Ep. #1907 - Recap

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With the wedding still on hold, Sam tells Kay to wait a few days before making a decision on what to do with Miguel and Fox. As Miguel and Fox continue to argue over who is lying, a well known doctor walks in, claiming he is Fox’s doctor and apologizing for being late to the wedding. When he confirms that Fox is indeed dying, Kay decides to marry Fox, much to Miguel’s dismay.

Upstairs, Ethan continues his tirade that Theresa should marry Jared, with Whitney and Chad telling him to drop it. After learning Theresa will be marrying Jared, Gwen tells Rebecca that Theresa will finally leave Ethan alone, because of how she and Ethan respect the institution of marriage. She and Rebecca then start discussing what could have happened to J.T.’s flash drive.

After seeing Fancy walk down the stairs in a revealing dress, Sheridan is less than thrilled at seeing Luis’s reaction. She then tries to get Fancy to go back to her room, saying that she hasn’t recovered from her rape yet, but Paloma soon shows up siding with Fancy in that getting back in the swing of things will help her recover faster. She then takes Sheridan back inside the living room while Luis whisks Fancy away for a romantic evening in the pool house. As the couple is dancing, Fancy begins to panic at hearing someone outside. Before Luis goes out to investigate, Sheridan hides in time from being caught.