Season 9

242 :09x01 - The Case of the Laughing Lady

Life has been unkind to Carla Chaney, in part because of her own poor choices. So when she's charged with murder, it surprises no one. And when she drives three lawyers away, a judge asks Perry to help her. He agrees, but the case will tax his skill, for Carla trusts no one and her claim that someone else, someone with a shrill and sinister laugh, was also present is thin - and gets thinner when she identifies the person.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Leona Devore | Jean Hale as Carla Chaney | John Abbott (1) as Dr. Durwood Tobey | Bernard Fox as Peter Stange | John Dall as Roan Daniel | Allison Hayes as Cho Sin | Mickey Manners as Lenny Linden | John Gallaudet as Judge | Shirley O'Hara as Superintendent | Michael Rye as Commentator | Irene Anders as Matron
Director: Jesse Hibbs

243 :09x02 - The Case of the Fatal Fortune

On a lark, businesswoman Pat Kean goes to see a psychic, and amazingly, the psychic's predictions come to pass. Ignoring the seer's cryptic assertion that she would "wear white and then black" Pat marries her boss Max Armstead. But then Max dies, poisoned by digitalis, and with his dying words assures Lieutenant Drumm and Perry that Pat was his murderer. Charged with first degree murder, Pat now depends on Perry to restore her freedom.
Guest Stars: Julie Adams as Patricia L. Kean | Lee Philips as Gordon Evans | Jesse White as Max Armstead | Ford Rainey as Dr. Fisher | Nan Martin as Beth Fuller | Dean Harens as Daniel Buckley | James Lanphier as Marius Stone | Grandon Rhodes as Judge | Belle Mitchell as Gypsy | Nora Marlowe as Landlady | Alex Bookston as Desk Clerk
Director: Arthur Marks
Writer: William Bast

244 :09x03 - The Case of the Candy Queen

Claire Armstrong has a booming candy business but life is not sweet. Her boyfriend Mark has stolen her candy recipe and the sinister Harry Arnold is blackmailing her! When Harry turns up dead, Claire's cousin Wanda, who wants to get her sticky fingers into Claire's candy empire, frames Claire for the crime!
Guest Stars: Nancy Gates as Claire Armstrong | Patricia Smith (1) as Wanda Buren | Nina Shipman as Carol Olin | Robert Rockwell as Ed Purvis | H.M. Wynant as Tony Mario | John Napier as Mark Chester | John Archer (1) as Harry Arnold | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge (as Kenneth MacDonald) | Kitty Kelly as Landlady | Walter Mathews as Intern | William Boyett as Detective | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Sam Flint as Old Man | Charles Stroud as Court Clerk | Russ Whiteman as Steward | Bebe Kelly as Hat Check Girl
Director: Jesse Hibbs

245 :09x04 - The Case of the Cheating Chancellor

In the midst of a celebration, Van Fowler murders Stuart Logan, a professor at Perry's alma mater. Perry doesn't think the case is as cut-and-dried as the police do, and defends Fowler.
Guest Stars: Peter Helm as Bob Hyatt | Louise Latham as Shirley Logan | James Noah as Van Fowler | Michael Walker (1) as Joe Price | Barry Atwater as Dr. Stuart Logan (as G. B. Atwater) | Peter Hobbs as James Hyatt | Jay Barney as District Attorney | Lee Meriwether as Evelyn Wilcox | Adrienne Ellis as Myra Finley | Linda Leighton as Mrs. Hyatt | Joseph Mell as Medical Examiner | Phil Chambers (1) as Guard | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Judge (as Stacy Keach)
Director: Arthur Marks

