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 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
4285 24x01 03/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Jaw-Dropping Performances
4286 24x02 04/Sep/2009 Oprah's All Time Favorite Recipes
4287 24x03 09/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Best Viewer Surprises
4288 24x04 10/Sep/2009 Oprah's Season 24 Kick-Off Party
4289 24x05 11/Sep/2009 Exclusive Summer Headlines: Lisa Ling, the Man Called 'Father Oprah,' ESPN's Erin Andrews
4290 24x06 14/Sep/2009 Best Of Oprah: Oprah's Season 24 Kick-Off Party
4291 24x07 15/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Whitney Houston's Show Stopping Surprise
4292 24x08 16/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah Remembers Michael Jackson
4293 24x09 17/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Dr. Phil Returns to the Oprah Show for My Father Is a Serial Killer
4294 24x10 18/Sep/2009 Oprah Fridays---LIVE From New York: Regis & Kelly, Mariah Carey, OBC Selection
4295 24x11 21/Sep/2009 Best Of Oprah: Oprah Goes Back in Time: The '60s
4296 24x12 22/Sep/2009 Best Of Oprah: Weeks Before Her Sudden Death: Oprah And The Mermaid Girl
4297 24x13 23/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Former Child Star Mackenzie Phillips' Stunning Revelations
4298 24x14 24/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Icon Jay-Z and Living Legend Barbra Streisand
4299 24x15 25/Sep/2009 Oprah Fridays: LIVE Jay Leno, Harry Connick Jr.
4300 24x16 28/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Meet the Most Famous People in the World
4301 24x17 29/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Dr. Oz Reports: Prescription Pill Intervention
4302 24x18 30/Sep/2009 Best of Oprah: Girl Talk About "Good" Hair With Chris Rock
4303 24x19 01/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: You'll Never Give Up on a Dream After Seeing This Woman
4304 24x20 02/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Fascinating Families
4305 24x21 05/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Don't Stop Believing!
4306 24x22 06/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: The 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic
4307 24x23 07/Oct/2009 Best Of Oprah: Exclusive – Inside The Home Of The Florida Massacre
4308 24x24 08/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Hoaders: A Family's Secret Life Exposed
4309 24x25 09/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah Fridays: LIVE: Chris Rock and Michael Buble
4310 24x26 12/Oct/2009 Oprah Talks to Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson
4311 24x27 13/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: After 18 Years Jaycee Comes Home: The Latest
4312 24x28 14/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Singing Sensation Taylor Swift Makes Dreams Come True
4313 24x29 15/Oct/2009 Shattering the Secrecy of Incest: Mackenzie Phillips' Follow-Up
4314 24x30 16/Oct/2009 Oprah Fridays: LIVE: Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield Face-to-Fac
4315 24x31 19/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Nate Takes Over for a Stay-at-Home Mom!
4316 24x32 21/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah on Location: The Happiest People on Earth
4317 24x33 22/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Favorite New Jeans and the Rest of the Best
4318 24x34 23/Oct/2009 Oprah Fridays – LIVE: Wanda Sykes
4319 24x35 26/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah---Oprah and Gayle's New Adventure: The Biggest State Fair in America
4320 24x36 27/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: The Diane Schuler Story...Was She Driving Drunk?
4321 24x37 28/Oct/2009 Million Dollar Winners and 'This Is It'
4322 24x38 29/Oct/2009 Best of Oprah: The Biggest Stars of Reality TV
4323 24x39 30/Oct/2009 Oprah Fridays--- LIVE: Patrick Swayze's Widow Lisa Niemi: Her First Interview
4324 24x40 02/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Shoe, Handbag and Accessory Intervention, With Bra Updates
4325 24x41 03/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah Anchors the 5 O'Clock News: Celebs Go Back to Their First Jobs
4326 24x42 04/Nov/2009 Oprah's "Step Out of Your Box" Challenge With Ali and Oscar Winner Hilary Swank
4327 24x43 05/Nov/2009 Oprah's Karaoke Challenge: Round 1: LIVE
4328 24x44 06/Nov/2009 Oprah Fridays: LIVE: Mo'Nique, Anderson Cooper, Karaoke Results
4329 24x45 09/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: An Oprah Exclusive Event: Ellen DeGeneres and Her Wife, Portia De Rossi
4330 24x46 10/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Death Row Exclusive: Confronting the Killer
4331 24x47 11/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah---Exclusive Interviews: The Woman Attacked by the Chimpanzee & the Heroes of Fort Hood
4332 24x48 12/Nov/2009 Oprah's Karaoke Challenge: The Finals LIVE
4333 24x49 13/Nov/2009 Oprah Fridays: Karaoke Winner, Stars of Twilight & Robin Givens
4334 24x50 16/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah and Sarah Palin Meet for the First Time
4335 24x51 17/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah---Why Millions of Women Are Using Porn and Erotica: Lisa Ling Reports
4336 24x52 18/Nov/2009 Best Of Oprah: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz – The Cast Of 'Nine'
4337 24x53 19/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah! Make Over My Man!
