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 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
4146 23x01 08/Sep/2008 Welcome Home Team USA's Olympic Stars! N/A
4147 23x02 09/Sep/2008 The Most Talented Girl in the World N/A
4148 23x03 10/Sep/2008 Elizabeth Smart, John Ramsey: The Stories That Captured the Nation N/A
4149 23x04 11/Sep/2008 Why Men Cheat N/A
4150 23x05 12/Sep/2008 Tatum O'Neal Speaks Out About Her Drug Bust N/A
4151 23x06 15/Sep/2008 Internet Predators: How Bad Is It? N/A
4152 23x07 16/Sep/2008 Dr. Oz - The Woman With the 140-Pound Tumor N/A
4153 23x08 17/Sep/2008 How Gwyneth Paltrow Got That Body! Plus Chef Mario Batali N/A
4154 23x09 18/Sep/2008 How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat, Part 2 N/A
4155 23x10 19/Sep/2008 The Girl with "The Voice" and Celine Sing Their Dream Duet, Plus Ty Pennington and OBC N/A
4156 23x11 22/Sep/2008 Princess Fannie Moves Back Home N/A
4157 23x12 23/Sep/2008 Recession-Proof Your Family With Suze Orman N/A
4158 23x13 24/Sep/2008 Actress Jenny McCarthy; Warrior Moms N/A
4159 23x14 25/Sep/2008 The Tiniest Dog in the World N/A
4160 23x15 26/Sep/2008 Friday Live with Ali, Mark and Gayle N/A
4161 23x16 29/Sep/2008 Oprah Talks to an Entire Family Addicted to Heroin N/A
4162 23x17 30/Sep/2008 Christina Applegate: Why She Had a Double Mastectomy N/A
4163 23x18 01/Oct/2008 An Overwhelmed Mom's Deadly Mistake N/A
4164 23x19 02/Oct/2008 Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys: "The Secret Life of Bees" Cast N/A
4165 23x20 03/Oct/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Suze Orman, Dr. Maya Angelou N/A
4166 23x21 06/Oct/2008 Forgiving the Son Who Killed My Family N/A
4167 23x22 07/Oct/2008 Dr. Oz Reports: Hair Transplants, Heart Attacks and Other Burning Questions N/A
4168 23x23 08/Oct/2008 The Thriftiest Family in America N/A
4169 23x24 09/Oct/2008 How to Handle Life's Stickiest Situations N/A
4170 23x25 10/Oct/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Chris Rock, Ben Stiller N/A
4171 23x26 13/Oct/2008 Can You Afford That? With Suze Orman N/A
4172 23x27 14/Oct/2008 Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat N/A
4173 23x28 15/Oct/2008 Are You Rude? Take the Test! N/A
4174 23x29 16/Oct/2008 Women Who Changed the World N/A
4175 23x30 17/Oct/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Halle Berry, Frugal Teens, Luke Russert N/A
4176 23x31 20/Oct/2008 Exclusive: Wrongfully Accused of Murdering His Parents – A Son Is Set Free N/A
4177 23x32 21/Oct/2008 Dr. Oz: What Really Happens to Your Brain During a Stroke N/A
4178 23x33 22/Oct/2008 The Best Money Lessons You Can Teach Your Child N/A
4179 23x34 23/Oct/2008 Young Millionaire Moguls: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen N/A
4180 23x35 24/Oct/2008 Oprah's Favorite New Gadget N/A
4181 23x36 27/Oct/2008 How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers N/A
4182 23x37 28/Oct/2008 Miracle Children With Celine Dion N/A
4183 23x38 29/Oct/2008 Former Olympian Marion Jones: Life Since Prison N/A
4184 23x39 30/Oct/2008 Weight-Loss Secrets of the Biggest Losers N/A
4185 23x40 31/Oct/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Andrea Bocelli and Music Legend David Foster N/A
4186 23x41 03/Nov/2008 Behind Closed Doors: Sex Therapy N/A
4187 23x42 04/Nov/2008 Oprah's Voting Party N/A
4188 23x43 05/Nov/2008 Oprah's Post-Election Special N/A
4189 23x44 06/Nov/2008 Will Smith and Tina Fey N/A
4190 23x45 07/Nov/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) George Stephanopoulos N/A
4191 23x46 10/Nov/2008 Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman N/A
4192 23x47 11/Nov/2008 Dr. Oz Reports: The Science of Beauty N/A