246 :09x05 - The Case of the Impetuous Imp

Perry rescues the beautiful Diana Carter from a watery grave, so who does she turn to when first charged with grand larceny, and then with murdering Addison Powell? Perry and Paul both have their work cut out for them, for Davy Jones holds the key to this one.
Guest Stars: Stuart Erwin as Henry Simmons | Bonnie Jones as Diana Carter | Hanna Landy as Helga Dolwig | Don Dubbins as Bill Vincent | Jeff Cooper (1) as Henning Dolwig | Frank Marth as Mike Carson | Richard Webb as Addison Powell | James McCallion as Harvey Blake | Byron Morrow as Judge | Michael Fox as Dr. Lund | Ed Prentiss as Judge Morton | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Clay Tanner as Officer | Helen Gerald as Matron | Rand Brooks as Trainer | Wally West as Shelter Man
Director: Arthur Marks

247 :09x06 - The Case of the Carefree Coronary

Safeline Insurance, noting an increase in heart attacks among its insured, hired Perry to look into the matter. Perry sends Paul Drake in undercover. But after Perry badgers a man into a fatal heart attack, the attorney himself comes under suspicion. Perry must prove the man was poisoned.
Guest Stars: Robert Emhardt as Arthur Wendell | Bruce Bennett as Reve Watson | Benny Baker as Jerry Ormond | Whit Bissell as Dennison Groody | David Lewis (3) as Wallis Lamphier | Lawrence Montaigne as Dr. Chauncy Hartlund | Hal Baylor as Jack David | Joseph Sirola as Dr. Raul Caudere | Shirley Mitchell as Marilyn David | Tracy Morgan (2) as Doreen Wilde | Dan Seymour as Nappy Tyler | Alexander Lockwood as Deputy | William Woodson as Dr. Willard Sholby | Tommy Farrell as TV Reporter | Jay Weston as News Reporter
Director: Jesse Hibbs

248 :09x07 - The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner

After a computer dating service matches Lucas Tolliver with Millie Barton, Lucas comes to California as a penniless hick. But rich Millie agrees to marry him anyway. Perry smells a rat and discovers, with Paul's help, that Lucas is very rich - and that he inherited money when his previous wife died after eating a poisonous plant. So when Millie dies after drinking poisonous lemonade that Lucas server her, the police come to the obvious conclusion. Fortunately for Lucas, Perry once again rejects the easy answer.
Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as Lucas Tolliver (as Noah Beery) | K.T. Stevens as Alice Munford | Hugh Marlowe as Guy Munford | Cathy Downs as Millicent Barton | Richard Evans as Larry Dunlap | Strother Martin as Roy Hutchinson | Robert Colbert as Carl Snell | Mark Tapscott as Sgt. Woodward | Al Checco as Medical Examiner | William Keene as Judge | Thom Carney as Salesman | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice
Director: Arthur Marks

249 :09x08 - The Case of the 12th Wildcat

Burt Payne owns ten percent of the Wildcats, a professional football team. To raise cash, he tries to sell his share, but the majority owner, his wife Ellen, opposes the deal. She meets with one of the possible buyers, and shortly after that Burt dies in an explosion. Perry and Paul must literally chase down the facts to free their client Ellen.
Guest Stars: Mona Freeman as Ellen Payne | Bill Williams (1) as Burt Payne | Regis Toomey as Andy Grant | John Conte as Jud Warner | Karl Swenson as Unk Hazekian | Robert Quarry as Casey Banks | Roy Roberts as Harvey Skeen | Clark Howat as Team Doctor | Willis Bouchey as Judge | George Cisar as Bartender | Ivy Bethune as Mrs. Frye | Tommy Farrell as Reporter | Patrick Riley as Police Officer | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Sue England as Receptionist | Howard Wright as Conductor | Lindon Crow as Assistant Coach | Joe Scibelli as Himself | Bill Munson as Himself | Don Chuy as Himself | Roman Gabriel as Himself | Cliff Livingston as Himself | Marlin McKeever as Himself | Mel Profit as Ski | Paul Power as Reporter
Director: Jesse Hibbs

