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Pawn Star$

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 19/Jul/2009 Boom or Bust
2 1x02 19/Jul/2009 Confederate Conundrum
3 1x03 26/Jul/2009 Sink or Sell
4 1x04 26/Jul/2009 Knights in Fake Armor?
5 1x05 02/Aug/2009 Gangsters & Guitars
6 1x06 02/Aug/2009 Damn Yankees
7 1x07 09/Aug/2009 Brothels and Busses
8 1x08 16/Aug/2009 Time Machines
9 1x09 23/Aug/2009 Rope a Dope
10 1x10 30/Aug/2009 Rick's Big Bet
11 1x11 06/Sep/2009 John Hancock's Hancock
12 1x12 13/Sep/2009 Plane Crazy
13 1x13 20/Sep/2009 Peaches & Pinups
14 1x14 27/Sep/2009 Old Man's Gamble

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
15 2x01 30/Nov/2009 Sharks and Cobras
16 2x02 30/Nov/2009 Fired Up
17 2x03 07/Dec/2009 A Shot and a Shave
18 2x04 07/Dec/2009 Old Man's Booty
19 2x05 14/Dec/2009 Steaks at Stake
20 2x06 14/Dec/2009 Hot Air Buffoon
21 2x07 21/Dec/2009 A Christmas Special
22 2x08 21/Dec/2009 Secret Santa
23 2x09 21/Dec/2009 Pawn Shop Pinot
24 2x10 27/Dec/2009 Bikes and Blades
25 2x11 27/Dec/2009 Rick's Bad Day
26 2x12 18/Jan/2010 Wheels
27 2x13 18/Jan/2010 Chum Goes AWOL
28 2x14 25/Jan/2010 Pezzed Off
29 2x15 25/Jan/2010 Shocking Chum
30 2x16 01/Feb/2010 Tattoos and Tantrums
31 2x17 01/Feb/2010 Guns and Rangers
32 2x18 08/Feb/2010 Chopper Gamble
33 2x19 08/Feb/2010 Pinball Wizards
34 2x20 15/Feb/2010 Off the Wagon
35 2x21 15/Feb/2010 Spooning Paul Revere
36 2x22 01/Mar/2010 Fortune in Flames
37 2x23 01/Mar/2010 Backroom Brawl
38 2x24 08/Mar/2010 Big Guns
39 2x25 08/Mar/2010 Flight of the Chum
40 2x26 29/Mar/2010 Bumpy Ride
41 2x27 05/Apr/2010 Helmet Head
42 2x28 12/Apr/2010 Bow Legged
43 2x29 19/Apr/2010 Hell Week
44 2x30 25/Apr/2010 Zzzzzz
45 2x31 25/Apr/2010 The British Are Coming
46 2x32 02/May/2010 License to Pawn

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
47 3x01 07/Jun/2010 Trail Breaker
48 3x02 07/Jun/2010 Top Secret
49 3x03 14/Jun/2010 Whale of a Time
50 3x04 14/Jun/2010 Gold Diggers
51 3x05 21/Jun/2010 Aw Shucks!
52 3x06 21/Jun/2010 Deals from Hell
53 3x07 28/Jun/2010 Chumlee's Dummies
54 3x08 28/Jun/2010 Strike, Spare, BOOM
55 3x09 05/Jul/2010 Message in a Bottle
56 3x10 05/Jul/2010 Rough Riders
57 3x11 12/Jul/2010 Phoning It In
58 3x12 12/Jul/2010 Moon Walking
59 3x13 16/Aug/2010 Peeping Pawn
60 3x14 16/Aug/2010 Ace in the Hole
61 3x15 06/Sep/2010 Double Trouble
62 3x16 06/Sep/2010 Getting A Head
63 3x17 13/Sep/2010 Cornering the Colonel
64 3x18 13/Sep/2010 Ready, Set, Pawn
65 3x19 20/Sep/2010 The Eagle Has Landed
66 3x20 20/Sep/2010 Like a Rolling Chum
67 3x21 18/Oct/2010 Hello Nurse
68 3x22 20/Oct/2010 Chumdog Millionaire
69 3x23 25/Oct/2010 Gone with the Schwinn
70 3x24 25/Oct/2010 Bare Bones
71 3x25 01/Nov/2010 Never Surrender
72 3x26 01/Nov/2010 Honest Abe
73 3x27 06/Dec/2010 Monkey Business
74 3x28 06/Dec/2010 Packing Heat

