Ep. #1926 - Recap

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While Chad and Whitney are enjoying their dinner, Jared shows up, looking to get some advice from Whitney on how to get Theresa back. Whitney however refuses to help him out, saying that Theresa finally has the opportunity to be with the man of her dreams and to be a family with their children. Thinking that she spilled the beans about Little Ethan, Whitney quickly covers and says that Ethan has been like a father to Theresa’s son. However, Jared refuses to back down and decides to stay in town to win Theresa back.

Meanwhile, as Theresa tries to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, they get interrupted by a phone call from Ethan’s private investigator. Upon learning Julian is blackmailing Judge Reilly to move up Luis and Miguel’s trials, he tells Theresa that he should get back to work on her brothers’ cases.

At the mansion, Fancy walks out of her room, calling out to Luis. However, instead of finding him, Paloma comes around the corner, asking what’s wrong. When Fancy confides in Paloma that she isn’t sure if she can trust Luis and that maybe she was the one who forced herself onto Luis, Paloma is able to make Fancy see that Sheridan is only trying to make her doubt her relationship with Luis. Paloma then talks Fancy into investigating who her attacker could be and they leave for police station.

It is at this point when Luis arrives at the police station to ask Sam to work on clearing himself and Miguel. At first Sam refuses to let him lead an investigation, but eventually consents, only if Luis works with a partner. At first Sam is unsure who to team Luis up with, but eventually thinks of Fancy. At hearing her name not long after walking into the station, Fancy agrees to work with Luis. As they get started working on the case, Luis and Fancy are unaware the attacker is outside, saying to himself that Fancy’s rapist is closer than Luis thinks.

As Kay and Miguel kiss at the hospital, Fox’s machines go haywire. When Julian rushes in with the nurse, he immediately starts accusing Miguel of trying to kill Fox again. After Miguel leaves the room, Julian tells Kay that he can’t be trusted claiming he’s only after the Crane money once she becomes Fox’s widow.

Meanwhile, when Miguel returns to the waiting area near Fox’s room, Charity arrives to tell Miguel that she still wants to be with him, only to find out that he is in love with Kay. She then realizes that Miguel is truly over her and tells Miguel that Kay can never find out about the kiss they shared the night before. When he agrees with Charity, they share a good-bye hug that is seen by Kay.