250 :09x09 - The Case of the Wrathful Wraith

Perry manages to earn an acquittal for Louise Selff for the murder of her husband, because the body disappeared! Then Louise begins to see her dead husband - at a seance, on the telephone... Soon enough the truth comes out - Jamison Selff faked his death! And then someone decides they liked him better dead, and Louise finds herself at the defendant's table a second time for the same crime!
Guest Stars: Jeanne Bal as Rosemary Welch | Marian McCargo as Louise Selff (as Marion Moses) | Douglas Dick as Ted Harberson | Lee Farr as Glenn Arcott | Gene Lyons as Ralph Balfour | Walter Brooke as Deputy D.A. | Winnie Collins as Willa Saint Sutton (as Winifred Coffin) | Robert Easton as Ed Allison | Geraldine Wall as Mrs. Stallman | Byron Morrow as Second Judge | Don Dillaway as First Reporter | Henry Hunter as Doctor | Frank Biro as First Judge | Lester Dorr as Photographer | George Conrad as Second Reporter | Jack Carol as Third Reporter | Cecil Elliott as First Woman | John Hart (1) as Jamison Selff | Mari Lynn as Second Woman
Director: Arthur Marks

251 :09x10 - The Case of the Runaway Racer

Pappy Ryan builds race cars. When test driver Pete Griston wrecks one of Ryan's cars, Ryan works himself into a towering rage and accuses Griston and Harvey Rettig of causing the crash on purpose. Then Rettig dies and authorities discover a groggy Griston at the scene. Digging, they discover Griston signed for a large loan Rettig took out with a shark - according to Burger, motive enough to slam the cell door on Griston for good!
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as Pete Griston | Jan Shepard as Marge Leonard | Anthony Caruso as Harvey Rettig | Michael Constantine as Pappy Ryan | Richard Eastham as Oliver Stone | Gavin MacLeod as Dan Platte | Robert H. Harris as Marty Webb | Jimmy Cross (1) as Drunk | Michael Harris (2) as Blake Leonard | Paul Winfield as Mitch | Lawrence Green as Medic | Seamon Glass as Joe
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

252 :09x11 - The Case of the Silent Six

Sergeant Dave Wolfe warned Joe Oliver to steer clear of his sister. Someone beats up Susan and shoots Joe - and it looks like Dave Wolfe is that man. All he can manage is the "mysterious man defense" - someone hit him over the head and used his gun on Joe. Perry discovers six people heard Susan's cries and none of them tried to help. He'll have to figure out why to clear his client.
Guest Stars: Skip Homeier as Sgt. Dave Wolfe | Dianne Foster as Linda Blakely | Cyril Delevanti as Craig Jefferson | Virginia Gregg as Flo Oliver | David Macklin as Ron Peters | Hampton Fancher as Hamp Fisher | Chris Noel as Susan Wolfe | Tyler MacDuff as Herb Jackson | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge Carter (Kenneth MacDonald) | John Heath as Arch | Walter Mathews as Reporter | Peter Baron as Monk Coleman | Dale Van Sickel as Joe Oliver (as Dale van Sickle) | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: William Bast

253 :09x12 - The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein

Soviet agents contact physicist Hans Ritter and offer him his six-year-old granddaughter, currently living in an East German orphanage. If Ritter comes to work for him, the Soviets will release little Elke to Ritter's wife Emma. Perry agrees to negotiate the deal, but Ritter jumps the gun, forcing Perry, Della, and Paul to follow him behind the Iron Curtain and right into a murder trial: East German police accuse Emma of murdering a man named Franz Hoffer. Perry must defend her in a court where the usual rules of fairness don't apply!
Guest Stars: Susanne Cramer as Gerta | Jeanette Nolan as Emma Ritter | Gregory Morton as Wolfgang Stromm | Kevin Hagen as Samuel Carleton | Ronald Long as Franz Hoffer | Lilyan Chauvin as Matron | Wolfe Barzell as Prof. Hans Ritter | Eileen Baral as Elke | Barbara Morrison as Woman Magistrate | Peter Hellman as German Sergeant | Horst Ebersberg as Border Guard | Hans Heyde as Guard at Courtroom | Charles H. Radilak as 1st Associate Magistrate (as Charles Hradilak) | George Perina as 2nd Associate Magistrate | Shony Alex Braun as Violinist
Director: Arthur Marks

