Lori Loughlin

played The Black Canary in Birds of Prey

The Black Canary was infamous for her meta-ability to exspell a resounding canary shriek to combat her opponents. In The Black Canary's heyday, she spent a great deal of time in New Gotham City working undercover collecting state's evidence against the Hawke crime family. This eventually lead to the incarceration of the Hawke godfather. Although, the Hawke family is still in business with his son, Al Hawke, the family is a shell of it's former self. The Black Canary is also Dinah Lance/Redmond's biological mother. She gave up Dinah for adoption when she realized that her meta ambitions were putting Dinah in grave danger. Now that she is retired from crime-fighting, she comes back to New Gotham City in search of Dinah to try and repair their relationship. Al Hawke has no intention of letting Black Canary get away again.
played Ava Gregory in Summerland

Ava was the fun aunt. Now after the tragic death of her sister and brother in law, she has been given her two nephews, Bradin & Derrick, and her niece Nikkie. With the help of her best friend and partner Susannah, and her other roommates, Johnny & Jay can Ava still be the cool aunt and a mother of three?