4338 24x54 20/Nov/2009 Oprah Fridays LIVE: America's Favorite Husband: Ray Romano Returns to TV
4339 24x55 23/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Inside Sex Addiction Rehab
4340 24x56 24/Nov/2009 Oprah & People Magazine Salute Headline-Making Heroes of 2009
4341 24x57 25/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Remembering Ted Kennedy: "Vicki" Kennedy's First TV Interview
4342 24x58 30/Nov/2009 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Holiday Music Extravaganza
4343 24x59 01/Dec/2009 George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Demi Moore and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton
4344 24x60 11/Dec/2009 Preview of Oprah's Primetime Special 'Christmas at the White House' & Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'
4345 24x61 08/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah---Ultimate Betrayal: How She Discovered Her Dead Husband's Mistresses
4346 24x62 11/Jan/2010 A Family 'Stripped' Down: Life Organizational Expert Peter Walsh Moves In
4347 24x63 12/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: From 52, Feeling Frumpy to Fabulous! 'Look Great at Every Age' Makeovers
4348 24x64 13/Jan/2010 Marriage Around the World (LIVE)
4349 24x65 14/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: Nate Teams Up With the Millionaire Matchmaker
4350 24x66 15/Jan/2010 Avatar's Billion Dollar Man, James Cameron; and Lady Gaga: Oprah Fridays (LIVE)
4351 24x67 18/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah---This Show Could Save Your Life: America's New Deadly Obsession
4352 24x68 19/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: 'Big Breaks' With Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle
4353 24x69 20/Jan/2010 Just Back From Haiti: Wyclef Jean's Devastating Eyewitness Account
4354 24x70 21/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: Intervention: The Man Eating Himself to Death
4355 24x71 22/Jan/2010 Sarah Palin and Her Daughter Bristol: Oprah Fridays LIVE
4356 24x72 25/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: Rosie O'Donnell: Life After the Breakup and Her New Love
4357 24x73 26/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: Actress Denise Richards and Mrs. Ted Haggard: Surviving a Public Scandal
4358 24x74 27/Jan/2010 Best of Oprah: Before You Grocery Shop Again--- Food 101, With Michael Pollan
4359 24x75 28/Jan/2010 Jay Leno: The Tonight Show Fiasco
4360 24x76 29/Jan/2010 Happy Birthday Oprah! Fridays LIVE
4361 24x77 01/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Undercover Boss
4362 24x78 02/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: The Children of Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Speak Out
4363 24x79 03/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah---Stars of Reality TV: Fantasia's Comeback and Ruby's Revelations
4364 24x80 04/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah---America's Silent Killer: Oprah and Dr. Oz Want to Save Your Life
4365 24x81 05/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Music Superstar Pink: Oprah Fridays
4366 24x82 08/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: A Special Report: Oprah & a No Holds Barred Conversation With Child Molesters
4367 24x83 09/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Lisa Ling Goes Inside the Secret World of a Modern Geisha & a Real-Life Nunnery
4368 24x84 10/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Celine Dion's Show-Stopping Surprise
4369 24x85 11/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: The High School Quarterback Who Became a Lesbian
4370 24x86 12/Feb/2010 Happy Valentine's Day: Oprah Fridays LIVE
4371 24x87 15/Feb/2010 Raped By His Mother: A Victim Comes Forward
4372 24x88 16/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Make-Unders: How'd You Get That Way?
4373 24x89 17/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Sister & Mass Murderer Jim Jones' Son Speak Out
4374 24x90 18/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Reunited After 42 Years: A Mother's Desperate Search
4375 24x91 19/Feb/2010 Matt Lauer, Oscar-Nominated Director Lee Daniels, Lady Antebellum: Oprah Friday's LIVE
4376 24x92 22/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: That's Incredible!
4377 24x93 23/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: From College Student to Convicted Killer: The Family of Amanda Knox Speaks Out
4378 24x94 24/Feb/2010 Best of Oprah: Sex, Lies, Scandal: Former Aide to John Edwards Andrew Young & His Wife, Cheri
4379 24x95 25/Feb/2010 Best of Oprha---Kirstie Alley: Inside Her Big, Big Life
4380 24x96 26/Feb/2010 Oprah's Wowie-Kazowie Auction, Plus Jimmy Fallon: Oprah Fridays LIVE
4381 24x97 01/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: Jerry Seinfeld: The Marriage Ref
4382 24x98 02/Mar/2010 Roger Ebert Speaks for the First Time: Oprah's Pre-Oscar Special
4383 24x99 03/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: Beauty Around the World With Jessica Simpson
4384 24x100 04/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: 43 Hours Lost At Sea: The Sole Survivor
4385 24x101 05/Mar/2010 Diane Sawyer's New Network Gig & Alicia Keys---Oprah Fridays
4386 24x102 08/Mar/2010 From the Kodak Theater: Oprah's Annual After-Oscar Party 2010
4387 24x103 09/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: Celebs Dig Up Their Family Secrets
4388 24x104 26/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: American Idol's Ryan Seacrest & Super Chef Jamie Oliver Team Up
4389 24x105 29/Mar/2010 Best of Oprah: Legendary Sex Symbol Raquel Welch on Aging Brilliantly
4390 24x106 02/Apr/2010 Janet Jackson & Tyler Perry
4391 24x107 05/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Humdinger Follow-Ups: What Happened After She Lost 175 Pounds?