254 :09x13 - The Case of the Baffling Bug

Tryon Laboratories hires Paul Drake to protect its discoveries, but an industrial spy still manages to pierce their security. So Drake is very relieved when Tryon employee Horace Leigh calls claiming to know the identity of the spy. And then Drake is very unhappy, for when he arrives at Tryon he discovers Leigh dead and floating. Did Dr. Meade kill him, as the police think? Or someone else? One thing Drake is sure of: Perry Mason will get to the bottom of it.
Guest Stars: Grant Williams as Dr. Todd Meade | Dee Hartford as Rhonda Coleridge | Ben Cooper as Lowell Rupert | Aliza Gur as Dr. Nina Revelli (as Alizia Gur) | Gilbert Green as Dr. Malcolm Scranton | Bryan O'Byrne as Horace Lehigh (as Byron O'Byrne) | Teru Shimada as Dr. Maseo Tachikawa | S. John Launer as Judge | Mary Treen as Bess | Bob Okazaki as Manager | Nancy Hsueh as Geisha

255 :09x14 - The Case of the Golden Girls

Victor Montalvo owns the Golden Bear Club. One night, he gives a young woman named Debbie Conrad a ride, only to be surprised to later see her working as one his sexy waitresses! The surprises build when Debbie tries to blackmail her boss, who reluctantly decides to pay her off. But then Vic's partner Stacey Garnett dies and the police like Victor for it. To secure an acquittal, Perry will have to extract testimony from Debbie Conrad...
Guest Stars: Philip Bourneuf as Victor Montalvo | Paula Stewart as Beverly Garnett | Victoria Vetri as Debbie Conrad (as Angela Dorian) | Mark Roberts (3) as Irving Florian | Jean Engstrom as Corinne Richland | George N. Neise as Stacey Garnett (as George Neise) | Bruce Glover as Rick Durbin | John Gallaudet as Judge | Lee Frederick as Sgt. Eggers | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Charles Stroud as Ad-Lib Man | Annazette Chase as Teddy Bear #1 (as Annazette) | Nancy Czar as Teddy Bear #2
Director: Jesse Hibbs

256 :09x15 - The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers

Tony Polk lands a television job on the "Bad Buccaneer" show despite his criminal past. Part of that job involves taking gifts to the homes of viewers. Tony trades lists with another actor and the trouble begins. A woman dies, killed by the hook that's part of Tony's costume, and a witness claims he fought with the woman. Add in his criminal past and the case seems open and shut. But nothing around Perry Mason is ever open and shut.
Guest Stars: Rhodes Reason as Martin Eldridge | Patricia Cutts as Ann Eldridge | Mary Mitchel as Beth Polk | Kathleen Crowley as Grace Knapp | Richard Jaeckel as Mike Woods | John Milford as Clayton Douglas | Steve Harris (3) as Tony Polk | Michael Fox as Abe Heyman | Leonard Stone as Harlan Keen | Willis Bouchey as Judge | Meg Wyllie as Mrs. Webb | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Len Hendry as Officer #4 | Linda Lee as Girl in Newspaper Office | John Strong as Buccaneer | Jack Swanson as Officer #1 | Hugh Warden as Officer #2 (as Hugh Warren) | John Underhill as Officer #3 | Jack Shea (2) as Officer #5 | Patricia Joyce as Receptionist
Director: Arthur Hiller

