Andy Dick

Jon Lovitz has often blamed him for "killing" former SNL actor, Phil Hartman. Lovitz claims he got Hartman's wife back on cocaine just months before the murder.
Says he is bisexual and loves it.
He was the 1984 Homecoming King at Joliet West High School.
He lived in his car while he was a struggling actor in Los Angeles.
He personally felt "NewsRadio" (1995) died with Phil Hartman, but honored his contracted obligation to stay with the show for the final season. He didn't like working with Jon Lovitz during that last year. Lovitz had hostility himself towards Dick for giving Brynn Hartman cocaine. This lead to a lot of discomfort on the show.
Despite the fact the two had dislike of one another working on "NewsRadio" after Hartman's inevitable death, Dick still asked Lovitz to appear his upcoming "Danny Roane: First Time Director." Lovitz furiously turned down the offer, wanting nothing more to do with the likes of Dick.
Has been to rehab numerous times.
In October 2006, Dick has hosted his own radio program, "The Shit Show," on Howard Stern's Sirius channel Howard 101 every Thursday night at midnight eastern. It was cancelled as the program director told Howard "it was out of control."
He now lives in a shed in Topanga Canyon with a dollar worth in $5,000.
He was roasted on The Howard Stern Show.
He briefly had his own Satellite radio Show "The S**t Show," co-produced by Howard Stern.
His all-time favorite band is A.B.B.A.