Hayden Panettiere

played Claire Bennet in Heroes

First Appearance: Episode 1 - Genesis
Powers: Healing
Description: A 16 year-old cheerleader, who has the ability to heal herself instantly when injured (those injuries would include, burns, having her hand shredded in a garbage disposal, and broken bones). Her friend Zach even videotapes her climbing up 80 feet, then falling to the ground, only to reveal that she is unharmed.

Claire's ability makes her feel more alone and "freakish" than the average sixteen-year old, but a chance encounter with two mysterious strangers on the night of her Homecoming shows her there are more people in the world like her...and that not all of them are decent. Claire meets Peter Petrelli, a former hospice nurse form New York, in a school hallway just before she encounters the murderous Sylar in the locker room. When Sylar kills the wrong girl, Claire manages to make a run for it and, with Peter's help, is able to escape being murdered herself. Later that night, she confesses to her father that her survival was no accident...and he in turn confesses that he "has done things" that he isn't proud of in order to keep Claire from the likes of Sylar. Claire manages to chat briefly with Peter after being questioned about the events of Homecoming, telling him that he is "totally her hero" and that knowing about him makes her feel less "freakish" and lonely. The next day, Claire discovers that her father has had The Haitian wipe the memories of anyone who knew anything about her abilities, and that he would have done the same to her--unless she keeps everything a secret.

Claire troubles worsen when she finds out that her mother has been subjected to The Haitian's methods many, many times---enough to make her collapse. Furious at her father's actions, she reveals that she knows about his tactics. Claire also begins the search again for her biological parents, learning that her birth mother lives in a nearby town. After visiting her, she learns that abilities like her's aren't so "un-normal" after all. As she helps to bring her mother home from the hospital, her family is taken hostage by Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague, tow men who are very desperate and seeking answers from Claire's father. When Ted falls into an uncontrollable rage, his ability manifests beyond control and it takes Claire to calm him enough to only set the house on fire. When her father's superiors discover that Claire's abilities have manifested, he pretends to "bring her in," only to stage an attack and send her into hiding.

Travelling with The Haitian, Claire wonders about her family's fate, and what will happen to her. When she learns that she's to assume a false name and leave the country, she protests, stating she'll be leaving everyone and thing she knows...until she hits upon the idea of going to Peter Petrelli for help. She manages to slip past The Haitian and makes her way to Peter's apartment, only to find his mother there, waiting for her. Claire then learns that Peter is actually her uncle, and that his older brother Nathan is her biological father.

As the events leading to the explosion unfold, Claire learns that Mrs. Petrelli has planned for the explosion all along, and that she's set up Nathan to "lead the people" while resigning Peter to suffer the guilt of causing the death of millions and surviving. Claire escapes Nathan and Mrs. Petrelli and goes in search of Peter, whom she promised she would shoot in the case of his explosion. She also reunites with her father, Mr. Bennet, and they decide to try to reunite the rest of the family after the explosion takes place.

We also later learn that Claire's biological father is Nathan Petrelli.