257 :09x16 - The Case of the Midnight Howler

Barney Austin burns up the airwaves. One night, he gets a message to call his boss Kevin Steele. While they speak on the air, the audience hears Kevin argue with someone, and then hears two gunshots. Someone has murdered Steele on live radio, and the prosecution believes it is Holly Andrews, and plans to prove it with Perry's help.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Dan Thorne | Myrna Fahey as Holly Andrews | Daniel J. Travanti as Barney Austin (as Dan Travanty) | Alan Baxter as Gorden Sellers | Cathleen Cordell as Clara Michaels | Ian Wolfe as Abel Jackson | Grandon Rhodes as Judge | Pitt Herbert as Medical Examiner | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Marc Desmond as Control Room Man | Phil Arnold as Mechanic
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: Robert Kent

258 :09x17 - The Case of the Vanishing Victim

Dr. Stacey Fielding must travel to Salt Lake City on business. He flies himself, but the plane crashes and tests of the body confirm barbiturate poisoning. The police arrest Miriam Fielding, since the last thing her husband drank was whiskey from a flask she provided. But Perry earns an acquittal. And then authorities learn the body recovered from the wreckage is actually that of Al Dolby, the plane's mechanic, raising the question of what, exactly, happened to the doctor...
Guest Stars: Lisa Gaye as Laraine Keely | Jeanne Cooper as Miriam Fielding | George D. Wallace as Stacey Fielding (as George Wallace) | Richard Erdman as Jud Bennett | Russell Arms as Reed Kavanaugh | John Matthews as F.A.A. Inspector | S. John Launer as Judge Telford | John Goddard as Al Dolby | Carl Prickett as Operations Clerk | Carol Brewster as Ruth Kavanaugh | Tom Vize as Process Server | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Glen Vernon as McGill
Director: Harmon Jones

259 :09x18 - The Case of the Golfer's Gambit

Chick Farley, local golf pro, mixes his days between giving lessons and living off his rich wife's past glories. For variety, he mixes in a little blackmail. Then he discovers someone has been stealing from the club's pro shop. Fortunately, he knows a club member - Hamilton Burger - who is an officer of the court. Unfortunately, someone else knows how to use a golf club for more than hitting golf balls. The police think Chick Farley's assistant Jim Farrell arranged the meeting between golf club and pro's head, but Perry disagrees.
Guest Stars: Carl Reindel as Danny Bright | Nancy Kovack as Dina Brandt | Harry Townes as Erwin Brandt | Phyllis Hill as Alma Farley | Dennis Patrick as Chick Farley | Don Dubbins as Bill Vincent | Alan Reed, Jr. as Jim Harrell | Bartlett Robinson as Edward "Pat" Patterson | Gertrude Flynn as Rosalind - Mrs. Hedrick | Regina Gleason as Rosalie | Byron Morrow as Judge | Bill Brundige as Announcer | Ted Stanhope as Butler | Maurice Wells as Golf Official | Bud Perkins as Photographer | Maureen Gaffney as Operator P.A. Voice (as Maureene Gaffney)
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Story: John Elliotte | Teleplay: Orville Hampton

260 :09x19 - The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise

Francis Clune can't catch a break. Forgers replace the art pieces en route to his gallery. His girlfriend Bobbi is kidnapped and then struck by a car. And THEN the police arrest them both on a pair of murder charges. It will take the skills of Perry and Paul Drake both to unknot this one, and even these seasoned pros will come up against the unexpected.
Guest Stars: Francine York as Bobbi Dane | Donald Murphy as Francis Clune | Mark Tapscott as Sgt. Deke Bradley | Allan Melvin as Bert Kannon | Peter Mamakos as Olaf Deering | Elisabeth Fraser as Estelle Paige | Richard Angarola as Campbell Boyd | Stanley Clements as Floyd Walters | Steve Conte as Mac | Paul Genge as Bud | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge (as Kenneth MacDonald) | Bill Erwin as Counterman (as William Erwin) | Dirk Evans as Detective | Bebe Kelly as Nurse | Linda Burton as Student Nurse | Charles Cirillo as Waiter |
Uncredited: Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice
Director: Jesse Hibbs

