Season 3

48 :03x01 - A Lesson in Loving

Marshall's defense of a high school boy accused of murdering his teacher is complicated by the fact that the youth was also her lover.
Guest Stars: Diana Muldaur as Unknown | Kristoffer Tabori as Unknown

49 :03x02 - Once a Lion

A question of compassion for an old friend versus the life of a man convicted of murder he may not have committed faces Owen Marshall in this episode. Marshall's old friend, played by Ralph Bellamy, has the reputation of being a lawyer with a flamboyant courtroom personality. He has emerged from retirement to defend a man accused of murder and loses the case. Marshall believes the man innocent and that he was convicted because his old friend bungled the defense. The only apparent way to reopen the trial is for Marshall to have the court declare the aging attorney incompetent.
Guest Stars: Ralph Bellamy as Unknown

50 :03x03 - The Pool House

Steve Knight, an 18-year-old-student, is accused of murdering his teen-aged girlfriend, Jeannie Holden. Both Steve and his mother, Evelyn claim he is innocent but Owen, a family friend who takes the case, find the evidence rather incrimination; the boy's French textbook beside her body and a note typed on the girl's stationery asking Steve to stop bothering her.

51 :03x04 - Sweet Harvest

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52 :03x05 - N is for Nightmare

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53 :03x06 - The Camerons Are a Special Clan

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Guest Stars: Micky Dolenz as Unknown

54 :03x07 - Poor Children of Eve

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56 :03x09 - Child of Wednesday

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Director: Leo Penn

58 :03x11 - The Prowler

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59 :03x12 - The Second Victim

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60 :03x13 - Etude for a Kidnapper

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61 :03x14 - House of Friends

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62 :03x15 - The Attacker

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Guest Stars: Marjorie Arnold as Cheryl | Clu Gulager as Georgie | Eunice Christopher as Phyllis Mariner

63 :03x16 - A Foreigner Among Us

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64 :03x17 - A Killer with a Badge

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Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as guest star

66 :03x19 - The Break-In

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Guest Stars: Jane Wyatt as Margaret Wilson

67 :03x20 - I've Promised You a Father (2)

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Director: Leo Penn

68 :03x21 - To Keep and Bear Arms

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69 :03x22 - The Desertion of Keith Ryder

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Special Guest Stars: Randolph Mantooth as Keith Ryder |
Guest Stars: Jane Wyman as Sophia Ryder