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
75 4x01 17/Jan/2011 Luck of the Draw
76 4x02 17/Jan/2011 Houdini's Handcuffs
77 4x03 24/Jan/2011 Pedal to the Medal
78 4x04 24/Jan/2011 Case Closed
79 4x05 31/Jan/2011 Darth Pawn
80 4x06 31/Jan/2011 Put Up Your Dukes
81 4x07 07/Feb/2011 Pawn Illustrated
82 4x08 07/Feb/2011 Striking a Chord
83 4x09 14/Feb/2011 Harrison For President
84 4x10 14/Feb/2011 Wise Guys
85 4x11 21/Mar/2011 Robosaurus
86 4x12 21/Mar/2011 Ah, Shoot!
87 4x13 28/Mar/2011 Going Postal
88 4x14 28/Mar/2011 Chummobile
89 4x15 04/Apr/2011 Evel Genius
90 4x16 04/Apr/2011 Pablo Pawncasso
91 4x17 11/Apr/2011 Sub for Sale
92 4x18 11/Apr/2011 Missle Attack
93 4x19 18/Apr/2011 Not on My Watch
94 4x20 18/Apr/2011 Take a Seat
95 4x21 25/Apr/2011 Pom Pom Pawn
96 4x22 25/Apr/2011 Patton Pending
97 4x23 02/May/2011 Spidey Cents
98 4x24 02/May/2011 Necessary Roughness
99 4x25 09/May/2011 Peacemaker
100 4x26 09/May/2011 The Great Escape
101 4x27 30/May/2011 Broadsiding Lincoln
102 4x28 01/Jun/2011 Sharpe Shooters
103 4x29 06/Jun/2011 Late Night Chum
104 4x30 06/Jun/2011 Buy the Book
105 4x31 13/Jun/2011 Over the Top
106 4x32 13/Jun/2011 Honor Thy Father
107 4x33 11/Jul/2011 The Pick, The Pawn, & The Polish
108 4x34 18/Jul/2011 Making Cents
109 4x35 18/Jul/2011 Kings and McQueens
110 4x36 25/Jul/2011 Face the Music
111 4x37 25/Jul/2011 Off the Wall
112 4x38 01/Aug/2011 Buffalo Bull
113 4x39 01/Aug/2011 Cannons and Klingons
114 4x40 08/Aug/2011 Silent and Deadly
115 4x41 08/Aug/2011 Weird Science
116 4x42 15/Aug/2011 The Wright Stuff
117 4x43 15/Aug/2011 Out of Gas
118 4x44 05/Sep/2011 The King's Bling
119 4x45 05/Sep/2011 Pipe Dreams
120 4x46 12/Sep/2011 High Stakes
121 4x47 12/Sep/2011 Pirate's Booty
122 4x48 19/Sep/2011 Teacher's Pet
123 4x49 19/Sep/2011 Bugs Money
124 4x50 26/Sep/2011 Security
125 4x51 26/Sep/2011 Poker Night
126 4x52 24/Oct/2011 Rick or Treat