261 :09x20 - The Case of the Scarlet Scandal

Musician Donald Hobert enjoys the largess of Elaine Baylor, wife of Richard Bayler. A blackmailer wants $10,000 or he'll tell the work Elaine's doing more than just supporting the arts financially. When she and Donald drive to a remote place to deliver the money, someone shoots her in cold blood! First the sheriff arrests Donald, and then his girlfriend Cynthia.
Guest Stars: Will Hutchins as Donald Hobart | Gene Evans as Moose Dalton | Luana Patten as Cynthia Perkins | Mala Powers as Elaine Bayler | Lloyd Gough as Richard Bayler | Clinton Sundberg as Aaron Chambers (as Clint Sundberg) | Richard Devon as Ed Kesko | Dee Pollock as Howard Bayler | Connie Gilchrist as Natasha | Blair Davies as C. A. Woodmire | William Keene as Judge Seymour | Walter Stocker as Charlie Horgan | Carl Prickett as Mark | Jack Swanson as 1st Deputy | Alex Bookston as 1st Reporter | Paul Sorenson as 2nd Deputy | Pat McCaffrie as 2nd Reporter
Director: Jerry Hopper

262 :09x21 - The Case of the Twice-Told Twist

Thieves strip Perry's car to the frame. It seems that a modern day Fagin runs a gang of teenagers who strip cars. But Perry might have a lever, if he can convince Lennie Beale, who wants out of the gang, to testify against them. Then Lennie's boss shoots Lennie's girlfriend and Lennie, apparently in retaliation, stabs the man. Before he can do anything else, Perry will have to win the young hoodlum an acquittal.
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Ben Huggins | Kevin O'Neal as Lennie Beale | Scott Graham (2) as Bill Sikes | Lisa Pera as Donna Reales | Lisa Seagram as Robin Spring | Nicolas Surovy as Tick Gleason | Marc Rambeau as Jody Laird | Harry Holcombe as Judge #1 | Keg Johnson as Lester | Judson Pratt as Tom Loman | Beverly Powers as Sue (as Beverly Hills) | Harlan Warde as Sgt. Roddin | Byron Morrow as Judge #2 | Helen Kleeb as Welfare Worker | Will J. White as Deputy DA | Coby Denton as 1st Officer | Jim Farley as 3rd Officer
Director: Arthur Marks

263 :09x22 - The Case of the Avenging Angel

Clete Hawley brings Sandy Chester over from England with an eye towards making another British megastar. Trouble is, Sandy's just not that talented. Worse, when someone kills Clete, the police think Sandy's their man, and unless Perry can prove otherwise, Sandy won't be going home for a long time to come...
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as Clete Hawley | Sue Ane Langdon as Dorothy (Dotty) Merrill | Lurene Tuttle as Henny McLeod | Chick Chandler as Riff Lawler | Paul Stewart (1) as Cameron Burgess | Martin Horsey as Sandy Chester | Patricia Owens as June Burgess | Sandy Descher as Sherry Lawler | Douglas Evans as Judge | Michael McGiveney as Technician | John McKee (1) as Policeman (as John kcKee) | Mary Statler as Woman |
Uncredited: Christopher Riordan as Technician
Director: Jerry Hopper

264 :09x23 - The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara

Gerald van Ness is shocked when a tiara worth three quarters of a million dollars, and thought lost, surfaces in his possession. But his surprises are just beginning: someone delivers a truck to Perry and Della, and it contains the body of Nils Dorow, top tier jewel thief. Perhaps its natural that the police assume van Ness killed Dorow, but Perry intends to prove otherwise...
Guest Stars: Virginia Field as Madame Sonya Galinova | Kendall Clark as Gerard Van Ness | Vivienne Segal as Pauline Thorsen | Leonid Kinskey as Vyacheslav Gerznov | Wesley Addy as Joachim DeVry | Phillip Terry as Rolf Thorsen | Janet De Gore as Lisabeth Wells (as Janet DeGore) | Carlos Romero as Ricardo Arena | Barbara Perry as Girl Assistant | Lew Brown as Officer One | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Rizal (as Rodolfo Hoyos) | Willis Robards as Alvin McCauley | Fay King as Attendant (as Fayrene King) | Ray Hemphill as Officer Two | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge (as Kenneth MacDonald) | Dante Orgalini as Dinaldo (as Dante Orgolini) | Larry Barton as Spectator | Fred Krone as Nils Dorow
Director: Harmon Jones

