio Estevez as Himself | Lindsay Lohan as Herself

3863 :21x38 - Confronting the Attacker

A mother of five is about to do one of the bravest things she’s ever done. Watch as she goes behind bars to confront the man who murdered her father. Face-to-face for the first time and nothing is off limits. Then, what this guest has to say to the man that killed her mother.

3864 :21x39 - Oprah's High School Challenge

Oprah didn’t believe it would work until she saw it with her own eyes. She’s not kidding when she says this could change the world! Go inside a daring experiment as 64 teens are transformed through confrontation, heartache, confession and even forgiveness. It is a show that you and your family cannot miss.

3865 :21x40 - Headline Making Survivors

One woman was nine months pregnant when she was brutally attacked by a woman trying to steal her unborn baby! Her dramatic escape. Plus, more amazing stories of survival.

3866 :21x41 - The Secret Language Of Babies

One woman says she's unlocked the secret language of babies! Then, meet the first real-life bionic woman, and a teen who can see without eyes.
Guest Stars: Ben Underwood as Himself | Aqua Underwood as Herself

3867 :21x42 - Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression

It began as an innocent game of hide-and-seek. Then, it turned deadly. An exclusive, Oprah goes inside a maximum-security prison. One-on-one with the suburban banker who murdered his own children and why his wife forgives him.

3868 :21x43 - Inside the $75 Million House

Go inside a $75 million house! What does that look like? See the home theater, the bowling alley, the two spas and the jewelry store. Then, what happens inside the womb of an elephant? Also, Grammy winner John Mayer takes the stage.
Guest Stars: John Mayer as Himself

3869 :21x44 - Dream Jobs: Behind the Scenes with Oprah at Work

Dream jobs revealed! What is Oprah’s job really like? You’d be surprised! Cameras go behind the scenes with Oprah. What you don’t see on the air. Then, the legendary Annie Leibovitz allows us inside her private life and her spectacular country estate. Plus, Simon Cowell’s new find. She's only 12 and just landed her million-dollar dream job!
Guest Stars: Annie Leibovitz as Herself

3870 :21x45 - On Location: Oprah on the Set of "Grey's Anatomy"

On location in Los Angeles from the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Oprah, McDreamy, Meredith…and the entire cast of the mega-hit show! Also, we’re throwing the ultimate fan parties across the country with Gayle King in Seattle, Nate Berkus in Chicago and Lisa Ling in New York.

3871 :21x46 - Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, & Eddie Murphy

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Guest Stars: Beyoncé Knowles as Herself | Jamie Foxx as Himself | Eddie Murphy as Himself

3874 :21x49 - Jay Leno Introduces Us to Amazing Kids

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Guest Stars: Jay Leno as Himself

3889 :21x64 - Miracle in Missouri

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3894 :21x69 - Good News!

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3895 :21x70 - Fascinating Families

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3897 :21x72 - Would You Survive?

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3898 :21x73 - How'd They Do That?

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3903 :21x78 - The Secret

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3906 :21x81 - Ask Dr. Oz

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3908 :21x83 - Do You Believe?

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3914 :21x89 - Oscar Legends

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3919 :21x94 - Moms Who Can't Say No

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3921 :21x96 - Good News

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3924 :21x99 - Planet Earth

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3927 :21x102 - Real-life Heroes

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3928 :21x103 - The Face of Autism

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3932 :21x107 - How Happy Are You?

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3942 :21x117 - Loving Our Dogs

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3943 :21x118 - Ask Dr. Oz

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3950 :21x125 - The Best!

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3952 :21x127 - Cheers to You!

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3960 :21x135 - Ask Dr. Oz

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Genre: Celebrities | Interview | Lifestyle
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1986
Ended: May 25, 2011
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