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
127 5x01 28/Nov/2011 Mile High Club
128 5x02 28/Nov/2011 Patriot Games
129 5x03 05/Dec/2011 Blaze of Glory
130 5x04 05/Dec/2011 Looney Dunes
131 5x05 12/Dec/2011 Buyer Beware
132 5x06 12/Dec/2011 Silence of the Lambo
134 5x07 19/Dec/2011 $=MC2
133 5x08 19/Dec/2011 Pony Up
135 5x09 26/Dec/2011 High Tops
136 5x10 26/Dec/2011 Apocalypse Wow
137 5x11 02/Jan/2012 Corey's Big Play
138 5x12 02/Jan/2012 Help Wanted
139 5x13 09/Jan/2012 Learning the Ropes
140 5x14 09/Jan/2012 Smells Like Pawn Spirit
142 5x15 16/Jan/2012 Crosby, Stills and Cash
141 5x16 16/Jan/2012 Cash, Cash, Bang, Bang
143 5x17 23/Jan/2012 Over the Moon
144 5x18 23/Jan/2012 Les Is More
146 5x19 30/Jan/2012 Hole in One
145 5x20 30/Jan/2012 Yankee Panky
147 5x21 06/Feb/2012 Air Mail
148 5x22 06/Feb/2012 Cash is King
149 5x23 13/Feb/2012 Bear-ly There
150 5x24 13/Feb/2012 Huddle Up
151 5x25 20/Feb/2012 Pawnocchio
152 5x26 20/Feb/2012 Guns Blazing
153 5x27 27/Feb/2012 James Gang Rides Again
154 5x28 27/Feb/2012 Ring Around a Rockne
155 5x29 05/Mar/2012 Pawn With the Wind
156 5x30 05/Mar/2012 Zoodoo
157 5x30 09/Apr/2012 Guilty as Charged
158 5x32 09/Apr/2012 Corey's Big Burn
159 5x33 16/Apr/2012 Wild Thing
160 5x34 16/Apr/2012 To the Moon
161 5x35 23/Apr/2012 Chum-p Change
162 5x36 23/Apr/2012 Trigger Happy
163 5x37 21/May/2012 Bossy Pants
164 5x38 21/May/2012 What the Truck
165 5x39 28/May/2012 Three Hour Tour
166 5x40 28/May/2012 Family Feud
167 5x41 04/Jun/2012 Silver Linings
168 5x42 11/Jun/2012 Like a Rock
169 5x43 11/Jun/2012 Dirty Sox
170 5x44 18/Jun/2012 That Sinking Feeling
171 5x45 18/Jun/2012 Pin It to Win It
172 5x46 25/Jun/2012 Love Me Spender
173 5x47 25/Jun/2012 Stalled Deals
174 5x48 02/Jul/2012 Hot & Colt
175 5x49 02/Jul/2012 Stuff It
176 5x50 09/Jul/2012 Jet Setters
177 5x51 09/Jul/2012 Kick the Can
178 5x52 13/Aug/2012 Bullitt Proof
180 5x53 20/Aug/2012 Free Willie
179 5x54 20/Aug/2012 Cool as Ike
182 5x55 27/Aug/2012 Say It Ain't So
181 5x56 27/Aug/2012 Some Like It Not
183 5x57 03/Sep/2012 Fork It Over
184 5x58 03/Sep/2012 Thirty Something

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
185 6x01 05/Nov/2012 What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?
186 6x02 05/Nov/2012 Sturgis and Acquisitions
187 6x03 12/Nov/2012 Three Pawn Night
188 6x04 12/Nov/2012 Stick to Your Guns
189 6x05 13/Nov/2012 Lord of the Ring
190 6x06 13/Nov/2012 Man.Make.Fire
191 6x07 19/Nov/2012 On Guard
192 6x08 19/Nov/2012 The Last Samurai
193 6x09 26/Nov/2012 Sweet Pawn of Mine
194 6x10 26/Nov/2012 The Offer
195 6x11 03/Dec/2012 Putt, Putt, Pawn
196 6x12 03/Dec/2012 Wouldn't It Be Ice?
197 6x13 10/Dec/2012 Silent but Chumlee
198 6x14 10/Dec/2012 Take the Money and Run
199 6x15 17/Dec/2012 It's a Wonderful Pawn
200 6x16 17/Dec/2012 200th Episode: Santa Chum
201 6x17 14/Jan/2013 Little Pawn Shop of Horrors
202 6x18 14/Jan/2013 I Herd That
203 6x19 21/Jan/2013 Funny Money
204 6x20 21/Jan/2013 Spare the Rodman
205 6x21 28/Jan/2013 Million Dali Baby
206 6x22 28/Jan/2013 Hair Force One
207 6x23 04/Feb/2013 Comic Con
208 6x24 04/Feb/2013 Off the Hook
209 6x25 11/Feb/2013 Room and Hoard
210 6x26 11/Feb/2013 Just Shoe It
211 6x27 18/Feb/2013 Lunch Larceny
212 6x28 18/Feb/2013 Grand Theft Corey
213 6x29 25/Feb/2013 Beam Me Up
214 6x30 25/Feb/2013 Shekel and Hyde
215 6x31 04/Mar/2013 Book 'Em Rick
216 6x32 04/Mar/2013 Corey, I Am Your Father
217 6x33 11/Mar/2013 Close, But No Cigar
218 6x34 11/Mar/2013 Hello, Goodbye