265 :09x24 - The Case of the Fanciful Frail

Bruce Strickland leaves Ethel Andrews at the altar and arranges for her to take the fall for a $50,000 securities theft. She flees town and runs into - almost literally - Peggy Sutton who is in trouble herself. They switch identities and then Peggy dies and Ethel finds $50,000 in the truck of the car. She goes to Perry for help, and then someone kills Bruce Strickland. Poor Ethel - even Perry will have to work hard to unknot this one.
Guest Stars: Pippa Scott as Ethel Andrews | Barry Kelley as Mr. Park Milgrave | Arch Johnson as Frank Carruthers | Joan Huntington as Althea Milgrave | Coleen Gray as Martha Erskine | Abigail Shelton as Peggy Sutton | John Rayner as Tierney | Jack Betts as Bruce Strickland (as Hunt Powers) | Phil Arthur as Pit Boss | Henry Hunter as Reverend Alford | Vera Marshe as Mrs. Alford | Roy Engel as Detective | S. John Launer as Judge | Ray Montgomery as Attendant | Timothy Blake as Waitress | Marshall Kent as Ed Thomas | Seamon Glass as Driver | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Mildred Harrison as Chambermaid
Director: Jesse Hibbs

266 :09x25 - The Case of the Unwelcome Well

When someone murders Jerome Klee, there's no shortage of suspects, because Klee had a knack for making enemies. But the police settle on Allen Winford, his foreman, with whom he'd recently argued. To clear Winford, Perry will have to identify the murderer from among a rich array of candidates.
Guest Stars: Wendell Corey as Jerome Klee | Paul Brinegar as Jason Rohan | Marilyn Erskine as Mirabel Corum | Les Tremayne as Harry Lannon | James Best as Allan Winford | Gloria Talbott as Minna Rohan | Danielle de Metz as Monique Martin | Edmund Hashim as Prince Ben Ali Bhudeem | William Lanteau as Ross Darley | Hal Lynch as Matt Rohan | Gordon Wescourt as Job Rohan | Martin Braddock as Dick Yates | Frank Biro as Judge | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Robert Stephenson as Guard
Director: Harmon Jones

267 :09x26 - The Case of the Dead Ringer

Perry loses a civil case when the opposing counsel successfully suggests that Perry paid off a witness! But who? Before Otis Swanson can benefit from his victory, someone murders him, and the police suspect Perry's client Barbara Kramer.
Guest Stars: Indus Arthur as Barbara Kramer | Arlene Martel as Sandra Dunkel | Oliver McGowan as Otis Swanson | Henry Beckman as William March | Stewart Moss as Dan Swanson | Maurice Manson as Jess Parkinson | Tom Palmer (1) as Franklin Bates | Chet Stratton as Minister | Alan Fordney as Harley | Grandon Rhodes as Judge No. 2 | Anthony Jochim as Makeup Man | Ed Prentiss as Judge No. 1 | Roland La Starza as Bouncer | Mike De Anda as Mexican Worker (as Mike Miguel De Anda) | Alex Bookston as Assistant Manager |
Uncredited: Raymond Burr as Grimes | Connie Cezon as Receptionist
Director: Arthur Marks

