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Ep. #1899 - Recap

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As Miguel is going through Fox’s medical records in Eve’s office, she arrives in time to catch him in the act. Surprised at seeing Miguel in her office, she demands to know why he stole her keys and promptly threatens to call the police to have him arrested. When Miguel tells Eve that he is only trying to find out if Fox is dying, he thinks her response of “what” means that Fox was tricking him and Kay. However, Eve tells her that she cannot give a yes or no because of patient confidentiality. When she asks Miguel if being sent to jail is worth the risk of looking through Fox’s records, he promptly answers yes and finds the answers he’s looking for.

Meanwhile, Kay and Fox are at the mansion when she tells him that she knows about his secret. At first, Fox thinks that Kay knows about his plan about breaking she and Miguel up, but is relieved to hear she is talking about knowing is upcoming “death.” It is at this point when Fox tells Kay that he didn’t want to confide in her about his health problems because he didn’t want her to stay with him out of pity and promptly calls off the wedding. However, Kay tells him that she still wants to be with him because of the love they share and then they share a kiss.

In Fancy’s room, she is still reading Sheridan the riot act for trying to undermining her relationship with Luis. At this point, Luis comes in the room and asks what’s the arguing about. When Fancy tells him that she was just having another memory of the rape, Sheridan gives her a look and wonders why she didn’t tell Luis what happened. At this point, Fancy asks Luis about what’s going on downstairs and soon learns about J.T.’s body tumbling out of Chad and Whitney’s cake.

Not long after he goes back to help Sam, Sheridan asks Fancy why she didn’t tell Luis about what she’s be doing to ruin their relationship. In response, Fancy tells her that even though Luis has moved on, he still thinks highly of her and didn’t want him to think less of her, but if she continues to work against them, she will have no problem telling Luis about her actions. It is at Fancy’s response, Sheridan attempts to use a different tactic is getting her niece to call things off with Luis by saying that while he can be supportive for awhile, but eventually will change his tune about being with a woman who was raped in the past. When it appears that Fancy will think about what Sheridan is saying, she leaves her niece’s room, saying to herself that she couldn’t believe Fancy believed her story, resulting in Fancy overhearing what she said.

Upon Luis’ arrival back downstairs, he finds Ethan still hanging around, hoping to find something to share with Theresa about Jared. Luis then tells Ethan that so far there is nothing to show that Jared is a shady character and that he should leave Theresa alone since she’s an adult and can make her own decisions, whether he likes the choices she makes or not.

Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from Grace and learns that she has to stay in London for one more night due to bad weather. She then tells Sam that when she returns home she has something important to tell him that can’t be discussed on the phone. After hanging up due to a bad reception, Grace bumps into a priest and they begin talking for a little while before he goes to sit down nearby. The priest then looks in his bag at a bomb and says to himself that Grace won’t be going to Harmony to see her family again.

After finding Chad on the phone with his mystery lover, Whitney slaps him in rage and tells him that she knows she should have gone with her gut instinct to not marry him. She then goes to sunroom where Jared is proposing to Theresa to seek comfort from her best friend. When Jared learns from Whitney what happened, he leaves the room to go talk to Chad about the consequences of his actions. Once he left, Theresa apologizes for not treating Whitney’s suspicions seriously. Then, at seeing the engagement ring on Theresa’s finger, she apologizes for ruining Jared’s proposal, only to learn Theresa is hesitant to become engaged.

Upon Jared’s arrival in the kitchen, he and Chad begin talking about the situation Chad got himself into, only to have Chad reiterate how much he loves Whitney and that the thing he has with his lover is only sex. He then starts kicking himself for losing Whitney forever and that things got worse for him after J.T. fell out of his wedding cake.