4392 24x108 06/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Funny People: Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Betty White, Tracy Morgan
4393 24x109 07/Apr/2010 TV's Most Talked About Show: The Cast of 'Glee'
4394 24x110 08/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah---In The Bedroom: Sex Therapy With Dr. Laura Berman
4395 24x111 09/Apr/2010 Oprah Fridays: Superstar Kenny Chesney
4396 24x112 12/Apr/2010 The Most Dangerous Child Sex Offenders in America
4397 24x113 13/Apr/2010 Superstar Mary J. Blige & Malaak Rock
4398 24x114 14/Apr/2010 Oprah's Million Dollar Announcement & Billionaire Richard Branson
4399 24x115 15/Apr/2010 'Stay Alive' Expert Gavin de Becker Unveils the New Tool to Keep You Safe
4400 24x116 16/Apr/2010 Oprah Fridays LIVE: Sir Elton John & Oscar Winner Russell Crowe
4401 24x117 19/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Exclusive: Accused of Molesting Her---Oscar Winner Mo'Nique's Brother Comes Forward
4402 24x118 20/Apr/2010 Best Of Oprah: Inside Fascinating Lives: The Controversial Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman
4403 24x119 21/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Glamorous, High-Flying, Action-Packed Dream Jobs
4404 24x120 22/Apr/2010 Oprah's Earth Day Mom Swap: An Eye-Opening Intervention
4405 24x121 23/Apr/2010 Oprah Fridays LIVE: Jordan's Queen Rania & Rock Star Melissa Etheridge
4406 24x122 26/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Celebrities Go Back to Their First Jobs
4407 24x123 27/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: A Rhodes Scholar, a Convicted Murderer: The Ultimate Twist of Fate
4408 24x124 28/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: Former Miss USA Tara Conner Comes Clean. Plus, Child Star Todd Bridges' Revelations
4409 24x125 29/Apr/2010 Best of Oprah: An Oprah Exclusive: Rielle Hunter's First Television Interview
4410 24x126 30/Apr/2010 National No Phone Zone Day
4411 24x127 03/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Supermodel Naomi Campbell: The Career, the Controversy & Her New Love
4412 24x128 04/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Her First Interview: Former First Lady Laura Bush, Plus Twins Jenna & Barbara
4413 24x129 05/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Oprah's Makeover My Man Crew: Carson Kressley & Tim Gunn Strike Again!
4414 24x130 06/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: A Tumor Covered Half Her Face & the Headline-Making Brothers Who Nearly Starved to Death
4415 24x131 07/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Oprah Fridays: From Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Christina Aguilera
4416 24x132 10/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Star-Studded Harpo Hook-Ups With Cher, Justin Timberlake, will.i.am, plus Usher
4417 24x133 11/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Search for the World's Most Talented Kids With Justin Bieber & Charice
4418 24x134 12/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Why Oprah Says She'll Never Diet Again!
4419 24x135 13/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Oprah & the Cast of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse": Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
4420 24x136 14/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Oprah Fridays: Tom Cruise Returns to the 'Oprah' Show, Plus Cameron Diaz
4421 24x137 17/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith & the Whole Family
4422 24x138 18/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Exclusive: Held Captive for 140 Days---Lisa Ling's Sister Breaks Her Silence
4423 24x139 19/May/2010 Best of Oprah: The Fight for His Life: Rocker Bret Michaels' First TV Interview & Country Star Chely Wright Comes Out
4424 24x140 20/May/2010 Best of Oprah---On Location: Oprah & Simon Cowell: The Farewell Interview
4425 24x141 21/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Oprah Fridays---$266 Million Winner & Living Legend Dolly Parton
4426 24x142 24/May/2010 Best of Oprah: Julia Roberts & the Men of "Eat, Pray, Love"
4427 24x143 25/May/2010 Best of Oprah---Oprah Says Goodbye to Nate Berkus: The Grand Finale
4428 24x144 26/May/2010 Best Of Oprah---Married at 8 Years Old in America: Child Brides Come Forward
4429 24x145 01/Jun/2010 Worldwide Exclusive: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About The Headline-Making Undercover Video
4430 24x146 12/Jul/2010 The 'Women Food and God' Phenom: Your Questions Answered!
4431 24x147 22/Jul/2010 Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford on Surviving Scandal & Safety Expert Gavin de Becker

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