268 :09x27 - The Case of the Misguided Model

Model Sharon Carmody very much wants to be the "White Snow Queen" who will pitch the product. Alas, she is not as pure as white snow, and someone knows it. It seems fortunate for her when someone kills the blackmailer - until her boyfriend confesses to Perry that he struck the fatal blow. The police arrest a vagrant, and torn by conscience, Perry wins him an acquittal. But the question remains: just what did happen that night, and how did the blackmailer die?
Guest Stars: Mary Ann Mobley as Sharon Carmody | Paul Lukather as Dennis 'Duke' Maronek | Anthony Eisley as Rudy Blair | Rita Lynn as Fern Bronwyn | Don Dubbins as Deputy D.A. Vincent | James Griffith (1) as Jake Stearns | Harry Holcombe as Judge | Armand Harrison as Ira Dewitt | Sarah Selby as Clerk | Isabel Randolph as Madam Rosa Bruening | Lauren Gilbert as Dave Bronwyn | Eddie Quillan as Agent | Lisa Davis as Receptionist | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice | Darlene Enlow as White Snow #1 | Robert Legionaire as Road Block Policeman | James Johnson (3) as Policeman #2 (as Jim Johnson) | Howard Davis as Policeman #1
Director: Jerry Hopper

269 :09x28 - The Case of the Positive Negative

In a corrupt town, Roger Brandon intends change: he will accept a position at the head of an anti-crime commission to shut down the rackets. Racketeer George Emory has other ideas. He claims possession of evidence against Brandon's wife that he will use to smear her name unless Brandon refuses the appointment. Brandon calls the crime boss's bluff. Then someone murders Emory and builds a nice frame around Brandon into the bargain. Or is it a frame? The police certainly don't think so...
Guest Stars: Brian Donlevy as General Roger Brandon | Bettye Ackerman as Laura Brandon | Parley Baer as Frank Cummings | Dabbs Greer as Bill Cotton | Simon Scott as Stanley Overton | Anthony Hayes (2) as Warren Cotton | Ted de Corsia as George Emory | John Gallaudet as Judge | Jim Drum as Photographer | Tom Allen (3) as Policeman
Director: Jesse Hibbs

270 :09x29 - The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper

Danny Shine ruins lives for a living. As a gossip columnist, that's his job, or so he thinks. The person who puts a bullet in him evidently holds a different opinion. The police like Greg Stanley, Shine's assistant, for this murder. Stanley might have an alibi, but it's a man with a secret that will close his lips, even on the witness stand.
Guest Stars: Gary Collins as Alex Tanner | Cloris Leachman as Gloria Shine | Douglas Henderson as Greg Stanley | Anne Whitfield as Patricia Tanner | Mary Foskett as Lola Stanley | John Lasell as Danny Shine | Pat Priest as Norma Fenn | John Holland as Bruno Grant | William Bramley (1) as Leon Vandenberg | Walter Burke as Man (Private Investigator Adams) | Willis Bouchey as Judge | Patricia Joyce as Receptionist | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: William Bast

271 :09x30 - The Case of the Final Fadeout

Barry Conrad, a nasty individual whose personality has richly endowed him with enemies, finally meets his end. Mason manages to see Jackson Sidemark acquitted - and then Sidemark dies. Did Winnifred Glover kill him? Both of them? Or was it someone else entirely?
Guest Stars: James Stacy as Barry Conrad | Estelle Winwood as Winifred Glover | Jackie Coogan as Pete Desmond | Denver Pyle as Jackson Sidemark | Dick Clark as Leif Early | Gerald Mohr as Andy Rubin | Marlyn Mason as Erna Landry | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge One (as Kenneth MacDonald) | William Tannen as Studio Guard (Frank) | Margaret Shinn as Starlet #1 | Linda Burton as Starlet #2 | Maureen Crow as Adlib | Louie Elias as Stunt Man No. 1 | Saul Gorss as Stunt Man No. 2 | Lee Miller (1) as Sgt. Brice |
Uncredited: Erle Stanley Gardner as Judge | Gail Patrick as Courtroom Spectator
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 1957
Ended: September 04, 1966
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