Ep. #1897 - Recap

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Inside Fancy’s room, Luis gently coaxes Fancy into remembering her attacker. However, when she begins having flashbacks, the memories are too painful for her and starts lashing out at Luis. At this point, Luis starts comforting Fancy and she eventually apologizes for how she acted towards Luis. She then asks him to not make her remember what happened again; unaware someone is outside her room, spying on them.

At Tabitha’s, she and Endora are continuing with their pleasant visit with Norma and Edna. Things soon change when Tabitha puts the little witch down for a nap when Norma and Edna start chasing after her. As the women chase after Tabitha, she tries to wake Endora up in order to help out. Eventually, with the help of the little witch, Tabitha is able lasso Norma and Edna and ultimately sends them through a trap door to meet with the boys in the basement.

Upon everyone’s arrival at the mansion, Theresa gets the party started by toasting Chad and Whitney and then has the bad play the couple’s special song for them to dance to. After a little while, T.C. cuts in to dance with Whitney while Eve dances with Chad. Following that, the newlyweds give Theresa many thanks for the beautiful wedding and party at the mansion. Meanwhile, Miguel begins to suspect that Fox is faking being sick and voices his concerns to Noah.

As the wedding party festivities are continuing downstairs, Julian and Ivy wake up and are shocked to find they are in bed together. They soon remember what happened the night before and begin bickering. It doesn’t take long for them to hear the music downstairs and Julian storms out of his room to kick everybody out of the mansion with Ivy not far behind him. However, the couple gets a big shock when they see Chad and Whitney’s party in full swing. After seeing Julian and Ivy, Rebecca and Sam begin heckling them about moving on rather quickly.

After Julian and Ivy go back upstairs, the party continues with Whitney throwing her bouquet. When Simone catches her sister’s flowers, she attempts to give them to Paloma, but is told to keep them because she could get married one day when state laws change. It is at this point that Chad and Whitney attempt to cut their wedding cake but have a hard time in doing so. When Chad announces to Sam that he suspects that something is in the cake that is keeping him and Whitney from cutting it, everybody becomes shocked at seeing a dead body tumble out of the cake.