4193 23x48 12/Nov/2008 Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour N/A
4194 23x49 13/Nov/2008 Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce N/A
4195 23x50 14/Nov/2008 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Melissa Etheridge N/A
4196 23x51 17/Nov/2008 Oprah's Search for the World's Smartest and Most Talented Kids N/A
4197 23x52 18/Nov/2008 Dr. Oz Investigates Medical Mysteries N/A
4198 23x53 19/Nov/2008 Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett N/A
4199 23x54 20/Nov/2008 Beauty Secrets from Around the World N/A
4200 23x55 21/Nov/2008 Sex Therapy 2: Fears, Fantasies, Faking It N/A
4201 23x56 24/Nov/2008 Nate Makes a Mother's Wish Come True N/A
4202 23x57 25/Nov/2008 Ageless Living with Dr. Oz: Secrets of the Blue Zones N/A
4203 23x58 26/Nov/2008 How to Have the Thriftiest Holiday Ever! N/A
4204 23x59 05/Jan/2009 Best Life Week: Falling Off the Wagon N/A
4205 23x60 06/Jan/2009 Best Life Week: Dr. Oz and the Ultimate Checklist N/A
4206 23x61 07/Jan/2009 Best Life Week: Finding Your Spiritual Path N/A
4207 23x62 08/Jan/2009 Best Life Week: Your Money Plan 2009 N/A
4208 23x63 09/Jan/2009 Best Life Week: Relationships, Intimacy and Sex N/A
4209 23x64 12/Jan/2009 Falling Off the Wagon Follow-Up N/A
4210 23x65 13/Jan/2009 Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Movies Oprah Loves N/A
4211 23x66 14/Jan/2009 When Life Breaks You Open N/A
4212 23x67 15/Jan/2009 The Great Debate: Should You Replace Your Hormones? N/A
4213 23x68 16/Jan/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Denis Leary N/A
4214 23x69 19/Jan/2009 Oprah in Washington, D.C.: The Inaugural Celebration N/A
4215 23x70 21/Jan/2009 On Location: Oprah's Post-Inauguration Special N/A
4216 23x71 22/Jan/2009 Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce? N/A
4217 23x72 23/Jan/2009 Oprah Fridays (Live) — Follow-ups N/A
4218 23x73 26/Jan/2009 Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention N/A
4219 23x74 27/Jan/2009 Dr. Oz Reports: Why America’s Kids Are Fat N/A
4220 23x75 28/Jan/2009 Evangelist Ted Haggard, His Wife and the Gay Sex Scandal N/A
4221 23x76 29/Jan/2009 Suzanne Somers: The Bioidentical Hormone Follow-Up N/A
4222 23x77 04/Feb/2009 The Octuplet Controversy: Dr. Oz Weighs In N/A
4223 23x77 20/Feb/2009 Oprah Fridays Live: Gearing Up for the Oscars® N/A
4224 23x78 23/Feb/2009 Oprah’s After-Oscar Party 2009 N/A
4225 23x80 25/Feb/2009 Tent Cities in America: A Lisa Ling Special Report N/A
4226 23x81 26/Feb/2009 Oprah on Location at Walter Reed Army Medical Center N/A
4227 23x82 27/Feb/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Jennifer Hudson and Steve Harvey N/A
4228 23x83 02/Mar/2009 Oprah’s "What Can You Live Without?" Experiment N/A
4229 23x84 03/Mar/2009 The Little Girl Found Living Like an Animal N/A
4230 23x85 04/Mar/2009 Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce? N/A
4231 23x86 05/Mar/2009 Inside the Polygamist Compound and the Heroin Family (Exclusive Updates) N/A
4232 23x87 06/Mar/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Tyler Perry N/A
4233 23x88 09/Mar/2009 Ruby, Little People Just Married: The New Stars of Reality TV N/A
4234 23x89 10/Mar/2009 Medical Mistakes: Dr. Oz Talks to Actor Dennis Quaid N/A
4235 23x90 11/Mar/2009 Celebrity Chefs Move In with Viewer Families N/A
4236 23x91 12/Mar/2009 A Special Report: Tyra Banks and Dating Violence N/A
4237 23x92 13/Mar/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Jimmy Fallon and Facebook N/A
4238 23x93 16/Mar/2009 Inside American Idol, the Queen's Palace and Valentino's Empire N/A