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
219 7x01 30/May/2013 Rick 'n' Roll
220 7x02 30/May/2013 Grumpy Old Man
221 7x03 06/Jun/2013 One Way Ticket
222 7x04 06/Jun/2013 Unprankable
223 7x05 13/Jun/2013 Ready To Rumble
224 7x06 13/Jun/2013 Dog Day Afternoon
225 7x07 20/Jun/2013 King of Pain
226 7x08 20/Jun/2013 Free Agent
227 7x09 27/Jun/2013 Sticks and Stones
228 7x10 27/Jun/2013 The Pawntridge Family
229 7x11 11/Jul/2013 A Hard Day's Pawn
230 7x12 11/Jul/2013 Fool's Gold
231 7x13 18/Jul/2013 World Series of Pawn
232 7x14 18/Jul/2013 Rage Against that Machine
233 7x15 01/Aug/2013 Colt to the Touch
234 7x16 01/Aug/2013 Chum-parazzi
235 7x17 08/Aug/2013 The Chum-Sake
236 7x18 08/Aug/2013 Corey's Big Splurge
237 7x19 15/Aug/2013 Secret Agent Man
238 7x20 15/Aug/2013 London Pawning
239 7x21 22/Aug/2013 On A Mission To Pawn
240 7x22 22/Aug/2013 Goldfish and Silver
241 7x23 29/Aug/2013 What Happens in Vegas
242 7x24 29/Aug/2013 You're Out

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
243 8x01 10/Oct/2013 Everyday I'm Shufflin'
244 8x02 10/Oct/2013 The Bald and the Beautiful
245 8x03 17/Oct/2013 Say It, Don't Spray It
246 8x04 17/Oct/2013 The Enigma
247 8x05 24/Oct/2013 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
248 8x06 24/Oct/2013 Comfortably Chum
249 8x07 31/Oct/2013 Brush with Greatness
250 8x08 31/Oct/2013 250th Episode: Chum of All Fears
251 8x09 07/Nov/2013 Winchester, Lose or Draw
252 8x10 07/Nov/2013 The Merchant of Vegas
253 8x11 14/Nov/2013 The Bachelor
254 8x12 14/Nov/2013 Cold Hard Cash
255 8x13 21/Nov/2013 Rebel, Rebel
256 8x14 21/Nov/2013 Open and Shut Case
257 8x15 05/Dec/2013 Bad to the Bone
258 8x16 05/Dec/2013 Gnarly Harley
259 8x17 12/Dec/2013 Woah Pilgrim
260 8x18 12/Dec/2013 The Amazing Chumlee
261 8x19 19/Dec/2013 A Very Vegas Christmas
262 8x20 19/Dec/2013 Another Christmas Story
263 8x21 26/Dec/2013 Lost in Spacelander
264 8x22 26/Dec/2013 Put Your Hands Up
265 8x23 02/Jan/2014 Finding Fonzie
266 8x24 02/Jan/2014 You Say You Wanna Revolution
267 8x25 09/Jan/2014 Truly Trivial
268 8x26 09/Jan/2014 Whodunit?
269 8x27 16/Jan/2014 I'll Be Doggone
270 8x28 16/Jan/2014 Can't Buy Me Love
