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Mr. Dinosaur is Lost - Recap

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George’s favourite toy is Mr Dinosaur, he shares his dinner with it, bathes with it and even goes to bed with it. George’s favourite game involves throwing Mr dinosaur up in the air. One day he loses Mr Dinosaur and is in a bad mood. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tell him not to worry, they’ll find Mr Dinosaur with the help of detective Peppa. Peppa with some help searches the places where George had been last night, but still fails to find it. They go outside and Daddy Pig hints that the dinosaur is stuck in a tree, and when Peppa looks up, there it is. Peppa says that she saw it first, and Mommy Pig tells Peppa that she is a great detective. Then they get Mr. Dinosaur down. George is so happy that he tosses the dinosaur up in the air... right back into the tree. George cries, but everybody else laughs. The episode ends there.