4239 23x94 17/Mar/2009 Dr. Oz: After the Diagnosis with Montel Williams N/A
4240 23x95 18/Mar/2009 Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour: Atlanta N/A
4241 23x96 19/Mar/2009 Oprah Talks to Men Who've Beaten Women N/A
4242 23x97 20/Mar/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Kelly Clarkson N/A
4243 23x98 23/Mar/2009 Best-Selling Love Expert Steve Harvey and 300 Women N/A
4244 23x99 24/Mar/2009 Dr. Oz: Extreme Life Extension N/A
4245 23x100 25/Mar/2009 Women Leaving Men for Other Women N/A
4246 23x101 26/Mar/2009 The 900-Pound Mom N/A
4247 23x102 27/Mar/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Justin Timberlake N/A
4248 23x103 30/Mar/2009 Exclusive: Oprah Goes Inside the Yearning for Zion Polygamist Ranch N/A
4249 23x104 31/Mar/2009 Dr. Oz and Michael J. Fox N/A
4250 23x105 01/Apr/2009 Losing Weight in the Public Eye with Star Jones, Valerie Bertinelli and Marie Osmond N/A
4251 23x106 02/Apr/2009 Recession Rescue with Suze Orman N/A
4252 23x107 03/Apr/2009 Sex: Women Reveal What They Really Want N/A
4253 23x108 06/Apr/2009 Secret Lives of Moms N/A
4254 23x109 08/Apr/2009 Recession-Proof Your Marriage N/A
4255 23x110 09/Apr/2009 How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex with Dr. Laura Berman N/A
4256 23x111 10/Apr/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with James Taylor N/A
4257 23x112 13/Apr/2009 Unconventional, Unforgettable Dads N/A
4258 23x113 14/Apr/2009 Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland: Stars of Country Music N/A
4259 23x114 15/Apr/2009 Lured at 13: Held Captive As a Sex Slave N/A
4260 23x115 16/Apr/2009 14 Years Old: They Say They’re Ready to Have Sex N/A
4261 23x116 17/Apr/2009 Oprah Twitters with Ashton Kutcher N/A
4262 23x117 20/Apr/2009 Released from Prison: A Mom of 3 Goes Home N/A
4263 23x118 21/Apr/2009 Ted Haggard and Memorable Guests N/A
4264 23x119 22/Apr/2009 Earth Day 2009: Go Green, Save Money N/A
4265 23x120 23/Apr/2009 Where Are They Now? Tonya Harding, Lorena Bobbitt and 90s Newsmakers N/A
4266 23x121 24/Apr/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Cameron Diaz N/A
4267 23x122 27/Apr/2009 Nate's "How to Save You Big Cash" Makeovers N/A
4268 23x123 28/Apr/2009 Dr. Oz Investigates: Flesh-Eating Bacteria N/A
4269 23x124 29/Apr/2009 Inside the Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel N/A
4270 23x125 30/Apr/2009 Why Kirstie Alley Fell Off the Wagon N/A
4271 23x126 01/May/2009 Oprah Fridays Live with Hugh Jackman N/A
4272 23x127 04/May/2009 Exclusive: The McCanns and the New Search for Madeleine N/A
4273 23x128 05/May/2009 Brand New Harpo Hookups N/A
4274 23x129 06/May/2009 Bullied to Death: Two Devastated Moms Speak Out N/A
4275 23x130 07/May/2009 Exclusive: Elizabeth Edwards' First Interview N/A
4276 23x131 08/May/2009 Oprah Fridays Live: Summer BBQ Party and Music Phenom Seal N/A
4277 23x132 11/May/2009 The World’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell N/A
4278 23x133 12/May/2009 Embarrassing Questions, Lifesaving Updates: The Best of Dr. Oz N/A
4279 23x134 13/May/2009 Oprah’s Comedy Hour: Dane Cook, Mo’Nique and George Lopez N/A
4280 23x135 14/May/2009 Released from Prison After Killing Her Father N/A
4281 23x136 15/May/2009 Amazing Animals N/A
4282 23x137 18/May/2009 Finale: Oprah's Search for the World's Most Talented Kids N/A
4283 23x138 19/May/2009 An Oprah/People Magazine Exclusive: Heroes in Hard Times N/A
4282 23x139 20/May/2009 Oprah's "What Can You Live Without?" Experiment, Part 2 N/A
4283 23x140 21/May/2009 Where the Skype Are You? N/A
4284 23x141 22/May/2009 The Taboo Topic: What Social Class Are You Now? 8.5

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