Ep. #1893 - Recap

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After realizing her car isn’t working, Tabitha and Endora go back in the house, determined to find a way to leave Harmony before Edna and Norma arrive. Later, as she tries to tell Kay to talk to Miguel about what she saw in the shed, Endora zaps a frog in her mother’s throat to keep her from telling Kay the truth about Fox’s plan.

While Simone, Noah, Paloma, and Fox decorate Tabitha’s house, Jessica goes home to get some lights and takes a detour to a liquor store to get some booze to drink. After she comes out of the store, she overhears the Miguel and Charity imposters talking and gets a surprise when they take off their masks.

After Fancy is taken to the hospital, Luis begs Eve to save her. While he is pacing the halls, Sheridan begrudgingly watches as he is so worried about her niece. She then goes over to Luis and an attempt to comfort him by saying it wasn’t his fault Fancy was attacked. Later, after Julian and Ivy arrive to see their daughter, Eve comes out of Fancy’s room to tell them she was raped. It is at this point that Fancy begins to flat line, leaving Luis and the others worried that she won’t survive.

Upon his return to his apartment, J.T. takes some desperate measures to get out of Harmony unnoticed. Not long after he gets in, Ethan calls him to find out where he is and recounts what happened. Meanwhile, Rebecca becomes suspicious when J.T. refuses to answer his door and when a woman comes out of his apartment; she begins to follow “her.” It is when Rebecca catches up with the “woman” that she discovers it is J.T. in drag because someone tried to kill him due to his blackmail notes.

At the Seascape, Gwen learns from Ethan about his plan to expose Jared with J.T.’s help and becomes worried Theresa will leave Jared for Ethan. After he learns of the attempt on J.T.’s life, Ethan accuses Jared of attempted murder to keep his secret from being known. Meanwhile, Theresa tells Whitney that she would rather kill J.T. to keep him from telling her secrets to Ethan.