Timothy Dalton

played Sir Malcolm Murray in Penny Dreadful

A famed African explorer, Sir Malcolm has two children, Peter and Mina. Peter died while on an expedition with his father, something that Malcolm has never forgiven himself for. Malcolm's daughter Mina, working as a governor and engaged to a Jonathan Harker, fell under the sway of a vampiric creature and Malcolm has sworn to free her even if he has to "destroy the world" to do so.

initially Malcolm was willing to sacrifice Vanessa to find Mina, letting the demon possess her so that he could use its power to find his daughter. However, when Malcolm was forced to choose between killing his daughter and letting Mina kill Vanessa, he declared Vanessa as his daughter and killed Mina. Since then, the two seemed to have resolved their differences.

Sir Malcolm is an accomplished marksman and swordfighter, and carries a sword cane. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of foreign countries, speaks several languages, and possesses heightened stamina and willpower.