271 8x29 23/Jan/2014 Anytime, Any Mace
272 8x30 23/Jan/2014 Silent Stars and Rebel Cars
273 8x31 30/Jan/2014 Smurf and Turf
274 8x32 30/Jan/2014 Sunday Funday
275 8x33 06/Feb/2014 Rescue 9-1-Chum
276 8x34 06/Feb/2014 Extreme Pawnover
277 8x35 13/Feb/2014 Rough and Tumble
278 8x36 13/Feb/2014 The Great Pawnbino
279 8x37 20/Feb/2014 Rock Bottom
280 8x38 20/Feb/2014 Chords, Swords and Rewards
281 8x39 27/Feb/2014 Field Trip
282 8x40 27/Feb/2014 Purple Haze
283 8x41 06/Mar/2014 Magic Bus
284 8x42 06/Mar/2014 Bang Bang
285 8x43 13/Mar/2014 You Snooze, You Lose
286 8x44 13/Mar/2014 Bang Bang
287 8x45 20/Mar/2014 Shamrocked
288 8x46 20/Mar/2014 Head Games
289 8x47 27/Mar/2014 Choo Choo Chum
290 8x48 27/Mar/2014 Brew Master
291 8x49 03/Apr/2014 April Fooled
292 8x50 03/Apr/2014 Tee'd Off
293 8x51 10/Apr/2014 Traffic Jammed
294 8x52 10/Apr/2014 Chum's Revenge
295 8x53 17/Apr/2014 Sleeping Giant
296 8x54 17/Apr/2014 Saddle Up
297 8x55 24/Apr/2014 Road Test
298 8x56 24/Apr/2014 Ponies and Phonies
299 8x57 01/May/2014 Tag Team
300 8x58 01/May/2014 300th Episode: Fiesta Loco
301 8x59 08/May/2014 Spruce Goose
302 8x60 08/May/2014 All In
303 8x61 15/May/2014 Tickets to Ride
304 8x62 15/May/2014 New Old Man
305 8x63 22/May/2014 Everybody Do The Dinosaur
306 8x64 22/May/2014 Breaking the Bank
307 8x65 29/May/2014 Reeling and Dealing
308 8x66 29/May/2014 Pawn U
309 8x67 05/Jun/2014 Daddy's Girl
310 8x68 05/Jun/2014 Dam Good Time
311 8x69 12/Jun/2014 Who's Your Dali?
312 8x70 12/Jun/2014 Chumlee's Last Laugh
313 8x71 19/Jun/2014 Spacing Out
314 8x72 19/Jun/2014 In the Doghouse
315 8x73 26/Jun/2014 Get in the Ring
316 8x74 26/Jun/2014 Rick, Rock and Roll
317 8x75 10/Jul/2014 Press One for Chum
318 8x76 10/Jul/2014 Fireworks and Freedom
319 8x77 17/Jul/2014 Chumdae
320 8x78 17/Jul/2014 Put Up Your Nukes
321 8x79 24/Jul/2014 Pawn Apocalypse
322 8x80 24/Jul/2014 Colts and Vikings
323 8x81 31/Jul/2014 Mr. Cool
324 8x82 31/Jul/2014 Playboys and Players
325 8x83 07/Aug/2014 Go For Chum
326 8x84 07/Aug/2014 Shufflin' and Hustlin'
327 8x85 14/Aug/2014 Bo Knows
328 8x86 14/Aug/2014 Break Room Battle
329 8x87 01/Sep/2014 Break on Through
330 8x88 01/Sep/2014 Tricky Ricky

