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Ep. #1781 - Recap

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After Chad joins Theresa and Whitney in the Piazza, Theresa soon begins to fear for Ethan’s life and soon calls him to see how he is doing, not realizing he is in bed with Gwen. After hanging up with him, Theresa walks away from Whitney and Chad, and soon meets the psychic nun. After telling her what happened, Theresa doubts that her prophecy came true, but the nun assures her it has and ultimately suggests she try to get over Ethan and move on with someone else. Heartbroken, Theresa reluctantly agrees and parts ways with the nun.

In their hotel room and unable to sleep, Ethan takes a walk to try and get Theresa out of his mind, only to run into on a nearby street. However, not knowing Ethan is nearby, Theresa begins telling herself that Ethan can never know that little Ethan is his son, causing him to ask what she said, causing her to turn around looking shocked to find Ethan behind her.

While they are talking after Theresa left, Chad and Whitney begin planning out their future when he gets a mysterious phone call and tells the person on the other end that now that he is back with Whitney, what they have together won’t change what they have.

Upon arriving on their train, Beth asks Alistair if she could call Luis to go away with them, but Alistair tells her that they can’t call anyone on their cell phones for fear of being trailed. However, not listening to the old man, Beth calls Luis and asks him if they can be together soon, and in order to trace where she is calling from and are soon found on a train leaving Rome. Noah, Fancy and Luis are soon able to get in a helicopter to track Alistair and Beth down, with Interpol setting up a block to stop their train. The helicopter soon gets over the train, only to learn that it has been targeted by a pair of missiles. Alistair soon sees the missiles aimed at the train, and voices his disbelief of Luis using missiles to stop him. The missile soon hit the train tracks in front of the train, with Luis and the others watching in horror as the train goes off the track.

Meanwhile, at the hospital in Harmony, Pilar and Katherine quickly put aside their differences to help keep Sheridan calm. Not long after Sheridan falls asleep, they tell Chris that he should go home and get some rest while they stay with her. When Chris arrives back at the cottage, Chris attempts to make a break from working for Alistair by destroying the evidence that connects him to the old man.

Back at the hospital, Sheridan begins having nightmares about Marty dying and soon has convulsions and wakes up, with her blood pressure dangerously high, crying that her son will die soon.