Ouran High School Host Club


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I absolutely love this show ouran high school host club....i would laugh,cry and yell at my computer screen *thats how i would watch it on my computer* but once i was done i was really in a bad mood b/c i love this show and i really think tat they should show more episodes....the host club is one of my favorite animes and i only like maybe 5 lol but yea they should make more episodes and show it in america so we dont have to read the captions ..... and I know a lot of people who think the same...if we could all the people who agree with me we should all write to the people who made it to make more....because it really sucks...after u see the 26th episode u want to know what happens next and stuff.....its not right to just end the show like that i almost started to cry

Review posted on Thursday, July 3rd 2008 at 9:11 pm