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 9x00 03/Nov/2014 Biggest Buys & Busts
331 9x01 18/Sep/2014 Pinball Punch
332 9x02 18/Sep/2014 Dodging Dillinger
333 9x03 25/Sep/2014 Rock Stars and Race Cars
334 9x04 25/Sep/2014 Pawn Fiction
335 9x05 02/Oct/2014 Birthday Blues
336 9x06 02/Oct/2014 Tough Cookie
337 9x07 09/Oct/2014 Van Gogh a Go Go
338 9x08 09/Oct/2014 The Book of Rick
339 9x09 16/Oct/2014 Smarty Pants
340 9x10 16/Oct/2014 Chummified
341 9x11 23/Oct/2014 Secret Admirer
342 9x12 23/Oct/2014 Hidden Treasure
343 9x13 30/Oct/2014 Rick's a Riot
344 9x14 30/Oct/2014 Chum Fever
345 9x15 06/Nov/2014 Wake Up Call
346 9x16 06/Nov/2014 The Chum System
347 9x17 13/Nov/2014 Captain Rick
348 9x18 13/Nov/2014 McQueen Dreams
349 9x19 20/Nov/2014 Reach for Raphael
350 9x20 20/Nov/2014 Off to the Races
351 9x21 04/Dec/2014 Game Over
352 9x22 04/Dec/2014 Flying High
353 9x23 11/Dec/2014 Chum's Secret Stash
354 9x24 11/Dec/2014 Mini Rick
355 9x25 15/Dec/2014 Hiding Houdini
356 9x26 15/Dec/2014 United We Stand
357 9x27 18/Dec/2014 Clowning Around
358 9x28 18/Dec/2014 Oldest Trick in the Book
359 9x29 22/Dec/2014 Generation Gap
360 9x30 22/Dec/2014 Motorcycle Mayhem
361 9x31 08/Jan/2015 Old Man Corey
362 9x32 08/Jan/2015 Trading Up
363 9x33 15/Jan/2015 RC/DC
364 9x34 15/Jan/2015 Wilde Card
365 9x35 22/Jan/2015 Money Ball
366 9x36 22/Jan/2015 Presidential Pawn
367 9x37 25/Jan/2015 The Smoking Gun
368 9x38 12/Feb/2015 Rick Gets Axed
369 9x39 12/Feb/2015 Rick The Giant
370 9x40 19/Feb/2015 Underground Pawn
371 9x41 19/Feb/2015 Bucking Bronco
372 9x42 26/Feb/2015 Rocky Road
373 9x43 26/Feb/2015 All Hail Rick
374 9x44 05/Mar/2015 Live Long and Prosper
375 9x45 05/Mar/2015 Sword Play
376 9x46 12/Mar/2015 One Man's Junk
377 9x47 12/Mar/2015 Last Call Pawn
378 9x48 19/Mar/2015 Hot Dam
379 9x49 19/Mar/2015 Son of a Gun
380 9x50 26/Mar/2015 Crossing Chum
381 9x51 26/Mar/2015 Mystery Caller
382 9x52 02/Apr/2015 Hot Wheel of Fortune
383 9x53 09/Apr/2015 Mail Mayhem
384 9x54 23/Apr/2015 Priciest Pawns
385 9x55 23/Apr/2015 Monumental Pawn
386 9x56 07/May/2015 Avengers Assemble
387 9x57 07/May/2015 Locked and Loaded
388 9x58 14/May/2015 Rick's Roulette
389 9x59 21/May/2015 Fake or Fortune
390 9x60 21/May/2015 Pawn Creature
391 9x61 25/May/2015 Behind the Wheel
392 9x62 25/May/2015 Ticket to Pawn
393 9x63 28/May/2015 Dangerous Deals
394 9x64 28/May/2015 Penny for Your Pawn
395 9x65 04/Jun/2015 Expert Examinations
396 9x66 04/Jun/2015 Pawn of the Jedi
397 9x67 11/Jun/2015 Most Mysterious
398 9x68 11/Jun/2015 Coolest Collectibles
399 9x69 27/Jul/2015 Wheelin' and Dealin'
400 9x70 03/Aug/2015 Personal Collection
401 9x71 10/Aug/2015 On the Road
402 9x72 22/Oct/2015 Pawn of Fire
403 9x73 22/Oct/2015 Party on, Pawn
404 9x74 29/Oct/2015 Fender Bender
405 9x75 29/Oct/2015 Godfather of Pawn
406 9x76 05/Nov/2015 Napoleon Bonapawn
407 9x77 05/Nov/2015 Eye of the Tiger
408 9x78 12/Nov/2015 Promissory Pawn
409 9x79 12/Nov/2015 Riders on the Pawn
410 9x80 19/Nov/2015 Prohibition Pawn
411 9x81 13/Jan/2016 Racing Revolution
412 9x82 20/Jan/2016 Pawn Brothers
413 9x83 27/Jan/2016 Longshot Pawn
414 9x84 03/Feb/2016 Legends of Rock
415 9x85 10/Feb/2016 Lock, Stock, and Pawn
416 9x86 17/Feb/2016 No Pawn for You!

S08 - #127/Jun/2014Car 57 Where are you?N/A
S08 - #203/Jul/2014Pinball PunchN/A
S09 - #323/Oct/2014Back to the Beginning: Boom or BustN/A
S09 - #423/Oct/2014Back to the Beginning: Confederate ConundrumN/A
S09 - #510/Nov/2014The Adventures of Corey & ChumN/A
S09 - #601/Dec/2014Greatest HagglesN/A
S09 - #718/Dec/2014Game Over: Enhanced VersionN/A
S09 - #818/Dec/2014Mini Rick: Enhanced VersionN/A
S09 - #920/Jul/2015Greatest GamblesN/A

    Season 9 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Arts & Crafts | Buy, Sell & Trade | Educational | History
Status: Returning Series
Network: HISTORY ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 19, 2009
Episode Order: 76
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